Bellator Brings Back Women’s Featherweight Division, Signs Marloes Coenen & Julia Budd


Bellator MMA has been in the news a lot recently with the addition of new president Scott Coker, who replaced former ringleader Bjorn Rebney and seems to be bringing a new look to Bellator by giving the company a new beginning.

There were rumors swirling earlier this week that Bellator had signed one of the pioneers of women’s MMA in Gina Carano. However, they ended up simply just rumors. Carano has been in talks with the UFC regarding her return to professional fighting for months now, and although she has not signed with either company, it may not be concrete that she is heading to the Octagon like we once thought.

Today (August 14th, 2014), reported that Bellator MMA was bringing back a women’s featherweight division. Not coincidently, this is the weight class Carano always competed it, and one the UFC does not have. Bellator could become more of a competitor than the UFC realizes.

All of this news regarding Carano is simply speculation at this point. However, that has not stopped the Bellator brass from getting started with this new division. In today’s press release, Coker stated:

“We’re incredibly excited to bring in two of the best athletes competing in our sport today. We are making a commitment to bring back the female division to Bellator, and feature some of the world’s best in the Bellator cage.”

The announcement of the new division was not the only news that came from Bellator today. They have not only created a new division, but have also signed two fighters to compete in it. The first fighter will be former Strikeforce champion Marloes Coenen. Julia Budd, a former Invicta FC competitor, has also signed with Bellator. These two will face off later this year in what should be a big fight that kicks off a new and exciting direction for the promotion.

By creating this division, Bellator, for the first time, may have a gained a slight edge over the world’s top MMA promotion. Some of the biggest names in Women’s MMA, such as Carano and “Cyborg” compete in the featherweight division. They now have the option to go to Bellator where they could stay in their current weight class.

Will this breaking news help Bellator MMA become a true competitor to the UFC, or will they always be a distant second?  Stay tuned to for more news regarding Bellator’s new division.


  • Gained an edge? I don't think so, Rousey is the top female in MMA right now and she is in the UFC as long as none of the women in bellator face her I don't Bellator will go anywhere with that division except the occasional mega fights which may not land them the viewerships they think they can get.

    • This is what the UFC should have done, instead of rely on star power bring in the best talent. personally I don't think Carano can make 135 at this point. The signings and the weight division is a very smart and tactical move for bellator mma.

      • Well they did and then some! They just brought all the very best straw weights in the world to the UFC and pushing them in a big way giving them their own TUF season. It's a big deal and probably the deepest division in WMMA. This is the kind of shit that Bellator could've never done and that's why they'll never catch up.

        • Yeah for sure that was a huge move and I am very excited to watch all of that because those women are very talented and possibly even more talented than the 135 division just think it wud be more complete with a 145 as well but who know maybe one day

  • No, they will always be a distant second. The UFC is just light-years ahead. They'll never catch up. Not even with Viacom's backing. Cause Viacom might own Bellator, and worth Billions! but let it be clear that those "billions" are not in Bellator's bank account and will never be! They have a limited budget, so they don't have the luxury to do the things the UFC does to grow.

  • about damn time. coenin is top 5 P4P in wmma and she gets no respect. this will soon change