Bellator 91 results: Atilla Vegh outworks Christian M’Pumbu for Light-heavyweight title


Alright folks, we’ve got your Bellator 91 results right here!

After what was another very exciting night of fights, Bellator seems to be on a roll. With 9 of the 11 fights ending in either a TKO or submission, the organization seems to be solidifying their product and penchant for violence and action, making them a perfect fit for their new home on Spike TV.

Did you watch the fights? Check out the results below and let us know what you thought in the comments!

Main card:

Attila Vegh def. Christian M’Pumbu via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-45, 48-47)

Ed West def. Josh Montoya via second-round TKO (2:51)

Saad Awad def. Will Brooks via first-round TKO (0:43)

David Rickels def. Jason Fischer via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


Holly Holm def. Katie Merrill via second-round TKO (3:02)

Blas Avena def. Lenny Lovato via first-round TKO (1:59)

Brennan Ward def. Yair Moguel via submission (rear-naked choke) (R1, 0:57)

Ed West def. Josh Montoya via second-round KO (2:51)

Andres Quintana def. Russell Wilson via third-round KO (0:32)

Josh Appelt def. Josh Lanier via second-round TKO (0:16)

Adrian Cruz def. Nick Gonzalez via submission (armlock) (2nd, 3:03)

  • nine finishes in total and only two decisions…..awesome card

  • was a great card!……Bellator are doing great which can only be good for the sport in general…..and now with WSOF joining the party……and with both of these organisations taking on fighters that are cut from the UFC…..with a LOT more fighters soon to become available as Dana has recently said…..due to the UFC's roster becoming overcrowded, largeley due to the recent influx of fighters from the WEC and Strikeforce…..according to Dana they're over 100 fighters heavy…….which is good news for Bellator and WSOF…..We need these smaller shows man… generate new talent…..and it keeps things exciting……hopefully one day in the future one of them will become a true competitor to the UFC… will take a few years but if they bet it right it could happen…..the trouble is….as soon as Dana gets a whiff of their success he'll negotiate to outright buy the company and shut it down from the inside… we've seen them do many times already……money talks after all…..Bellators saving grace is the fact that Viacom is their parent company… hopefully Dana flashing his cash wont mean a thing to thise guys…..that's IF they do attain some level of success of course…..I really do think that these two companys will really grow over the next few years……expanding their ranks with good, solid fighters from the UFC and elsewhere……exciting times man!…

  • Another night of great fights from Bellator. Another great show on SPIKE. This is really turning out to be a winning combination. They have yet to disappoint.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing about this card, like all Bellator cards, was / is / are the number of finishes. Out of 11 fights last night, there were only two decisions, leaving 9 stoppages by way of either KO, TKO or submission. And of the 9 stoppages, only two were "flash" or quick, stoppages. Leaving the fan with a nice combination of quick and well-earned victories, to enjoy. To be honest, it was they type of card, in terms of finishing rates, that The UFC always hopes to have, but doesn't always get.

    I'm not exactly sure why, perhaps its Bellator's tournament style and the looming menace of being out of the tournament, but they seem to put on (consistently) more exciting cards than The UFC and despite having lesser known or in some cases, such as that of Emanuel Newton, completely un-known, marquis / name-brand fighters.

    It will be interesting to (again, be able to) A / B Bellator's Thursday night card, up against The UFC's Saturday night Fuel broadcast. The card The UFC presents (for free) is a stacked and packed card. There is a great deal of marquis value in / on this event. My guess would be, that every MMA fan and The Promotion itself, has high expectations of the card. And although, should it not deliver, which, again, I believe it will, it wouldn't be a major blow to The Franchise, it will certainly raise the profile of Bellator, in comparison. At least (I would think) in terms of those who are following or beginning to follow, both organizations. Because speaking for myself, they are impressing the hell out of me.

    Good for Bellator. Their continued success could / can only be good for both The Sport and for The Fans.

  • M'pumbu looked so gun shy. He should've gone down swinging. It's not like he couldn't touch Atilla.

  • It's official, this was the most watched fight in Bellator history. Numbers are climbing for the little guy.