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Ken Shamrock Fires Back At Joe Rogan’s Comments About His Fight With Kimbo Slice

ken shamrock fail

Ken Shamrock was knocked out by Kimbo Slice at Bellator 138 in the first round and since the fight there was a lot of speculation about the fight being fixed.

This speculation was also a topic on longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

According to Rogan, the bout looked ‘fake’ and ‘suspect.’ He thought that the rear-naked choke that Shamrock applied on Slice was a bit odd and that the takedowns looked way too easy.

Shamrock has since appeared on Submission Radio and commented on Rogan’s comments.

“Why in the world would someone in Joe Rogan’s position spout off with something like that when there’s no proof?” Shamrock told Submission Radio. “It’s the speculation of his thoughts that could literally ruin someone’s career. That’s like me going out there and telling his wife that he cheated on her. That I don’t have any proof but someone just said something.”

Shamrock would go on to say the following about Rogan’s comments:

“You have the people’s’ ear,” said Shamrock. “You have a responsibility to make sure that whatever you say, you can back up. Not just say it because you think it. You ruin peoples’ lives on something he has no proof. He’s wrong, what he said. He could have ruined my career and my life. What he’s saying? There’s no proof to it.”

“A lot of these people saying the fight was fixed said I should have never been in the ring. ‘I’m 51, too old. I can’t compete at that age.’ Now they’re saying there’s no way I could have lost. I’m really confused. One minute I can’t fight, the next thing, I can’t lose. Make up your mind.”

If you want to hear the entire interview click here.

  • LOL at Shamrock calling people fake….

  • DG

    Shamrock buddy your career has been over for a long time now

  • Trey Walker

    Kenny Boy, you are too old to fight seriously, but your not too old to easily beat Kimbo.
    As that fight was happening, I was telling my friends (they are casual fans) that this just didn’t look right… it all looked “off”, it had a strange pace and Kenny Boy’s moves were robotic instead of fluid.
    = Bad acting

    • kevin

      Watch kens last fight vs tito. ..the guy has looked robotic for a decade.

  • s1id3r0

    clearly a questionable fight, shame what Frank has become.

    • Mitt Zombie


      • s1id3r0

        yes, just a bit slow on that one.

      • s1id3r0

        yes, sorry for my oversight.

  • Mitt Zombie

    He does not even deny it was fixed, just repeats “there is no proof”.

  • Charlie Red

    It was fixed in the fact that they took a retired fighter and put him against someone who is younger and had strength.

  • Rogan, calls it like he see’s it.