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Five Biggest Takeaways From Bellator NYC

Photo by Ed Mulholland for USA TODAY Sports

4. Zack Freeman Crushed Aaron Pico’s Hype:

Zack Freeman deserves his own takeaway here, as he was brought in as a warm body for hyped 20-year-old prospect Aaron Pico to steamroll.

So much was made of Aaron Pico’s MMA debut, which happened to coincide with his Bellator debut. The New York State Athletic Commission must have bought in to that hype big time, because why else would an 0-0 fighter take on an 8-2 fighter?

Freeman was absolutely under-marketed going into Bellator NYC, meaning no one knew how dangerous he really was. But with a slick uppercut and guillotine choke, Freeman ended the hype in 24 seconds. Freeman apparently didn’t care for the hype, and ran through “MMA’s best contender” with absolute ease.

Pico’s extensive wrestling and boxing credentials in the world went out the window seconds into round one, signaling a brutal debut for the 20-year-old, who still has time to develop and recover from this career-wise.

Freeman advanced to 9-2 with the victory.