Bas Rutten Thinks Anderson Silva Could Be OK In Six Months


Former UFC Middleweight champ Anderson Silva is dominating the headlines after UFC 168, but for all the wrong reasons. The troubled 185er broke his leg during his attempt at the MW strap against Chris Weidman, and has not spent a day out of the headlines since.

The latest to comment on the plight of ‘The Spider’ is UFC and Pancrase legend Bas Rutten. The former Heavyweight champ of the world commented to MMAJunkie regarding Silva’s brutal injury:

 “If he’s [38], still a young age, and he takes enough calcium, I would say it should be OK – if it’s a clean break, I don’t know whether it’s a complicated break. So let’s first wait and see. I broke a guy’s shinbone once by accident with an inverted heel hook, and he was out for 13 months,”

“He was eight months, and then he got an infection in that leg. Without an infection, he should be OK in six months. Let’s hope they keep it clean.”

Rutten is not only one of the funniest/scariest guys on the planet; he is a very knowledgeable source of information on all matters MMA. It’s odd that such a horrific injury could only see Silva sidelined for 6-12 months. I assumed his career was over after 168.

“You build your muscles because you’re breaking your muscles down, and they come back stronger. It’s the same with bone. If you break your shin at the spot where it heals, if it heals correctly, it will never break again.”

“I thought Anderson was going to do it,” he said. “I looked back at the last fight, when he started stopping the takedowns and then he got overconfident, and I thought, ‘Well, he’s not going to get confident right now. He’s going to take care of business, just like with Chael Sonnen.”

Rutten was not alone in his prediction of Silva winning, most of the MMA world went with that very sentiment. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected from MMA, it’s a crazy unpredictable sport and Weidman as champ heading in to 2014 after beating Silva twice is a perfect example of that.

“I have to say, though, that Weidman did really good. He rocked him in the first round. It was a really good fight. If [the injury] had happened in the first round, it would have been, ‘Yeah, I don’t know.’ But he did a great job, and that’s why he’s the champion. It’s not a great way to win, and also for Anderson, it’s not a great way to lose.”

Let’s hope Silva can make it back sooner rather than later, and maybe get a few fights under his belt before considering another title shot. Happy New Year!

  • Well said champ! Happy New Year! #ElGupo

  • Always liked Bas Rutten….But fuk me, I wouldn't want to end up in a bar fight with him. Bas has seen every injury in kickboxing and MMA so his opinions hold alot of weight