BAMMA 14 Highlights: Paul Daley Scores Savage Knockout Win


Most fans remember Paul Daley for his shocking post-fight antics against Josh Koscheck at UFC 113; a move that got ‘Semtex’ a lifetime ban from ever competing under the Zuffa umbrella. That was back in 2010, since then Daley has racked up 11 wins to four losses and improved to 34-13-2 overall.

I personally remember Daley for his brutal KO power which has seen him put away 25 opponents by T/KO. Daley lost a dissapointing UD against Alexander Yakovlev back in November this year and made a quick return at last night’s BAMMA 14 event. The UK based MMA promotion has played host to some exciting bouts in the past, and BAMMA 14 was no exception.

Daley scored a vicious knockout win in his bout against Romario Manoel Da Silva in the second round of their bout, and it truly is a sight to behold. Check out the highlights of the event below and let me know if you think Daley will make it back to the big leagues. Video courtesy of Fight Network

  • HOLY! Dana…. Reconsider?

    • Semtex can stay out. Great KO but that guy would only get frustrated again in the UFC.

      • They can match him up against 14 year olds and we'll continue seeing his "awesome KO's"

        • It would be great to see him get TKO'd again like when he fought Nick Diaz. It's funny how he denied hitting Kos after the bell. Like I mean come on, millions saw that and even if you say they never saw it, it was recorded by multiple cameras! Thing is Entity, if there were 14 year olds to fight he would be the first to sign the dotted line.

  • You might be right Falcon, maybe Daley wouldn't hold his own against many UFC fighters but their product looks entertaining and that highlight reel looked quite good. Dana better buy 'em.

  • It's a shame Daley will never fight in the UFC again, he's still good enough to win fights there.

  • Daley wouldn't be the first fighter to come back after Dana said it wouldn't happen…
    guys like marquardt and barnett have been "banished from the land" only to be forgiven later. then again, they throw a punch after the final bell. seriously though, that uppercut was strait up and down VOILENT!

    • *they didn't

    • All it takes is Dana seeing Money signs.

  • Paul's lost but hasn't been finished since the Nick Diaz fight and he's been giving nothing but devastating performances in 2012 and 2013 not missing weight anymore either. I'd say sign him to fight Carlos Condit.

  • daley lacks sportmanship. he was even involved in a barfight not long ago…
    he belongs in the small leagues or on the street…

  • Daley vs Lawler or Hendricks standing would be some awesome match ups. We'll never see them tho.
    Plus didn't the guy blow it in Bellator? Him vs War Machine would've been sweet. The build up….