Back To Training, Anderson Silva Snaps High Kick With Left Leg


It hasn’t even been five months, but former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s road to recovery seems to have taken forever.

Each and every step of “The Spider’s” rehabilitation from the gruesome broken leg he suffered against Chris Weidman in the main event of UFC 168 has been chronicled and dissected in painstaking detail, giving fans a ton of insight as to whether or not the all-time great still has it.

Despite the fact that his injury was one of the most shocking we’ve ever seen inside an MMA cage, Silva has impressed with his rapid succession of milestones. He was recently cleared to resume training fully in MMA.

 “The Spider” has made it quite clear that his goal is to return in 2015, but UFC president Dana White expressed multiple times that Silva has said one thing and done the other more than once, citing his rematch with Chael Sonnen as the perfect example.

In any case, Silva is back to training, and it looks like he’s picking up the pace. The big question is obviously how hard he can kick with his left leg.

He recently showed us that he could in a video posted to his Instagram account. The true test will come when he is faced with kicking a real life opponent, but whomever that may be, should they grow more and more afraid of “The Spider’s” anticipated Octagon return?

  • At first I thought it said, " snaps left leg with high kick " and I was like well fuck lol

    • I have to keep you guys guessing 🙂

      • You got me too.

        • Ivy

          I was hoping, I mean I thought it said that as well.

  • he's got faaaaat…

  • i don't want to see him kick again EVER in a fight… or that shit will break again!

  • Just looked at Silva's instagram… the man packed some GOOD POUNDS of muscle!!! I guess he's been doing a lot of body weight exercises and benching during his recovery. His upperbody looks a lot more dense. Now some squats please… We don't wanna become part of the Captain Upperbody Movement now do we! 😀

    • a lot of chicken legs getting around the gyms…

      • Yeah i got those Eddie Bravo looking motherfuckers running around my gym too… twice my size. Yet i press, squat and deadlift twice as much as them … Lol

        They disturb me every single day to ask me how I do it…. well how about you do some compound exercises and LIFT SOME MOTHERFUCKING WEIGHT instead of that split routine, 1 muscle group per day from 5 angles NONSENSE and most of importantly DO NOT GO WITHIN A 1000 MILES RADIUS OF A SMITH MACHINE (or any machine for that matter!!).

        End of rant….

  • Not trying to toot my own horn first off.

    I was injured about 2 to 3x worse of an injury in a car wreck. Complete acetabulum hip reconstruction, with 10 screws and 2 plates, as well as a knee IND with ligament and tendon reatachments. I can throw high kicks as well, almost better than I could before injury.

    My point is how anyone doubted the p4p all time greatest fighter in MMA history, to not recover is beyond my belief. It's like everyone is like OMG the best fighter in history is really doing it!!! OF COURSE HE IS, HE IS THE GREATEST MMA CHAMP OF ALL TIME.

    • holy fuck hunter, that's bad man ! nogeuria… is another guy who got ran over by a truck

    • That's some shit man! Happy you recovered well…

    • You're one tough motherf***er Hunter. We knew you'd be back tho. It be nice if LowKick had a place where you could post some pics and videos of MMA prowess. We kinda know each other but never see each other.

      • It is really a miracle, there is nothing left to say about it in that sense. I mean i did the work, lost a ton of weight and packed on a ton of lean muscle and am in amazing shape somehow. I mean yeah I push myself to do it, I just have faith in a higher power and feel that something was looking out for me and helps push me daily. It's something that changed my life, and even if what I believe in isn't true in the end, it helps me get through my days. And that's all that matters. Kungfu and Michael are actually inspirations to me from stuff they have said, told me to drink and eat, and also things they have done as well that they have mentioned. Lowkick powa!

  • his leg will be stronger when it heals bc thats what bone does. It might make his leg a bit heavier and slower more like a mace. Watch for anderson to Ko w it to make a point. And hunter you are a tough SOB good for you. If i was younger i would be honoured to spar w you lol thank God im too old for that shit all that metal probably is an advantage in some ways. no doubt you would kick my ass lol

    • no way, that Old School OG Kung Fu 5 finger death strike. I know you have that up you sleeve, can't fool me.

  • haha no death touch here im a product of home boxing training, judo, kempo and wrestling plus gymnastics (very under rated in the fight game). Then i hear about chinese boxing from my friend who is a provincial champion anyway i check out wing chun and it has strange straight punches (kinda cool) but great trapping and elbows in close nothing else like it. of course in any ring 80% of it is illegal but in a bar or a car it is great. i must point out that everybody is down on kung fu but really it is designed as base practice for weapons, which is a whole different game then unarmed. so when you see those kung fu moves imagine them with a sword or knife and they make more sense. look at how close kali is to wing chung for example.