Anybody Interested In Seeing Daniel Cormier vs. Roy Nelson?


The beef between Roy Nelson and Daniel Cormier has been growing for a while now. Nelson had thought that DC had turned down a chance to fight him at UFC 161, stating to Bleacherrepot,.com that Cormier was one of many fighters that turned down a chance at a UFC 161 showdown.

“There’s definitely guys that called me out and turned down fights.  I guess all the big wigs, who you can think of.  I think D.C. (Daniel Cormier) was one of them, I think Travis Browne turned it down so he could fight (Alistair) Overeem.”

Now Cormier didn’t take kindly to this, not only did he claim this never hapenned, DC is saying that he will put a hold on his planned bout with Fabricio Werdum for a shot at Nelson. Cormier claims thast he wasn’t medically fit to fight Nelson, following his whooping of Frank Mir in April, and that the fight wasn’t ever even a possibility.

DC spoke on UFC Tonight regarding his feelings towards Big Country:

“I want Roy Nelson, I want to kick his ass.  I want to kick his ass for Dana White.”

With a bout between Mir and Nelson looking more and more likely, I find myself wondering if I want to see this fight, at this point in time that is. Nelson is coming off a sloppy loss to Stipe Miocic at UFC 161, a loss which sees Nelson skid from the top 10 and Miocic creeps in.

DC is undefeated, the former Strikeforce GP champion. Does he really need to be fighting Roy Nelson? The answer is probably no, but it’s one hell of an entertaining match up. Both guys have granite chins, and they both love to stand and trade.

Nelson’s UFC record stands at 6-4, with all six wins coming by a knockout or TKO. He has only been knocked out once, by (kind of, but probably not) devastating  striker Andrei Arlovski, in a highly suspicious (corrupt) Elite XC fight. Cormier is 12-0 with five wins by KO, three by submission.

It’s one of those matches that I would love to watch, regardless of how absolutely pointless it is-at least in the HW title picture.



  • Always interested in a HW match up, but specifically, this one does not get me crunk. Meaning if it was the main event I would wait for netflix dvd, instead of buying PPV.

    • It would answer more questions though. He beat a big slow Bigfoot, Barnett (who knows where Barnett stands now days) Decisioned Mir ( who most KO now days)
      Im good with it.

  • Ivy

    I like watching Roy fight, who doesn't? I think he stands more than just a "chance" against DC.

  • No.

    • I'd rather see the two of them in a hotdog eating competition

  • Also no. Why is this still someone's fantasy? Roy is an upper middle tier fighter. Cormier beats top ten guys. Why should I want to see them fight? If Roy wins a couple of fights against good opponents then maybe he can be considered for a top ten opponent but only number ten or nine. Daniel is at least in the middle if not near the top of the top ten list at this point.

    • Yeah I have DC at #3, so this match up makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever! DC has pretty much reached title contender status already. If he was in the LHW range, Bones would be fighting him instead of Gus… so i hope DW and Silva put this nonsense to REST!! Asap…..!!! DC doesn't want to fight Cain so he should just forget about taking another fight at HW and just focus on his health and getting in shape for his LHW debut!

      • D.C came to the UFC as the most hyped heavyweight product. Now that he is here nothing seems to be happening for him. I hope this does not continue for the next twelve months because he needs to find himself in a title shot not wasting his time getting matched up with people below his rank.

        • You have that right, my Australian genius friend.

          Throw a few shrimp on the "barby" for that one and lets open a couple of "Fosters". 🙂

      • Give him Werdum, man.

        I'd love to see Fabricio take on Cormier and to be honest, I'm getting a little tired of, what seems to be, some sense of entitlement. He's had 1 fight in the big show and got a decision victory over Mir and to be honest, I think if Mir had thrown some knees in the clinch or jumped guard, he might have won.

        DC needs to prove himself more and I think Werdum would be a great match and FB has asked for it. Nelson makes no sense. Werdum does and I'd take FB in the match.

        • I think DC just had an off day in the fight with Mir… cause he is usually far more dynamic. Another thing is that he clearly chose to stay away from Mir's ground game which was the SMART thing to do.. but that also takes away 70% of DC's strength as an AMAZING wrestler.. it was a bad match up from DC and he just had a good strategy to win. I expect him to bring the fireworks in his next fight.

          • Not only that but spotty record aside, Mir is a beast. Make one mistake against him and your night is over. Ask Big Nog.

    • LOL! @ …Why is this still someone's fantasy?

  • I'm more interested in Cormier fighting Tim Silvia.