Antonio Silva: I told Overeem “Get up, keep on fighting”


Fresh off his brutal knockout victory over Alistair Overeem, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva revealed what he said to the downed Dutchman after Herb Dean stepped in to stop the contest. Silva is now on a two-fight win streak in the UFC, and could well be the next man in line for a shot at the UFC Heavyweight title. As for Overeem, looks like the former Strikeforce and K-1 champion has arranged himself the long-awaited date with Junior dos Santos.

  • good job silva. you screwed my bet, but good job!

    • That fight was awesome Big Foot really showed his determination in this fight. I just cant take him seriously when it comes to title contention ever since Velasquez made him look like a child

      • He got hurt early in that fight. It happens. I think he still matches up well against the champ.

    • Over-eem is over-confident…

  • Ah that was good to see, I still think Overreem lost to Werdum, and hes had a questionable jaw for a long time. Tremendous striking, no jaw, no cardio. He'll get worked up by JDS next.

    Good on Silva for winning.

    • Well there was no questionability actually he got KO'ed and tko'ed a lot before.

    • Those shots would have put down anyone. Overeem's chin is fine and has been since he bulked up. If he fights JDS I still see him winning. The truth is he got rope-a-doped last night. Also, you have to be insane to think Werdum beat him.

      • It's not Overeems Chin, it's his mind that's weak. Just like Brock, he can hit hard but he can't GET hit hard or he instantly turns into a pu$$y.

        Mental conditioning is a huge part of fighting. Overeem doesn't have it.

      • Oh BS, his chin sucks and has since his early Pride days. In K-1 anytime anyone got too close, his roid eating ass would throw them to the ground. Hes a bully and likes beating smaller guys. Overroid will never be champ like it or not.

        • He took a lot of shots from a 365+ lb guy before going down.

        • Overeem's chinny. Always has been, always will be. Whenever he gets hit flush he goes into survival mode.

    • Wtf?Tremendous striking? are you insane? His jaw is fine, not everyone has a chin likeHendo, Shogun or Rampage. And I am not a fan of Overeem, but talking nonsense like yours it's just stupid.

      • Everytime hes been rocked in history he hasnt recovered, do your research before defending, that shows ignorance

        • maybe that was a bit harsh sorry.

    • That fight with Werdum cant even be called a fight imo

  • overeem fought like an immature cocky retard and paid the price. If hes that good, and he is then finish within 2 rnds…there was no need for the takedown

  • Way to go Bigfoot, you've made my weekend. Now let Junior face the Reem, predict another nap in the cage for the Dutch. Silva competing for the title is a little too soon, since Cain desroyed him a couple of months ago, the situation in the heavweight division is a little odd now, since Silva messed up the Ufc plans, pretty sure that Dana belived Oveerem would win.

  • Honestly, I doubt if Bigfoot will ever be champion- but who cares? When we saw Buster Douglas KO Mike Tyson (in his prime!) it made us all realize that even a 50 to 1 underdog can create miracles- thank you for that, Mr. Silva. Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I loved it! Come on we all knew Overeem couldn't take a punch to the face! I'm sooooo happy that overrated punk got exposed. He talks way to much trash for the little he has accomplished IN MMA.

  • Big Foot Vs Werdum II?

    • @ ICP

      I think that's a reasonable match, with the winner getting Cain.

      • I'de like to see that also. I hoped BigFoot would win even though I've been a little skeptical about some past performances. He tends to get hurt against really fast HWs.

        • He dominated Werdum in the first round of their first fight. Until the big guy gassed, Werdum had no answer for him.

          • @ ICP

            Yeah, all true, but Werdum has improved, man. Truly he has. I actually think he's one of the most improved HW's out there, over the last couple of years. His stand-up has certainly improved. I have him as a serious dark-horse contender in the division.

            I think Big Foot Vs Werdum II makes a lot of sense. Big Foot has not done enough to warrant a re-match, this close-on-the-heels-of a loss to The Champ. It hasn't even been a year, yet. Give him one more match (Werdum is a great choice) and if he wins, give him his re-match.

          • Very true. Werdum has improved a lot on the feet. That said he has a clear edge on the feet last time as well. That was how he edged out the D. The question this time will be weather or not he can keep it standing. BFs conditioning has also improved. If BF can keep it on the ground (on top) he will win. If Werdum keeps it standing for any length, he will probably win.

        • Also, Fedor is faster than Werdum.

  • who were you going to effing destroy again Overjuice?yeah about that….

  • JDS vs Overeem to set up for a Cain rematch!!

    • Can't have a rematch if JDS takes a nap.

    • To me – that seems to be the right match. The winner wouldn't / shouldn't get Cain, but Overeem / JDS is the next logical match, for both.

      • Truth!…I'll take JDS in that one, and the Reem will be a bit gun shy after BigFoot, remember JDS is much faster than Bigfoot and most likely hits harder with one punch KO ability…poor Reem's chin.

        • @ Entity; I hadn't thought of that as a factor but you may be right. Guys coming off of KOs like that do get gun shy sometimes and Reem being the bully he is (I agree with you on that) he probably will.

          • @ ICP

            All the more reason for Reem to climb back into the ring, sooner-rather-than-later.

            When you get thrown off the horse that bad, the best thing to do is get right back on it.

        • Entity- I've never thought Overeem had a chance at beating JDS. JDS's boxing is better, and no matter what Cain did his TDD is still very good.

          It's a night mare match up for Overeem, and it always has been.

          Overeem didn't want to stand with BF for christ sakes, he'd probably butt scoot out of the gate against JDS.

  • Joe Rogan "ITS EXACTLY LIKE I SAID! You gotta respect big foots power!"
    And then later "Its a good thing we had Herb Dean and not Kim Winslow in there"

    • Winslow is the worst ref I have ever seen out side of Britain.

      • @ ICP

        The first few times I saw her I thought she did a pretty good job, but lately…yikes.

        Oh well, what can we expect when there seems to be no specific standard, training or experience required for the job.

        Commissions…a reasonable idea, executed poorly. I for the life of me, have no idea why The UFC cannot sanction it's own referees. Where has it been demonstrated that the promotion is not qualified enough or trustworthy and responsible enough, to do so? I fail to understand both the problem and the logic.

        • If I was stepping into a cage and saw her in the centre, I would try VERY hard to be the guy that is winning.

  • On a side note… I guess that mean Silva is now the K-1, Strikeforce and Dream Heavyweight Champion.

  • JDS vs Silva. Winner gets Cain.

  • Well, I didn't see that coming, but then again, Overeem only has himself to blame. It's amazing how prophetic Rogan's comments (during the fight) turned out to be. He pretty much called that one from round one. You cannot show that little of an amount of respect for a guy the size of Bigfoot. As much as I hate to say it, Overeem got what he deserved.

    I picked AO, but I posted that the I could live with losing if he lost in dramatic fashion and not in some boring (judge's) decision victory. Well, I got what I asked for and I will live with it. Silva earned a very solid victory last night. That KO was a thing of beauty. It was iconic. Good for him.

    Overeem – whether or not he appreciates it or not he earned something last night and it's called "a valuable lesson". I doubt very seriously that he will ever act the same in the ring, again. His ego cost him a (boring) fight that he was winning and in control of. Why he came out the way he did in the third, I have no idea, but 25 seconds later it was over. As good as Overeem is, he's not so good that he can afford to take guys like Bigfoot lightly or as a joke. I would hope that in the future Alistair will check his ego, as it was checked in the ring last night and grow as a fighter. My guess is that he will and that he will bounce back from this loss a much improved fighter.

    Overeem should look to climb back into The Octagon as soon as he can. Preferably within the next 4 months. He should approach Dana immediately and tell him he wants a fight.

    Overeem / JDS would seem to be the next logical step.

    • Now you mention it, Rogaine was spot on!
      Also it seems BigFoot takes what his corner men say seriously. He did exactly what they told him too do and he won bigtime!

      • P.S. you would have laughed if you saw me jumping all over the livingroom with a grin ear to ear! 8P

        • @ Entity

          I'm a fan of AO's, but I wasn't upset when it happened and where I might not have laughed, I certainly wouldn't have trashed your living-room. 🙂 I probably would have blurted out a loud F##K and then shook your hand. Well done. You're boy got a clean, beautiful and as I stated earlier, an iconic win. They'll be playing that one on the highlight reels for years. The way Overeem feel down @ the end…it was beautiful. Even I will admit it.

          As long as that crap doesn't happen to GSP and does happen to Anderson Silva 🙂 …I'm cool with it all, so grin away. Ear to ear, assuming that you have two. 🙂

          • Reminded me of when his new teamate Rashad got taken out by Machida

  • I remember hating overeem and wanting him to get KOed by bigfoot, but overeem's walk-in just got me so hyped and made him look so cool. I almost started rooting for him. Almost

  • It's funny everyone was counting out Big foot up until the fight and now everyone is a fan and wanted Overeem to get destroy, I still think Overeem can fight his way to the top as long he does not repeat the same mistakes he made on Saturday, the only time I wanted Big foot to loose was against Fedor but in this fight I had mixed feelings because I actually like both fighters, I hope we get to see JDS vs Reem and Big foot vs Barnett if they sign him, Werdum should get a title shot if he wins his next fight.

  • Have some respect Bigtoe, Yeah Overeem disrespected you but when you have a man beat do not go down to their level and be a A-Hole. But then again he did join the nogueira camp.