Anthony Pettis texts Dana White, says he wants to drop to 145 and fight Aldo next


Directly after Bruce Buffer announced that Jose Aldo had won a unanimous decision over Frankie Edgar, Anthony Pettis who was in attendance immediately felt the need to text UFC President Dana White sharing his sudden desire to move  down to 145 and challenge Aldo for the title immediately.

Interestingly enough, Dana White seems to think so as well. In the UFC 156 Post-fight Pressser he shared the following information with the media and stated his thoughts on the idea:

“Something interesting happened about 10 minutes ago. Anthony Pettis said, ‘I want to go to 145 and fight Jose Aldo.’ He told me he’ll make 145.”

“It didn’t cross my mind until he texted me, but it’s crossing my mind now. I like it, and I like Pettis.”

After sharing the information, the media pressed Jose Aldo further on the subject looking to get his thoughts:

“It’s up to Dana, but it’s an interesting fight. I train to fight the best. I respect them all. I think Pettis is close to a title shot in his own division.”

With all of that said, as a fan, the fight could be seen as even more intriguing than the one that just took place. Two unpredictable and notoriously violent, precision strikers facing off in the octagon? That’s the kind of fireworks any fan would pay top dollar to see.

And just in case you’re wondering. Pettis’ training camp claims he barely cuts weight as it is and could make the 145 mark with ease. In fact the idea makes a lot of sense from a timing perspective, given that Pettis’ has to wait for Gilbert Melendez and Benson Henderson to fight first anyway.

If all goes his way, we could very well see Pettis fighting for two belts this year and potentially winning both. Wouldn’t that be something to behold. The odd man out getting the inevitable short end of the stick however would be the recently impressive Featherweight contender Ricardo Lamas. Personally, I think that the possible #1 contender match with Chang Sung Jung would be a perfect ying to the yang for the winner of the potential Pettis/Aldo matchup.

We’ll just have to wait and see how everything pans out, but keep checking back to your favorite MMA news site for further updates.


  • @mma truth you mocked my comment when i said pettis vs aldo would be amazing.

    i hope if it happens you enjoy aldo's fine work

    • Are you calling him out OMR? lmao….make it happen, I predict a double KO!

    • Pettis will pick Aldo apart. As long as Pettis remains patient like he did with Cowboy. If he doesn't get overzealous and get KO'd early, this fight is all Pettis. He is easily the best striker at lightweight and he could KO Aldo just as easy as Aldo can KO him. I may put some money on this one.

    • @ OMR

      I'll tell ya what..let us bet avatar's, OMR. If I lose, I shall dawn a Jose Aldo avatar for 30 days. If I win, you must take down your beloved Bruce Lee avatar and sport an Anthony Pettis avatar. Also for 30 days.

      What say you, OMR? Are you man enough, homie?

      It's put-up or shut-up time. 🙂

      Legal disclaimer: this does not in any way, shape or form, constitute gambling. lol.

      …oh, yeah…and the fight has to actually happen, of course.

      Do it…do it…do it…

      • Dayyyum, oh no you didunt….this sheites on!

  • Please make it happen. At least this was Pettis doesn't have to sit on the sidelines for months on end, hoping for a title fight at 155. Also, there isn't a clear no. 1 contender at 145 right now, so this fight makes perfect sense. They can make KZ vs lamas for the next shot at the 145 belt.

  • That would be insane, an I'll have to say, I think Pettis could take out Aldo. He'd probably have a height and reach advantage also, or at least the same reach. Everyone Aldo has beat has been smaller and less reach so far, kind of like Jon Jones.

    • @entity

      you are forgetting aldo just convincingly beat the #1 p4p fighter acording to gsp….

      anyways i predict jose will have no serious problems with pettis, im not saying pettis isnt a good fighter but jose aldo is #2 p4p for a reason

      • When did Aldo become #2?

        • @dkm

          hes always been #2 since that double flying knee he landed 🙂

          • And Shonie Carter is number 1 ever since he landed the spinning backfist on Serra?

          • @dkm

            your a gsp fan………..nuff said

          • Anyone who knows anything of the Murph knows that I am first and foremost a James "the Colossus" Thompson fan. He submitted Sapp by falling down, and when he makes the motion like he is blowing a choo choo train whistle before the fight,,you know something bad is going to happen, like when Kimbo punched his ear off. Don't label me OMR

          • @ drop

            Ha! Ha!…Shonie Carter…LOL!!!

          • so KOing Cub Swanson makes you the second best fighter on the planet?

      • @onemoreround your a tool

  • I'd be down to see that fight. Great of Pettis to step up and make the offer.

    It's a heck of a lot more than Cain's doing. I don't see him calling out Aldo. 🙂

    • @mma truth

      if aldo, jones, cain, and gsp. where all the same weight class. ALDO WOULD DOMINATE. his tdd is the 2nd best in ufc/wec history. and he is a way better striker then jones, cain, and gsp combined

      • @ OMR

        Yeah…I'm not so convinced.

        However, we could make one weight class…you'd have to weigh in between 145 and 265 and we could give it a go. My guess, Cain would win. There goes that theory.

        • I'd back Jones over Cain.

          • @ azz

            Really? In a straight-up fight? Regardless of talent, there comes a point where it simply cannot deal with size. I think John would be giving up far too much size to pull that one off.

            On a P4P match-up I think he beats Cain. Bones is a very focused, talented and dynamic fighter. He's much more dynamic than Cain has proven to be. Cain's game is much more old school UFC, than UFC 2.0. Jones is 2.0 all the way.

  • Wow i really hope this fight happens, both fighters have some crazy moves and accurate striking that is exciting as hell to watch. With that being said i gonna go for my boy Aldo for the win but Pettis is a very dangerous opponent

  • Would be a great fight… both are very dynamic and creative in the cage. Make it happen Dana!

  • Pettis texting Dana was an awesome move…..SHOWTIME

  • Smart move by Pettis that way he doesn't have to sit out and way for the winner of Bendo vs Melendez,would be even smarter for the UFC to make this fight happen since there's no clear contender for Aldo at the moment,good fight for a summer card.

  • Pettis is definitely not a big lightweight so I could easily see him make 145, my guess is that he is just tired of waiting for a shot at Benson as he has to wait for the Melendez fight.

  • I hope Pettis does come down to FW. Win or lose it'd be a great fight and he could maybe avenge his loss to Guida who sat on him for half the fight.

  • Hej, hej!
    Before going down he should fight Benson (II). For me that is even more intriguing fight!!!

    • That does need to happen, but he'd have to wait a while before it could happen Bendo is already to fight Melendez.

  • Would be a striking match for the ages

    • It would definitely be great to see Aldo be able to strike without him having to hold back constantly thinking of defending the takedown.

      • Yea I agree but we basically already saw that in the Hominick fight

  • Aldo not worrying about being taken down= WAR

  • It would be a great fight but I still would go with Aldo.

  • if Aldo and Pettis fight i am pretty sure my boy Aldo will come out the winner hopefully lol and if that happens i would love to see Aldo vs Ben Henderson hell that is the next super fight

  • Fans would definitley get their "kicks" with this one.Crazy fight if it goes down for sure.