Anthony Pettis: Sergio Is Very Dedicated, Very Skilled, And He’s Only Getting Better


It was recently announced that UFC Lightweight champion Anthony Pettis’ brother Sergio Pettis would be making his way to the UFC, potentially making the way for a rarely seen duo of successful brothers in MMA. The 20-year-old younger Pettis brother is relatively green, but he’s racked up an impressive 9-0 record fighting in regional promotions.

The elder Pettis has nothing but the utmost confidence and respect for his younger brother’s game, appearing in an interview courtesy of to detail just how ready Sergio is for the bright lights of the UFC:

“Very mature for his age. Very dedicated to becoming the best he can be. He’s been doing it since he was three years old; since we were walking we were kicking and punching. So, Sergio’s very dedicated, very skilled, and he’s only getting better. Training with Ben Askren, training with Duke Roufus, we’re surrounding our self with the best in each sport, and that shows in our fights.”

Indeed their team at Roufusport is on a roll right now; with Pettis gaining the UFC’s 155-pound title with a first round submission win over former champ Ben Henderson at UFC 164. Askren has an iron grip on the Bellator FC Welterweight title, and while he’s far from the most exciting fighter, you can’t argue with his effectiveness. The younger Pettis was on hand to praise his older brother and elaborate on where he’s at in the sport right now:

“I’m trying to be like Anthony man, he’s very explosive, very unexpected. Right now, I’m still young, so I’m feeling out the cage, still getting used to fighting in front of a crowd, since I break that point I feel that I’ll be able to perform to my full capability. I got all the tricks he has; I’m trying to come up with my own. I won’t give up man.”

Both Pettis brothers will have a chance to make their mark on their respective divisions for years to come. Sergio has been fighting at Flyweight, but will reportedly move up to Bantamweight upon his arrival in the UFC. The older Pettis is already a decorated multi-promotion champ with a lengthy reel of amazing highlights. Will his younger brother follow in his footsteps to make history?


  • Sweet..!!

  • I've never seen sergio fight but obviously he has some talent to get drafted. He definetly has a target on his back being a Pettis.

  • If the kid is as good as his brother says he is, then Dana's gonna make a fortune outta this kid. Waaaay off the topic, did Pettis really back Sonnen up during the Mr. Olimpia Expo "Incident"?

    • Yes he did that's milwaukee right there, we don't let no American gangster get jumped by 4 minorities! We back em up

      • whoa, minorities huh, would love to hear Pettis comment on the incident though