Anthony Pettis picks Ben Henderson to retain his title, remains focused on Jose Aldo


Surging UFC Lightweight Anthony Pettis has made the move down to featherweight in order to face off with champion Jose Aldo in a huge title fight. He caught up with this week to chronicle his weight cut down to 145, noting that he only cuts 2-3 lbs. to make 155.

Pettis admits that he stayed away from the featherweight division because his training partner Erik Koch was on the verge of a title shot there. ‘Showtime’ also talks on the inevitable rematch with UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson, knowing that this is a huge fight people want to see. He picks Henderson to retain his belt April 20th versus former Strikeforce Champion Gilbert Melendez.

Anthony Pettis appears confident and calm while remaining focused on the huge task at hand in Jose Aldo. The two will face off in a pivotal title bout to decide the future of the UFC at 145 lbs. Who is your pick in this bout of diverse and dynamic strikers? 

  • both fighters are super good at striking. But i got Jose winning on a KO on capitalizing on one of showtimes trick moves, just cause Jose is fast as hell. Look what he did to Chad Mendez. Tell me that wasnt a fast knee.

  • Yah I too have Aldo on this one, the guy is a beast and is only getting better each fight. Pettis is a great fighter but I don't think hes the guy to take the title.

  • Stylistically Aldo Pettis is brilliant. I do agree Pettis could be vulnerable if he tries one trick too many but then again he could just as easily connect with one and finish Aldo.

  • Even though the match up makes no sense and is unfair to like 5 different featherweights… holy crap is it goin to be good

  • I don't think there is any way that Aldo is winning this fight. Watching Pettis' last couple fights he really seems to be getting even better. And I think he will actually have the speed advantage. At least the speed of his footwork and kicks. I never thought someone could stop the Cowboy like that but that body kick was so brutal. If that landed anywhere on someone's head they will be KO'd.

    • Also, I just think Showtime is smarter. He may not be quite as athletic as Aldo but I feel like I've seen more brilliance in Showtime's fights than in Aldo's. His cardio is surely better than Aldo. First round KO/TKO for Showtime.

    • He beat Edgar which is by far the best scalp on his resume. Pettis brings another style he has to deal with for sure but if he beats Pettis he has to be considered along with Jones and GSP in the p4p debate.

  • cant wait for this!!!!