Anthony Pettis Out Of UFC 163, Korean Zombie Will Face Jose Aldo


The injury curse continues, this time Anthony Pettis is the victim. The match between Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis has now been changed, with Korean Zombie (Chan Jung Sung) stepping in on short notice.

Dana White confirmed the news via his twitter account:

Terrible news for Pettis, who has been deserving of a title shot ever since he joined the UFC. He holds a victory over the current LW champion Ben Henderson, and was the last WEC 155lb. champ.

Depending on the severity of the injury, and the length of the layoff-Pettis could be looking at a long road back to the title shot. Can he do it?I know one thing, this is the last thing that the UFC’s Featherweight division needed, although Korean Zombie may disagree.

Many believed KZ to be the rightful contender to Aldo’s crown, and although the prospect is not as exciting as Pettis vs. Aldo, it will still be an awesome fight.

And what about Aldo vs. Zombie? Are you guys pumped for this fight? Or will it be a walkover for the champion Aldo? Stay tuned to Lowkick for more as it comes in!

  • At least they found a good replacement, I wanted to see the Korean Zombie fight for the title just as much as Pettis.

  • Wowsers…

    I expect Aldo to stop him within the distance.

  • Good for KZ, he deserved the title shot more anyway. Call it karma, whatever. Speedy recovery to Pettis but he should have just stayed and waited at LW where he belongs.

  • 2 rounds Aldo

    • I love Jose Aldo, 1 of my favorite fighters. I don't see him finishing Korean Zombie. Aldo hasn't finished any fight other than Mendes is how long? I think KZ is tougher to put away than any of Aldo's last few fights. He's been gassing early, making it nearly impossible to finish if the fighters just make him work the 1rst 2 rounds so I see why'd you'd take 2nd round for the finish, but I think KZ makes it beyond the 2nd and to the end. Aldo UD.

  • Man, I feel for Pettis. The guy must think he's cursed.

    I blew out my knee about 6 weeks ago playing football (soccer) and just started rehab. Partial MCL tear and totally tore my ACL, so I have extra sympathy for knee injuries.

  • this ***** so much! i was really looking forward to the Pettis and Aldo scrap.. this blows! good to see the Korean Zombie finally getting a shot though, thats pretty cool.

  • Anderson Silva, this absolutely $uck$!!! Man I wanted to see that fight. There was no doubt in my mind that Pettis would win and finish the fight. I love the Zombie and I love this fight too, but not as much.

  • When will i ever learn my lesson not to get too excited for a fight, Injuries happens to almost every good fight, Korean Zombie and Aldo is still a great fight, don't get me wrong, but i really wanted to see Aldo and Pettis.

  • F***
    This could be worse than all the injuries last year.
    Pettis knows how to put on a show!

  • Well, Korean Zombie is still the contender, not until he gets injured…. 🙁

  • Man…. Pettis is such an injury prone guy, just like Rory MacDonald.

    He needs to rethink how he trains and be more careful because at this rate he's going to wreck his competitive body before he's 30

  • I wanted to see this fight so BAD!!!

    Well KZ vs Aldo isn't as exciting for me, it's still good enough to keep me hyped. Does that mean Aldo won't get his Title Shot anymore?

    I think I'll be surprised with the K Zombie, he's capable of beating Aldo, at least I think so.