Anthony Pettis Says His Girl Hits Harder Than Ben Henderson


In a somewhat odd day of videos being released across the interwebs, UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis submits his clip for public consumption. Having been out of action since his UFC 164 submission over then champion Benson Henderson, it looks like ‘Showtime’ is putting in some work at home.

Currently scheduled to face Gilbert Melendez after they get done filming The Ultimate Fighter 20, Pettis has been nursing multiple injuries since late 2013. Check out the video below, posted to the champion’s Instagram account, with the following tagline: “When your girl punches harder than the number 1 contender”.

Whether or not the straight right hand in the video did any lasting damage is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure; I’ve seen smarter videos posted online. Although he outweighs his female friend by at least 80 pounds, it goes without saying that it would have been rather embarrassing if she had actually hurt him. That being said, it’s a pretty obvious jive at Henderson, thoughts?

  • Whats the pont of this, is he drunk, seems silly to me, thank God he did not get injured.

  • If you post the video Rory, you gotta at least post the caption too, cause without it, it really doesn't make any sense.

    The caption is: "When your girl punches harder than the number 1 contender".
    Lol.. he's mocking Benson for his lack of power.

  • Rather immature way of getting the point across, but nonetheless he's right. Henderson only has 1 knock out on his record and it was in 2009, all but one of his UFC wins has been by decision. If anyone has earned the right to criticize Bendo's power it's the only man to of beaten the former champ in his career and he's done it twice. I will say Pettis better be focusing on on training hard, he will have his hands full with Melendez and I'm sure Cerrone will be looking for a rematch as he's gone 4-0 with 4 straight stoppages since Pettis was last in the octagon.

  • pointless post. seems like pettis hasnt matured much. he wont be champ long IMO. he isnt at different level status like long reigning champs such as aldo, cain, gsp, weidman, silva. with all the sharks at LW the belt will flip flop several more times. ufc shouldve done an interm or not put him as tuf coach that was dumb by the time he fights he would have held up the the division for 16 months.

  • Benson kicks like a horse…..