Anthony Pettis: Fans Want To See Me Fight Nate Diaz Because He Talks A Lot


UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is currently scheduled to face FOTY 2013 combatant Gilbert Melendez after their season of TUF concludes. ‘Showtime’ is often talked about in the same circles as featherweight boss Jose Aldo, but it appears that Nate Diaz has made his way on to the list of potential opponents.

Pettis was recently present at a Brazilian press conference following some BJJ training with Daniel and Diego Moraes, and were present for the proceedings. Check out what ‘Showtime’ had to say:

“Nate Diaz and I have history. He has talked a lot in the media, and said some things about me. He’s not too far off a title shot, a couple more wins and he could be challenging for my belt. He made it personal, he talked a lot and that’s something I don’t like.”

The Diaz brothers are renowned for being the biggest trash-talking trolls in MMA today. In LowKick terms, they make Entity look like a nun. It comes as no surprise that Pettis isn’t keen on Nate, and a potential future match up would be quite interesting. ‘Showtime’ continued:

“If he makes it personal, then it’s a personal fight. I think fans want to see that fight, you know because he talks a lot. He trains with (Melendez) and they say ‘we’re number one and number two in the world’- so I guess we’ll find out”

‘El Nino’ will be bringing the notorious Diaz brothers to assist him coaching opposite Pettis on TUF 20, and the likelihood is that there will be some epic drama. ‘Showtime’ realizes this, and addresses the issue as he continues:

“I think that’s going to be good for T.V, but I’ll have my younger brother and Moraes with me, so I’m not worried about that. At the end of the day, we are all professionals and we get paid to fight, but that stuff is all just for T.V ratings.”

Coming off of such a spectacular win over Ben Henderson at UFC 164, and even with the subsequent injury lay off, I’d pick Pettis to beat Diaz any day. He is too dynamic, fast, smart and agile for Diaz, much like Carlos Condit was for Nate’s older brother Nick.

Right now Nate is ranked at number six, and a title shot is probably two decent wins away. Josh Thomson, Rafael dos Anjos and Ben Henderson are a more realistic opponent for Pettis if he beats Merlendez. That being said, I really would love to see Diaz vs. Pettis.

  • Wolf tickets anyone?

    • Diaz actually thinks he can win….And he's right, highly unlikely but its true anyone can win at anytime. Does he deserve it? Hell no.

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