Anthony Pettis: 2013 is the year I become UFC champion


In a video courtesy of Sherdog, UFC Lightweight contender Anthony Pettis sounds off on his upcoming bout against Donald Cerrone this weekend. Pettis predicts an exciting fight and wants to put on a good show for his fans close by from Milwaukee. 

Pettis predicts Cerrone to attempt to take him down. He also thinks this will be the year he becomes UFC Lightweight champion. What do you think will happen?

  • Ben is ducking him

  • Just because you cage kicked Bendo doesnt mean you'll be champ. He wont fall for that again.

    • it would be cool if he did

    • for your information pettis didnt won the fight by a cage kick ko. he won it by unanimmous decision. he gave a hell of a fight to bendo

      • yea, but that kick won the fight.

      • also, I didnt state he won the fight by KO 8))

  • Ben would beat him in a rematch. But I don't think Pettis will get past Cerrone.

  • I like the kid. He's had a rough go since coming over. There was so much hype behind him when he signed, but with the loss to Guida and the injury, he hasn't been able to put a lot of wind behind his sail and he has a tough fight in front of him with Cerone.

    I wish him luck, but I'm a Cowboy fan, so I'll be rooting for DC, but if he wins I'll be happy for him. He will have beaten a great fighter in a tough division. Good for him if he does. Likewise for Cerone if he beats Pettis.

    This should be a competitive match-up. May the best man win.

    • yea MMA , I work in the pipeline industry now days and most co-workers are cowboys here, cant help but root for Cerroner over the ear ring guy.

      • @ Entity

        Both good fighters though. You'll have to admit. We should get a heck of a fight. The thing with DC is though, sometimes you're not sure which DC is going to show up. I remember the Diaz fight, I had Donald in that all day long. I thought he'd beat the snot out of Nate. I was wrong. Nate beat him up, but good.

        Pettis is a game fighter and Donald isn't looking for a ground fight, so…we shall see. I hope DC wins. I'd like to see him fight Bendo for the title. Provided BH doesn't lose to Mendez.

        Enjoy the fight(s) on Saturday night.