Anthony Johnson: I Guess I’m Going To Sweden To Whip Some A–


No. 5-ranked UFC light heavyweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has been on a tear as of late, winning eight straight bouts to rest on the cusp of title contention in the world’s biggest MMA promotion.

After getting released from the Octagon after several years missing weight attempting to cut all the way down 170 pounds, “Rumble” finally settled in at his natural home of 205 pounds, starching Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and outclassing Phil Davis at UFC on FOX 12 and UFC 172, respectively.

But he was left in a bit of an odd situation; that is, until No. 1 contender Alexander Gustafsson was forced out of his anticipated UFC 178 rematch with champion Jon Jones on September 27 with a torn meniscus.

Jones was then matched with No. 2 –ranked Daniel Cormier, and they got into a massive media spectacle of a brawl that resulted in some of the most heated trash talk in MMA history. Soon thereafter, Jones tore his own meniscus and underwent surgery, rescheduling his match-up with Cormier for UFC 182 on January 3, 2015.

Gustafsson was left out in the cold even after calling out for the fight that was already his. Despite his manager saying it was title fight or bust for “The Mauler,” the UFC confirmed “DC” would keep his spot against Jones.

And it got worse for Gustafsson. UFC President Dana White went on record saying that he would likely have to fight again, citing a match-up with “Rumble” as a potentially exciting prospect. From the sound of things, Johnson likes the fight, telling MMA Junkie Radio that he’d even be willing to go to Sweden to fight “The Mauler”:

“I’m down to fight whoever. If they want to give me Alex, that’s fine. We’re all going to have to fight eventually, one day. It’s bound to happen, so why not? I’ll hate it, but all right, I guess I’m going to Sweden to whip some ass.”

We’ll have to wait and see if the blockbuster pairing comes to fruition, but if Gustafsson is forced to fight again in order to retain his title shot (again), a date with “Rumble” is a no-brainer. If he chooses to wait, Gustafsson could end up being out of the cage for a-year-and-a-half depending on the outcome of Jones vs. Cormier.

Should Gustafsson risk his lofty status by facing the steamrolling “Rumble” to prove a point?

Photo: Kyle Terada for USA TODAY Sports

  • That's it Ant, if its "fuck it" then "fuck it" now your speaking my language.

    Quick true story… 6 years ago Me, my fishing patna & his homie were doing some early Sunday morning rainbow trout fishing when his homeboy started complaining about a lack of sleep due to a young mma fighter spending the night@his crib & laying pipe to his girlfriend moms all night long. He kept saying the dude name was Anthony. Now its Spring 2012 & we're trout fishing again, ol boy was tired again. He was like "you sure you dont know a brotha who fight professionally named Rumble, cuz he still be fucking the shit out of my mom's in law". Now it finally registered to me. Anthony Rumble Johnson been keeping the homie up with the wild love making. I meet his moms in law a month later, descent looking Puerto Rican cougar with a big ass, love da brothaz. If i wasnt happily married i would've broke her old thick ass off too because she was on me tough.

    • Man, I had to get out my ebonics dictionary for that one!

      • WHAT? His quote was

        “I’m down to fight whoever. If they want to give me Alex, that’s fine. We’re all going to have to fight eventually, one day. It’s bound to happen, so why not? I’ll hate it, but all right, I guess I’m going to Sweden to whip some ass.”

        Where exactly is the ebonics? Because he said he was down to fight?


      • OH SNAP!!!!!! You're talking about that post by hatorade or whatever his name is….What a corkscrew he is

  • GUS by boxing clinic

    • Lollll… and then you woke up!
      Rumble by sanctioned brutal murder.

  • honestly I can't see that happening. Johnson, has major holes in his grappling game and look rather slow compared to GUS and Jones etc…Yea He looked good against a fading legend and dominated Davis – BUT Davis has pretty bad striking for a world ranked guy and if he's forced to set up his takedowns via strikes against other good wrestlers, he can't and its a stand up fight. Gus will decision or KO rumble and if it hits floor he's going to have advantages there too.

    Rumble is good but will lose vs Jones,Cormier,Tex,and GUs. I'll be surprised if he fares well.

    • Gus can't get rumble down… Davis didn't come anywhere NEAR taking Rumble down. He just got tossed around with every attempt. Davis is physically stronger than Gus and has FAR superior wrestling. So Gus can forget about any of that. Meaning it will stay on the feet unless Rumble chooses to take Gus down (which i don't expect him to unless he senses Gus is gassed or he knocks him down).

      If rumble ends up on top of Gus, you can set the 10 second countdown to TKO. On the feet Gus will hold his own, but he won't be able to hurt Rumble significantly enough to get something done. On the other hand, Rumble has dynamite in both hands and feet and i'm very certain he's able to knock Gus out for the first time in his career. Bones did not have the power to do it. Rumble most certainly does.

      • Yeah stylistically Gus will need to work like crazy just to stay conscious.

  • He couldn't get Rumble down because Davis could not set up takedowns from his strikes, he was shooting from too far out due to his bad stand up and not able to close the gap. Rumble looks great until he runs into a well round top 5 lhw…. He will lose at that point

    • Rumble is Top 5.. Tex won't beat Rumble, Rashad won't fight Rumble, Gus won't beat Rumble.. Bones VS Rumble would be a great fight, but if i had to pick my money would be on Rumble. DC vs Rumble, that's where things get tricky! DC could win a DC or Sub.. but i wouldn't be comfortable betting money on it. All that is based on my personal opinion and by the way their styles match up with each other. Johnson has ALWAYS been a top guy… his one and only mistake earlier in his career was fighting in those CRAZY weight classes. If he had fought at LHW all this time. There's a good chance he'd still be unbeaten and champ right now. The minute he realized how fucking crazy he was… things turned around in a big way and he's been unstoppable ever since.

      • I think Rumble could have beat up Vitor as well if it weren't for all the stand up saves Vitor recieved.

        • Yeah im a huge Vitor fan but i was jumping on my couch yelling at the ref. through my TV.. that was some B.S.!!! It was like wrestling was not allowed in that fight. It was crazy..

  • Gus will tool Rumble… You will see. Let's have an avatar bet. You use my avatar for a week if I win and I'll use your squat pic if your guy wins

    • You got yourself a bet buddy… I'll start sending you my squat pic so u can put it on stand-by!

  • Hahhahaha. Cool, it's on.