Anthony Johnson would consider super fight with Andrei Arlovski at heavyweight


What’s another twenty pounds when you’ve already moved up from 170 to 205, right Anthony Johnson?

The former UFC welterweight, who is now a light heavyweight with the World Series of Fighting promotion is coming off of a devastating first round KO of DJ Linderman over the weekend. The natural question is “what’s next?” and Johnson has an answer.

“I’ve tried 170, I’ve tried 185, now I’m at 205, and actually I can’t lie, I want to go up to heavyweight one time, just to test it out,” Johnson told MMAWeekly Radio on Monday. “I want to be the first guy, I don’t know if anybody’s ever done it, but I want to be the first guy to fight four weight classes at one time.”

Johnson went on to say that if he was offered a heavyweight fight, he would take it. He currently hovers around 230 lbs so a heavyweight bout isn’t at all farfetched. But who would his opponent be? How about Andrei Arlovski

“I thought about that fight too, I’d take it if they offered it to me. I was actually thinking about it today. I was thinking about it today whenever I watched the fights, I watched the whole card today, and I was like it would be crazy if I got to fight Andrei Arlovski,” he said.

Maybe that will be the headliner for WSoF’s next card on January 26?

  • So because these 2 fighters who havent really fought any name worth talking about lately might fight it gets the name “Super Fight” umm ok?..i think its time people need to tone down throwing the name super fight out so quick! just saying.

  • anthony still wouldnt make weight

  • I’d say any time a fledgling promotion can have two former UFC fighters, both of whom have marquis value and are fighters of some caliber fight on their card, it’s a good thing. For ticket sales it’s probably a whole lot better than having two amazing, up-coming fighters whom no one has ever heard, fight. Super-fight? Super-promotion…if you own WSOF.

  • I think bj penn might have actually already fought at 4 different weight classes, and he actually was smaller than most of the dudes he fought….unlike johnson.

  • Hype my friend, hype.

  • Bj penn lightweight to light heavy.. Kenny florian middle weight to featherweight.. Nice try Anthony

  • I don’t think he understands what fighting in weight divisions at the same time means. If he can’t make 170 or 185 anymore, it means he’s not fighting in them.

  • DG1

    What I was going to say

  • Its a super fight for WSOF, and I bet 5 bucks that AJ weighs more than AA

  • Will be a great fight

  • jesus how much weight was this guy cutting to make WW?
    And no thats no super fight

  • They would probably both weigh in at 240.

  • What the hell about these two guys makes for a Superfight…?!!!!

  • one is a has been..the other never accomplished much

  • I remember when Dana White said that he asked how much he weighed in the locker room prior to his fight with Dan Hardy. The answer? 198 pounds. The dude rehydrated back more than most people can cut total. Can’t be healthy for him, and probably why he had so much trouble making weight.

  • Brian Ebersole from HW LHW MW down to WW

  • Anthony Johnson…. welterweight to heavyweight hahaha this guy sure likes to eat. If this fight happens I am taking Arlovski, Johnsons cardio is not good at middleweight or lightheavy weight. It’s surely going to be an all time low for him at heavy weight. Stop eating so much you animal.

  • on to Butterbean
    way to go AJ
    leave those little weight-cutters in your well=fed dust

  • Hey
    merges with
    then we could have some super-dooper-super fights
    or could we?