Another Day, Another Armbar: Ronda Rousey destroys Liz Carmouche in the first round


UFC 157 is in the books from Anaheim, California, and the result is far from unexpected. Ronda Rousey defended her inaugural UFC Women’s Bantamweight championship in the exact same way that she has won her other fights, with a first round armbar. Liz Carmouche was no doubt a game fighter, even threatening Rousey with an early rear naked attempt, but ultimately Rousey grounded the fight and latched on her signature submission for a quick submission.

In the co-main, Lyoto Machida utilized his high amount of counterattacks to neutralize Dan Henderson‘s potentially explosive offense. Hendo could have been suffering from some ring rust after last being seen in a five-round war with Shogun Rua back in November of 2011. Hendo repeatedly looked for his low kick/overhand right combo, but Machida’s elusive style left him out of harm’s way. Each scored a takedown, but Machida hit some diverse kicks to take home the decision.

In other action, Urijah Faber made his way back into the winning column with a first round chokeout of Ivan Menjivar after taking his back standing up. Court McGee fought Josh Neer in a back-and-forth war, scoring multiple brutal body shots but appearing to get gassed in the second. Neer never gave up but ultimately lost the decision. 

In an upset, Robbie Lawler made a successful return to the Octagon when he defeated Josh Koscheck. Koscheck utilized his trademark wrestling pedigree early on to control the fight, but Lawler soon turned the tables when he began pelting Kos with some truly powerful shots from the top. Where does Koscheck’s career head from here?

Overall, UFC 157 was a highly hyped show that may have given us little to go on. True, Rousey proved her dominance, but was that ever in question? And just how long can her reign carry on the UFC Women’s division? Let’s hope it doesn’t grow stale, if it isn’t already. Lyoto Machida won against Dan Henderson, but will he stand a chance against Jon Jones (or perhaps Chael Sonnen) in another title shot? I’m just not sure. What are your thoughts fans?

UFC 157 Full Results:

Main Card:

Ronda Rousey defeated Liz Carmouche via R1 Submission (Armbar)

Lyoto Machida defeated Dan Henderson via Split Decision 

Urijah Faber defeated Ivan Menjivar via R1 Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)

Court McGee defeated Josh Neer via Unanimous Decision 

Robbie Lawler defeated Josh Koscheck via R1 TKO (Punches)

Preliminary Card:

Brendan Schaub def. Lavar Johnson via Unanimous Decision 

Michael Chiesa defeated Anton Kuivanen via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)

\Dennis Bermudez defeated Matt Grice via Split Decision 

Sam Stout defeated Caros Fodor via Split Decision

Kenny Robertson defeated Brock Jardine via R1 Submission (Kneebar)

Neil Magny defeated Jon Manley via Unanimous Decision

Nah-Shon Burrell defeated Yuri Villefort via Unanimous Decision

  • I will tell you these: women fights are awesome, they come to fight, its is always fast paced and technique is getting better everyday….they just come forward with no fear in their eyes as if they are always trying to make a statement (and maybe they are) …. Congratulations to the girls, as a fan I am looking forward to pay to see that shit again!!

  • Seeing Koschek get knocked out must have made Javier Mendez happy !

    next time, Joe silva needs to match Dan hendo up with Shogun for a rematch. The fight against machida was like watching grass grow.

    • Really?? I fuckin LOVED the fight.

      Guess that's the difference between an MMA fan who loves the sport in it's entirety and a blood thirsty fan who wants KO or bust.

      It constantly seems like Machida is being shit on… And yet I could watch him fight all day. It's friggin beautiful, the technique, the timing, the feints, the positioning, counters, the speed, the constant stance changes.

      If you don't dig what Machida does, you either have a low fighting IQ or some form of Attention Deficit Disorder. The retards booing him tonight are what's wrong with the world.

      How in the fuck do you boo a man with that much skill, who works that hard and just did his very best to obtain a victory over a super dangerous opponent.

      God damn I hate douchebag UFC fans…

      • Oh well opinions are similar to buttholes, we all have one. Personally when I spend my hard earned money to see a UFC event, I want to see action, ie. a fight. If you cant win on the ground or strike an exciting battle, you wont make my favorite list no matter what. Just my opinion. No need to hate on people who get under your skin.

        • I agree with that but you need to realize that the more people supporting this kinda fights the more they will ocurr and I mean, this is supposed to be the ultimate fighting championship not the ultimate elusive not fighting championship, this guy is trying to educate the casual fan when he has no experience whatsoever amuses me.

        • I love technical fighters more than anything, however I thought Machida could have done a little more tonight. He definitely fought a smart safe fight in my opinion. By the way, I am a huge fan of Machida along with his fighting style.

        • So you are basically saying you are paying to see people get ko'd not to watch MMA.

          • A KO can come from a highkick, albows punches, slams ect…So you're saying those things are not MMA? Whatever Krogan, get back on Machida's nutsack before someone takes your spot.

      • the fight was boring as they get Bryan, and that is coming from a former boxer who was a counter striker, you are whats wrong with the sport, the people booing were guys who paid their ticket to see a fight not a guy fucking runnings backwards the whole damn time, you can sugar coated as much as you can but Machida avoided the fight.

        Damn I hate douchebags fans who think they know their shit…

      • I think a lot of fans confuses mixed martial Art with mixed martial Action..

      • I agree Machida is a brilliant fighter but if Hendo hadn't came forward and made Machida come forward it would have been a stand off as Machida is ultra patient waiting for his opponent to attack more often than not and rarely commits to an all out attack himself. I actually think his style is very intelligent but as you rightly point out not everyone appreciates said style. I thought Condit's performance over Diaz was one of the best performances of the year. Hit and don't get hit back with minimal risk.

        • But we all know how many haters jumped on Condit's back after that performance. Machida does run the risk of losing fights on points if he always remains as patient as he does, which we have seen already in his career.

      • Ohhh yeah, great fight. I just wish the fight would have been longer. A fight like that needs time to develop. The way Hendo and Machida just kept looking for mistakes it the others game was cool. Fights between two guys like his don't happen much 15 mins just isn't enough sometimes.

      • Bryan you are wrong on this one man. In the UFC you have 15 minutes to prove you are the better fighter and neither Henderson or Machida proved anything of the sort. If this had of been a 12 round fight like boxing maybe I could appreciate his skill. Yes Machida showcased beautiful technique, timing, feints, positioning, counters, speed and stance changes but what did it amount too? 27 signifficant strikes?

        Court Mcgee landed more signifficant strikes against Josh Neer than Henderson and Machida THREW combined. I can appreciate skill and technique as much as anyone but what worth is skill and technique when you can't land or even THROW a strike. Stop calling people douchebags for having realistic opinions.

        The bottom line is this fight was boring and not entertaining at all. I don't expect to see a knockout in every fight but what I do expect from these highly paid athletes is some sort of effort to convince me that they deserve to win the fight. This wasn't shown by either fighter.

      • @Bryan
        I too enjoyed the fight but from an interested standpoint, not in the same way I liked the main event which was back and forth excitement.

        I can understand why someone may dislike the fight or at least not be really in to it so I don't people talking crap I just don't agree, it's an opinion on if the fight was enjoyable and unlike MMA Judging opinions, every opinion on enjoying a fight has different criteria.

  • amazing job by Ronda! she is indeed deserving of the main event, 7 fights 7 first round submissions!
    Hendo vs Machida fight was kinda expected to be like it did, Hendo is not a fast LHW and Machida is very elusive it was either KO by H-Bomb or Decision by Machida.

    and the Koscheck TKO was a bit premature i was hoping Robbie would put him out completely when i saw that first big punch landing! it was just matter of time 2-3 more punches and Koscheck was going to sleep! but im still happy that Robbie Lawler got the TKO win, his one of the very first MMA fighter i ever watch and became fans of along with Baroni and Yve Edwards back in UFC 45

    • I will never forget his 15mins of war vs Chris Lytle!
      Robbie Lawler should get his rematch with Diaz after the GSP that would be
      a hell if a fight

      • Thats what I like about Diaz, he'll stand with you and trade or go to the ground and attack there…unlike Machida and Condit who fake, counter and run and win on points. Again just my opinion (for Bryan) 8))

        • You like the fact Diaz will stand and get smashed like Condit smashed him. Maybe you should go down your gym and admire the local punchbag too since that's what you obvioulsy admire – something that doesn't move out of the way when being attacked. It is stupid to stand there, despite being entertaining.

          • He got smashed? lmao he never once hurt Diaz. Nicks a pitbull and didnt mind those puppy bites at all. It was pathetic seeing him run backwards all night, and gave the impression that he was just plain scared of Nick.

          • @En***y no it gave the impression that he was winning the fight and Nick couldn't adapt to the fight, he had one gameplan which was brawl and he couldn't do that one things so he lost.

        • @En***y
          When was the last time Diaz willingly took a fight to the ground? Last minute of the Condit fight is the onyl time in the last few years he's done it.

  • id really like to see what ronda could do on her feet…i think if she fights a girl that she cant take down she'd be in a lot of trouble.she hits pads good but in the octagon her stand up is terrible…congrats to her i just dont like ONE TRICK PONY's i want to see how well rounded she is.

  • @Bryan….go easy man. The point i was making is that compared to the Hendo 5 round war with Shogun that 'fight' was boring in my opinion. Wasn't intended to be personal attack on machida.

    You have to be objective and compare that fight to other fights on the card and also in the past, and the reality is it didn't live up. Even Dan hendo recognises that in his press conference.

    • Ive been watching MMA since UFC1, I know what I like to see and dont apologize to anyone regarding what a fight is. I dont give a rat's *** who thinks they are students of the game or masters of the art.

    • @ Enjoylife321

      I hear you buddy! Just getting fed up with people not appreciating skill. I realize that fighting is a very artistic and expressionistic action, so just like any art it's very subjective.

      But the reality is that I value skill above blood, finishes and sloppy brawls. There are some really boring fights, but I don't agree that this was one of them, in fact that time they were spending reading eachother was nailbiting for me, it's the most exciting part!

      As a fan I don't care about the guy getting punched in the face as much as HOW he was able to punch him in the face, what did he do or wait for in order for him to get that opportunity.

      The strategy and technical game is ****in beautiful if you understand it. In my eyes Machida was picking him apart with super quick kicks, well timed knees and counters. Hendo just threw hands like an idiot and landed a couple leg kicks.

      Machida dominated on the feet and although Dan wasn't mashed up, look at face in comparison to Machida's… BIG difference.

      I guess it's just one of those things we'll have to agree to disagree on. But at the end of the day, if you didn't find ANY entertainment in that fight or in Condit vs Diaz, than you're the kind of fan I can't stand. (generically speaking)

      • @Bryan….One of the main reasons the UFC is on the map is because of wars like the Forrest and Bonnar fight, the amazing comeback fights like Matt Hughes and Frank Twigg 2 or the technical battles that we saw between joe Lauzon and Jim Miller. These are the fights the majority of fans appreciate and remember. Its not about the beating, more about the pace, heart, intensity, cardio, engagement, transitions and submission attempts.

  • Bermudez vs Grice was my fight of the night.

    And watching Koscheck get KOd

  • Not happy about Machida vs Dan but Machida definetly a better fighter and glad Hendo lost with his TRT BS. Faber was spectacular! Rhonda did awesome to escape and submit her opponent the way she did. Burmudez vs Grice, def fotn. Koscheck def stopped too early as we saw from bermudez who was given the extra chance it made all the difference. Brendan Shcuab was the most boring lay and prayer of the whole night. Michael Chiesa did very well.

    • I actually thought Faber beat Cruz when they met and I hope they get it on again sometime once Cruz is fully healed.

      • Same here actually. It was razor close. Faber has been outsized by anyone that has beaten him and is has only really been beaten good by Aldo who is much bigger than him in which he was the first to go the distance. Faber did do very well against Aldo in R1 but did not take into consideration the amount of damage the leg kicks would do. The guy is always exciting to watch.

  • Bit unfair to say that Ronda Destroyed Liz, was a pretty close fight with Rounda almost get chocked out.

  • Alexander Gustafsson have won 6 fights in a row and gets Gegard Mousasi … Machida won 2 and gets ***le shot come on …. o.O

    • yeaa, and you even KO'd Machida Shogun 8D

  • didn't ronda tap before she got out of liz's choke?

  • It was an exciting fight. However, I really have to question the talent pool when everyone loses the same way, every time and it's always within the first round.

    Is Rhonda great? She seems to be or at least, she seems to be great at the one thing, which is, hip tossing and arm barring. Other than that, we have seen absolutely nothing in terms of her game. It's the same thing over and over and over, again. She's very much a one-trick pony. It's a great trick, but none-the-less, it's one trick.

    Overall, I thought it was an entertaining fight, certainly a whole lot better than Machida / Henderson, however, it was eminently predictable and not something I'd go out of my way to watch. Until the division is filled out and they start having fighters who have an answer for the arm bar and staying on their feet in general, I can't get too worked up about this division.

    To conclude – I thought the Bellator fights on SPIKE on Thursday, were a much better card and considerably more entertaining.

    • I dont know, Lez had some damage to that forehead from ground and pound stuck in the headlock. Either way, it was Ronda's first real test the way I see it.

    • While I agree with you for the most part. You also have to look at the flipside…

      If you know what your opponent is going to do, and you have all the time and resources in the world to train for it, yet you STILL can't stop her… Then she must be pretty ****ing good if you ask me.

      Regardless of the one trick, it's not her job to be well rounded, it's her job to win fights and not lose. Everyone elses job is to take the belt from her.

      And regardless of the details or semantics involved… They can't do that. It's THAT simple.

      • @ Bryan

        I understand what you're saying about knowing what you're opponent is going to do and still not being able to stop it, but that's kind of my point about the talent pool.

        I have no doubt that Rousey is good. She's a freak when it comes to that move. How could anyone claim otherwise? And I realize her job is to win and if you can keep winning with the same trick, then there's no reason to stop using it. It it ain't broke don't fix it and all that…

        With that said, we know nothing of her stand-up, which I was really hoping to see, but it was not to be seen.

        I do think she has talent and I'm all for WMMA, but when you can win 10 fights in a row, all in the first round and all by arm-bar and where 8 of her 10 victories were within the first few seconds or first minute of the fight beginning, tells me all I need to know about the level of compe***ion shes' facing.

        No body is that good. Nobody is that dominant. And to be honest, do we really want to see a fighter win all their fights the same way and by doing so against, what obviously is, lesser talented fighters? I don't. I want to see serious challenges, regardless of the *** of the fighter.

        I support the cause and all, but as it stands right now, I don't see where the serious challenges are going to come from and I really don't think it's going to coming out of the winner of Tate / Zigano. That's my take on it, at any rate.

  • Destroys is an overstatement.there wasn't any signs of Liz getting destroyed.

    • I wonder if you would say the same thing if the ref waited 3 more seconds and Ronda took Liz arm back home to decorate her wall 😀

  • Sorry, but I was not impressed with the main event–despite all the hype by the UFC and the politically correct news media. (who know nothing about fighting, and who are only capitalzing on a sort-of pretty woman being a champ cage fighter)

    Machida vs. Hendo was not impressive–Machida was not aggressive enough. He obviously wanted to avoid the H-bomb–but he avoided engagement too much.

    Grice vs. Bermudez was a great fight–deserving of the FOTN.

    Robertson's knee-bar was slick–I've never seen that move before.

    All in all, not the best PPV I have seen, and considering all the hyperbole–I would say it was disappointing.

    • I should not have left out Lawlor and McKee, who both did well in their fights.

      My complaint is that the main events did not deliver, and what was left was a night of good Fuel fights–not a PPV worth 60 dollars.

      • I got rid of sattelite Code. It was 55 dollars on satellite. I watched last night at UFC TV online and had good picture and choise of camera angles ect… for 44 dollars. Screw satellite. 8))

      • Well if you didn't enjoy the main event that's your problem, didn't matter if they were men or females it was a hell of a fight

  • Ronda Rousey is the Brock Lesnar of women's MMA.

    Their attributes, ways of dominating opponents, use of size in their division, looks (one is ***y to sell, one was "scary" to sell), Zuffa marketing machine backing, fast track to a ***le shot, ability to sell themselves to an audience, and probably a few more that I'm not catching off the top of my head.

    The difference between em is, eventhough the HW division has a bit less talent than others in MMA, it still has probably as much as all of women's MMA combined.

    • First paragraph is their similarities.

      • ****y lol see if that works

        • c"ock'y

        • I saw that too, but it was s-e-x-y. Kinda confused at why s e x is censored.

  • Machida said that he can knock hendo out. well… i dont see how it can be done by running from him the entire fight…

    • Hendo said he could KO Machida, don't know how that can be done by punching the air

      • If Machida was about playing MMA instead of playing chase…
        we could see Hendo vs. Jones instead of Machida falling like a sandbag after getting chocked again…

  • Did anyone hear what Joe Rogan said at the end of the event, he says
    "and after Ronda got out of the choke and put Carmouche on her back, she got hit in the **** with an upkick" lmao Joe cracks me up sometimes.

    • B'oo'B, this damn censor crap is ****in ridiculous.

  • Was Great fight but ***le of this post "Ronda Rousey destroys" she didnt destroy liz..lord sounds 2 me u have a hard on 4 mrs ArmBar

  • Pretty good card, Main event and Bermudez/Grice fights were incredible.

    Machida never got the finish but he beat Hendo fair and square, just a shame we missed out on Hendo/Jones.

  • Destroys? did we watch the same fight? up until that Armbar it was Carmouche who was winning.

  • I wish this site would stop promoting this women's division so much. Why don't you promote that Arianny broad or Britney, I'd way rather see those ***s bouncing around instead of this ugly manly broad with a huge mole under her eye. There's a reason why the WNBA, Womens boxing, Womens Hockey etc… don't have the popularity of the men's versions. Stop having such a great belief in something that doesn't exist you're like a bunch of muslims or something brainwashed into thinking this **** is exciting and on the level of Men's MMA.