Announcement: Make your picks for UFC 156 and you could win a great prize!


We are back with another great LowKick prize competition, and this time it’s real simple! All you have to do, is submit your picks for UFC 156: Aldo vs. Edgar coming up this Saturday. The highest scorer for the event will receive an awesome package of MMA fight apparel courtesy of Vehement MMA, which will include a pair of gloves and two t-shirts.

So don’t forget to submit your picks and check out all of Vehement MMA’s gear (it’s all organic!) on their website Good luck to everybody!

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  • Why do the picks only give 3 rounds as option for title fights/ main event fights? they should be 5 rounds to pick.

    • Changed the settings. Good catch, thanks!

      • @yael… When are you going to start offering prizes for the worst picks…?

        • Now that's an idea. problem is, lowkick staff would sweep all the prizes!

        • @ Enjoy

          Ha! Ha!

          Now, there's an original thought. If they did that, I might actually have a shot. 🙂

          • It's a shirt that says "I'm better at picking my nose"

          • ^anton lol

  • give out a prize for most improved in the last 2 months 🙂 can anyone else not see their picks results on this sunday jan 27??

    • make sure you are logged in. might need to log out and then login again. If it doesn't fix it, send me an email with your user name and password.