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Lowkick is looking for new writers! This is a paid, part-time position, for MMA crazies (obviously).

If you think you’ve got what it takes and would like to become part of this awesome staff, send an email with some info about yourself and your writing experience (samples are also welcomed) to



  • Since you write columns for comments MMA TRUTH this is all you baby bubba. Get t that doe.

    • +1 for MMA Truth, they would drop me in a second, Im far to bias lol

      • @ En***y

        Yeah…you might be right on that one big guy.

    • @ Hate

      I actually might.

      Cheers, Hate. 🙂

      • This way we will know your real name too. Perhaps, also find out how old you are 🙂
        That'll be interesting.

  • I vote onemoreround as official staff editor.

    • Sure, only after he gets that brain transplant that I recommended a few months ago.

  • Perhaps Dr mike would like to do a medical type column~ I'm sure hes not too busy being a Dad and Dr and all :)……. also if you need a kungfu section just sayin' !

    • He could be the sites medical official!
      sounds kind of funny but would be a pretty cool thing

  • Other than MMA truth I would also like to see some from Kieth and Mike.

    • Appreciate being recognised mate!

      You usually add worthy points to the posts too but you've haven't been writing lengthy comments lately so hard for me to judge on shorter posts. If you put in for it I do hope you get it though

  • I would love the opportunity to write for lowkick, but I would always worry that I would be constantly letting ANTON down whenever I wrote about picks that turned out to be right.

  • mma truth a writer? Whining about rhetorical garbage on a website doesn't make anyone a writer. His posts are ridiculous and he basically repeats his nonsense in paragraph after paragraph. This website needs a logical mind, one with some common sense, a voice of reason. This site is called lowkick not low IQ. MMA truth keep dreaming bud.

    • You're obviously very offended as no one suggested your name. Why don't you write to Yeal and try to impress her with your high IQ.

      • @ GD

        He can't. He has to wait for the person who knows how to operate the keyboard, to come back on duty.

    • @ Dipstick

      I couldn't agree more. The man is a bore.

      You might be a tad prosaic, perhaps even slow witted, but you are spot on with your a-priori contention.

      I officially denounce MMA Truth and nominate you as the next LowKick, staff writer. I can only imagine the dreary ramblings of MMA-T. As obtuse as you might be, surely you would be preferable to the sufferings of that poster.

      And you're right, this sight is not about acumen, it's about fighting. Its why I'd nominate you over that disingenuous MMA-T. You don't need a brain to wright about fighting, you need to be a fighter.

      With that said and even though I personally do not doubt you credentials and as an alternative to a written resume or application, perhaps you would (not could, for I have no doubt that you can) be so kind as to post a YouTube video of you actually fighting, sparring or training. Hey, maybe the site administration and the thread would settle for a picture of you with your shirt off, looking all buff from all the training you do.

      Do that and not only should you get the job, but you should also get the respect of every one of your detractors on this site. Not mine of course, for I am not one of your detractors. I'm actually a fan.

      Concluding – take your shirt off, show us your man ***** and flabby gut, having it out with your kid sister, little brother, cousin, your mom, whomever is in your weight division on your street or project that you live in and post it on YouTube and you will have my vote all day long.

      Impress us son.

  • I was simply stating some observations and who would possibly be offended by anyone or anything on the internet? If anyone was offended it was you.

  • Many great and unappreciated contributors on this site but I think we can all agree a position like this would suit MMA Truth as good as any, plenty of other guys I'd enjoy reading from though.

    • @ Keith

      Back at you my British friend.