Andrei Arlovski Would ‘F**k Up Fedor Emelianenko’ In A Rematch


Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski has two opponents in mind for his next two fights.

First up, Frank Mir, who is reportedly scheduled to fight Arlovski at UFC 191 next month, but UFC officials have not signed the two fighters to an agreed bout contract just yet. Both older fighters that have been in the sport for some time. Arlosivki, riding a five-fight winning streak and Mir, who is on a two-fight winning streak, would be an excellent fight according to Arlovski, who recently did a video chat.

“He’s on a winning streak, I’m on a winning streak and we were supposed to fight in 2007[sic],” said Arlovski. “Definitely he’s tough and I’m very excited if it’s going to happen.”

“Absolutely not,” said Arlovski. “He’s much tougher, I think, right now. A more dangerous fighter. He’s not scared to brawl and it’s going to be a great match.”

At one time the two former champions were written off by fans and media personnel, but the two have started getting on the right track, the winning track at that in their later thirties, which some believe is the decline of one’s career in the sport of MMA.

“He’s tough. He has power in his hands and he’s a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. He’s no joke. If I’m going to fight him I have to be prepared. On the ground, he’s a king. He’s much, much better than me. It’s no doubt.”

Second, Arlovski has been vocal about wanting a fight with the legend himself, Fedor Emelianenko. Any long-time fight fan knows that iconic knockout of Arlovski by Emelianenko while the two fought for Affliction in 2009. The knockout happened because Arlovski threw a flying knee at Fedor and missed then was sent crashing to the ground thanks to a strike by Emelianenko.

“Why did I jump that stupid flying knee? I still can’t figure out why. I still don’t have a clear answer for that. When I see Dana White next time I’m going to ask him, ‘Please, please if you’re going to sign Emelianenko just give me a rematch. Please, please.”

“I would love to fight him,” Arlovski said Thursday.. “I would love to have a rematch, but I don’t know. It’s up to the UFC. If Dana White is going to sign him, great.”

“I’m going to f**k him up,” said Arlovski. “I’m not going to jump with that f***ing stupid flying knee. It’s going to be a different match.”

Only in time will we see where Emelianenko signs and maybe, just maybe it will be in the UFC so Arlovski can get that rematch.

  • watermelon fresh

    Arlovki I often root for but he is very annoying. The better fighter won last time he fought Fedor.

  • aNYagenda

    Well, AA kind of defeated himself last time with his own recklessness.

    If he can resist another clumsy long distance flying knee attempt he might put another whipping on Fed like he was doing last time.

    Its a good reasonable fight.
    Either guy could win that IMO.