Anderson Silva Will Be Granted An Immediate Rematch Should He Lose At UFC 162


With UFC 162 just days away, Dana White has announced that Anderson Silva will get an immediate rematch if Chris Weidman is able to beat him. Silva recently signed a ten fight extension on his UFC contract, stating that he wanted to fight the best in the world and cement his legacy.

Dana was on hand to talk to MMAJunkie about the subject:

“I’d do the rematch the next fight, Guy hasn’t lost in the UFC ever, has beat everybody. He loses that fight, he’s the guy for a rematch if he wants it.”

Silva is on the biggest win streak in UFC history (16), and has been talked about for a while now as a potential opponent for Jon Jones and Georges St.Pierre. Even though The Spider has spoke about not wanting to fight Jones, you have to think that, after Weidman, he will have cleared out the 185lb. division.

The reality of the situation is that Silva could fight anyone he wants, should he beat Weidman. But if he really wants to prove himself as the greatest of all time, the only option is a superfight. White continued:

“He’s on board to fight either one of them,….Fights that don’t matter don’t make money,” White said. “If he makes it to 10, which if he makes it to 10, nobody better deny that he’s the f–king greatest of all time, but he wants big fights that are going to make money. He wants fights that are going to cement his legacy.”

“None of them like to say in public, they care about making money, too.”

With GSP becoming less interested in a fight with Silva, it would seem that a catchweight bout with Jones would be the logical answer. Neither man would have to put their title on the line, and it would arguably mean the biggest payday for two MMA fighters in MMA history.

The problem still remains that it would mean risking either mans legacy, which could be a hindrance. Like Dana Said; Fights that don’t matter don’t make money. Would a fight with Jon Jones matter if Silva loses to Chris Weidman on Saturday? The truth is that both guys have to have that legacy at risk to make the bout that much more appealing.

Don’t get me wrong, a fight between Silva and Jones appeals to me regardless of legacies or titles, but from a business perspective it’s a lot different. It just goes to show how topsy turvy the MMA world really is, especially at the top.

  • Why bother with a re match at a later date, when you can have an old fashioned do over the same night. Worked great in back yard football as a kid when i play came in to question.

  • Don't worry, Baby Hitler, Silva won't need a rematch.

    • lol, lately, you've received nothing but "funny" or "sharp" from me UDG.

      • Lol – Im glad you've finally seen the the light, Mr. Entity. Welcome to the bright side – JK.

  • If Chris beats him with a finish, there's no fkin reason for a rematch. A rematch is only necessary when the fight is so close we cant tell who actually won. The UFC is getting as messy as my Govt.

    • I would agree in most other situations… but when it comes to Silva and his Hot streak as a champ, you can't deny him a rematch! like Underdog said though, he won't be needing one anyway, so it's nothing but a formality…

      • True that…. !!!

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        You sound like a smart woman already 🙂

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        • @Underdog… thanks 😉 I been checking this site out for a while but never registered til today!

      • Good point, do you think silva will lose before he retires though? I mean everyone's gotta slow down at some point…

      • yes, welcome Janice. We all have an opinion, I just prefer others dont call people names or "haters" because our opinion differ. Sometimes I will fire back when someone takes the liberty of calling names.
        Not referring to you, your counter reply was just fine.

      • gulp, lady woman…..hi im old, im fat, im a bum, i get my internet connection from the Chinese restaurant across the street, and i got a bottle of champagne from the couple on the restaurant last night.

    • Sounds like a Silva hater.

      So if Chael could actually finish fights and managed to win the first bout with Anderson, can you really say he shouldnt have had a rematch considering how much better Silva was the second time?

      • Im not a hater by any means. It just doesnt seem right for someone to say, "You have to beat this guy twice to have your belt" and Highkick, simply calling me a hater for having a valid opinion makes you look like an immature nuthugger. He can have a rematch, just give someone else a shot first. Let him have a fight away from the same guy he just beat, it seems ridiculous to me. Thats my opinion.

  • We'll see how much of a "formality" it is, although I've never heard of such a word used for an MMA fight. There are no formalities in MMA, or any sport for that matter. Let's see who wins and how convincingly before we make ridiculous statements.

  • Lets say Chris finishes him the first fight…and second fight.Silva still somehow gets that superfight with Jones and gets destroyed.Will that tarnish anything from him at all?

    • If Fedor is any indication, I'de say "not really" Silva's been too dominant to hurt his legacy. The man has been on top forever.