Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman Rematch Official For UFC 168


After much speculation, the rematch that everyone wants to see has been officially signed. Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II will go down on December 28th from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Rumors had UFC President Dana White looking to book the huge title for the year-end spectacle, and he was chronicled as going to Los Angeles to talk with the ormer champion. Now, the speculation has become reality and Silva will look to get his belt back before the year is up.

New champ Weidman has been adamant about accepting the rematch since immediately after the fight, and although Silva said he was done fighting for the title afterwards, sources deemed Silva re-motivated and ready to regain his long-held belt.

Dana White apparently booked the fight today, and appeared on ESPN to sum up the prospects of the bout:

“This fight will be the biggest fight in UFC history.”

He may just be right. Silva is already a slight favorite in the odds. Will we see the best version of ‘The Spider?’

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  • he better enjoy that belt cuz silva gonna destroy him this time

    • He well may, but he failed to do so in the first go round and it wasn't an accident or a lucky punch that did it. He plainly and simply got beat.

      • With all due respect, sir, Silva actually gave him a nice a gift whether some of you "Weidman" fans like it or not. Put your hatred for Silva aside for once, then watch the fight.

        • The way I saw it was that Silva knew he couldnt outwrestle and play the submission game with Weidman, that's why he let his hands down so Weidman would be confused and strike with him. And it worked because Weidman didnt even try to take him down anymore, only one (failed) time in the second round. Thats Silva's gameplan and it has always worked untill this time. Make it a striking match, let Weidman strike first and counter with pin-point accuracy strikes. He just didnt expect that Weidman could/would knock him out.

          • @Ringo; you are correct… to a point. He did play his usual game and make Wiedman strike with him but he also did get silly at the end. He will not get silly this time.

          • @IChokePeople

            I really hope so man, but in a fight everything can happen. Weidman ain't stupid, they are going to try to outwrestle en GnP Silva. Just ***** if legends are going to end like this

          • Ringo

            Not only is Weidman not stupid, but he's also not mentally weak and that's what all of Silva's opponents have been. Silva will never get into Chris's head, because Chris is not intimidated by him and believes, with verification, that he can beat him, has and will again.

            For Silva and his camp, that's a problem, because a huge chunk of Silva's game is the myth that proceeds him to the ring. Chris, does not subjugate himself to the myth and that's a problem.

        • UDG and in all-due-respect, Silva gave nothing, but attempted to take all, inclusive of the victory and a humiliation of Chris Weidman, had he been able to "cop" both events at the same time.

          He did not.

          He failed.

          What Silva fans take as hatred, is a non-event on the part of Weidman fans and more of-a, reflection of the mirror of Silva fans and their malcontent for "their heroes" failure to deliver and to deliver in the same fashion, with the same tools and incumbent of the same antics, which are now be derided, by those who acclaim love for him.

          Even I, as do all Weidman fans, as does Chris himself, show more respect, reverence and residual respect, then do his acclaimed fans, who only seem to bemoan the loss and proffer excuse as to why he lost.

          Anderson himself told his fans why he lost and that was, he simply was beaten. There is no more (a) base explanation for it, then that one.

          Silva fans need to simply accent, as there hero has, that he got beat, not being cocky, but rather, pushing the envelope of what was possible and God love him for it…and had he pulled it all off…wouldn't Silva fans being singing it to the rafters…and with good reason. Had he beaten Chris, he would have bean an equal…and Anderson knows this, however, his fans refuse to accept it.

          You are the coolest UDG, but your unquestioned bias shows. Anderson lost my friend, fair and square. The record, video tape and everything else prove it. Anderson put on a heck of a show and really tried to push the bounds of what was possible and he lost to a great fighter and decade younger man, who had just lost his house in a flood and was "sans" Anderson's millions to put it "all-right" with a snap of his (financial) fingers.

          The Maestro played with a hungrier musician and was out soloed. When the performance was over, it was Weidman's solo that all were remembering.

          Silva fans should rejoice. In your eye's, the story to be written should be greater than the one already being told.

          Your rock, UDG and I say that as a Weidman fan who loves Anderson Silva. 🙂

          • @B.C

            Heroes? Shouldn't our parents be our heroes? I love Silva as a fighter, but you're taking it a bit too far now.

            Now back to the subject:

            "Anderson himself told his fans why he lost and that was, he simply was beaten. There is no more (a) base explanation for it, then that one."

            Did you expect Silva to say at the post-conference that he gave Weidman the fight? C'mon, bro, you're too smart for that. Tito Ortiz and Ken Shame – Rock (Shamrock) are by far the only guys who would probably say something like that after a so-called fight to be honest. No one would ever admit that publicly.

            Had Silva not given the fight away to Weidman by fooling around with him, I would have given Weidman his dues. In fact, if he beats a serious Silva the next time around, which he WON'T, he'll get my all of my respect. To be honest, everyone, including Weidman, knew exactly what just happened. Silva did not take him seriously and he somewhat paid for it, plain and simple.

            "You are the coolest UDG, but your unquestioned bias shows."

            Thanks and so are you. It's not about being biased, that's just what happened and there is nothing you can say to make me think otherwise since the video doesn't lie. By the way, who are you kidding? Lol – I've known you long enough to know that you're don't like Silva, but it's fine. You're allowed to like and dislike whoever you want to, that's just how things work. We all know who the Silva supporters and non-supporters are on this site, Brian, so it's okay not to like him. As long as you're not like those people who hate him because of the color of his skin, it's cool in my book. Yes, I just said that. It still exists, but we can leave it as that.

  • Ill throw a stone too. AWESOME maybe Silva fans can get their balls back bwahahahahah

    Seriously though, just like before, Im ok with whoever wins, it was simply satisfying that someone finally brought the showboat back to reality 8))

    • I'll still predict a Weidman win, by Sub/ GNP or KO…that narrows it down huh.

      • Anderson seemed set on not fighting for the Belt again. Obviously most people knew that would change because he's a competitor who's held the belt for 7 years. Eventually he'd want to avenge it. Dana White got the fight made pretty quick. I feel like Dana flew out and told him to take the fight avenge his loss and if Anderson wasn't 100% sure we'll know soon what this was about. I read Anderson's win bonus was only $200K this time around I bet it doubles his base $600K pay.

        • Also if he was on contract, he'd end up in court if he didnt. We've seen that more than once.

    • I agree with all that, my man.

      If Chris wins, great. If Chris looses, that' fine too.

      If Silva looses this fight, I think that will be it for him. Even if he wins, he might pack it in or at least, hang it up at 185 and only seek a super-fight with Jones. Should he win, I don't think he'll be seeking to risk it all (again) on another contender in 185 and it's getting uglier, out there.

      Here's the big question, if Silva wins, does Chris Weidman get an immediate re-match? Silva / Weidman III is not beyond the realm of possibilities. For one thing, there'd be a lot of money on the table as to what the outcome would be in a 3rd fight.

      • I think Baldy Hitler might flat out cry at the postfight conference if Silva lost again.

        • @ Brian; Should Silva win I really hope they give Wiedman an immediate rematch too. Not only is it the only fair thing to do but in my eyes it is a trilogy on par with the Ali V Frazier. Chris is IMHO going to have a legendary career. Silva is the best EVER. Not having a third fight should Silva win would be a travesty.
          @Entity; Why should Dana care? If Silva wins then his legend/money train is back. If Chris wins then the UFC still has the guy that dethroned him and thus a new legend/money train. It is win/win for Dana.

          • ICP…I could not agree more and with both statements. Regardless of how this plays out, this is will be a huge payout for all parties.

            Hence and my belief, that this is a super-fight.

            Cheers, for making the point in a round-about manner. 🙂

        • IDK Entity. If Weidman wins Dana has a new star on his hands with a long career ahead

          • I do agree with your point Michael, but the super fights might be back on if Silva wins. If he doesn't, most likely those are gone and we know thats big money Dana wants. Why take champs from their divisions and pair them against each other diminishing their public view if it's not simply for the pay day?

          • Better question, why take champs from different divisions, when he (Dana) can have much more "drama" within the division, itself?

            Weidman / Silva is a better sell than Silva / Jones, at this stage of the game.

            My business advice to White…."be like water my friend."

          • …and If Chris looses…he has a heck of a trilogy fight on his hands. 🙂

            Hope your run went well.

          • I think Michael is a drive by now days, he doesnt reply.

  • this is bullshit… again… the way he acted on prior fights, the way he acted during Weidman's fight and after its nor worth a rematch… speciallya cting like a clown.. he should fight someone beat his a-s-s without messing around and then get Weidman again… and I hope AS looses again

    • Ji – I don't think there's anyway that this fight could not go off and that a re-match is not warranted. I understand your point and it's a good one, but Anderson is the exception that proves the rule and a re-match is called for.

      If you hope he looses again, then as a Chris Weidman fan I say to you, embrace the joy of it and Weidman's Dec. 28th win, for I believe Chris will once again win.

      If you listened to his interview this week with Helwani, Weidman confidently said he'd beat him again, but in a completely different manner and I believe him.

      I look forward to the fight and a much more focused Anderson, but The Spider has a big hill to climb on this one. If Chris was in his head before, he'll only be more so with a KO victory over him (Anderson).

      I can't wait to see this fight…again.

      Another great thing about this fight and Chris in particular, is that he obviously draws the best out in Silva. This will be the second time in 6 months that we will have seen him back in the ring and in a 185 title fight. That by itself is good news for MMA fans; both for Silva's devoted throng of follower and for his naysayers, as well. Everybody wins on this fight.

      • Weidman said he could have held him down but simply decided to go for the heel hook. Then Anderson stood up and he played Silva's striking game. Chris is confident he will win again, as Brian stated.

  • Boy is Silva does lose, some guys here might hang themselves hahah…I hope that's not accurate (< )(< )

    • Yeah, if he looses a 2nd time Silva fans will be beside themselves. Probably be like the "crash of 29", people throwing themselves off that cliff in Rio.

      I learned to get over this crap, when GSP lost to Serra. Never again, will I go into a fit of depression over a loss. 🙂

      • lol…AAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhh…. splat 8P

      • Thanks for you kind words Brian and Entity. I am not a Brazilian nor an American, but I am, and will remain Silva's fan whether he looses or wins the rematch. I play / watch sports with passion and there is nothing that I can do to change that about myself. Winning and loosing comes as a package but I would never ridicule a fan or an athlete who faces defeat. It is unethical and inappropriate in my books as I have seen far too much of it. Silva is the reason why fans like me watch, follow and even take up this sport.

        • Grandslam, please dont ever take me too serious. I try not to take myself too serious.

  • Currently trying to book my tickets out there!

  • This may just be the biggest UFC fight ever. Silva owes a legit performance to his fans.

    • Agreed. I highly doubt he'll try to toy with Weidman this time around.


      • If he loses, you have to switch avatars to a fat lady in a too-too.

        • LMAO – You got it, Entity. You'll just have to find any picture (Non-political / racial / religion related) and I'll use it as my avatar for a week if Silva loses (which won't happen by the way).

          I'm up for it.

  • If Silva wins when is the rubber match set for…Chinese New Year?

    • also predicting an injury prior to the fight just to put salt in the wounds

      • Thats Ed Soares job 8P

  • If Silva wins decisively the first fight will be considered a fluke for weidman.
    If Weidman wins decisively the first fight will be no fluke
    If Silva loses twice he will retire and many will say he wasn't in his prime
    If Weidman loses Silva will be putting the middleweight division on a 1 year suspension and everyone will start talking Jon Jones superfight again.
    and Vitor Belfort will be left in limbo firing off tweets.


    • Seriously though, I will be very surprised if Wiedman wins.

      • Silva might put a big stamp on his ticket, who knows?

      • UDG…that should not comes as any shock, as I am quite sure that you were surprised the last time it happened. 🙂

        • Surprisingly, I wasn't THAT shocked. As soon as he started that stupid rocked dance I was thinking NO, NOT AGAINST THIS GUY, and then it was over. I was a little surprised that Chris did it with a single punch though. Silva's chin is granite. I honestly think that loss was more Silva's doing than Chris's and that is why I will be surprised if Silva lets it happen again.

        • Whoa!! I stay on your mind, don't I? Lol

          I think you meant ICP.

          The way he was fooling around with his student, anyone on this site could have knocked him out, too. So, I wasn't surprised at all.

  • i say Wiedman wins again !!!

  • Sweet!!!! i'll be making a lot of money to close the year off right!!! 🙂

    • Will be interesting seeing the betting odds though.

  • The way I see it. Anderson was doing what he always does, but doing it to a level at which he hasn't before. The hands down thing, the back to the cage thing, we've seen those things before. The stanky leg "I'm hurt" dance, was new and was the move that ultimately got him KO'd. Weidman took advantage of Silva's lackadaisical defence.

    Fact is, Weidman won. However, the argument that Weidman beat a Silva when Silva was at his best is completely ridiculous.