Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman Fight Video Highlights


Check out the UFC 162 main event highlights from tonight’s epic card that saw arguably the biggest changing of the guard in MMA history. Chris Weidman handed Anderson Silva his first loss ever inside the octagon when he knocked Silva out with some vicious strikes. 

A rematch may or may not be in the works, but Vitor Belfort, Michael Bisping, and Mark Munoz are among the fighters already to call out for a shot at the middleweight title.

Check out Weidman’s historic victory below:

  • Weidman looked great on the ground, I was surprised when he decided to keep it standing against Silva. Ended up paying off big time.

  • Do not a one of you Silva nut huggers weak that guy above. I am a Silva fan , and TBH, he deserved that. He proved he could stuff the TD. He has proved he is the master striker. He still is. Thing is, Ego is a mother fukka, and every other nite, I felt, his clowning and hands down was really just how he felt comfortable, and was being real. The man is real, you hear it in his after fight speech. Fact is, that is an immeasurable amount of psychological pressure. Everybody (fans) want to see him KO and dance around doing it. Maybe like another here mentioned, he was even more pressure because of the attendance of Tyson and Jones…maybe not . Either way, for sure, he knows what the fans want and he tries every time to bring it. This time, he let ego slip. I know this from personal experience. Will not quote my story, but it is a speeding ticket relation, not fighting. Any way, once you give in to ego, you are bound by the universe to be taught a lesson in love. Anderson Silva is the GOAT, and is a REAL person, and a marvelous fighter. Chris Weidman beat the champ that lowered his guard that day. Obi Wan Kenobi, to Vader, not consciously aware of his subconscious decision, but he let it happen. It was a lesson to himself, and as long as he replies "sharp" to the outcome, he will retain my respect, and the respect of humanity. Thank you Anderson Silva for the years of amazing entertainment. Thank you Chris Weidman for believing in yourself, and the smooth left at the right moment. They are both great men, and great champions.

    • Mate, get over this 'nuthuuger' sh*t and dont pay too much attention to this weak and sharp votes. They mean nothing.

    • One of the best and realest comments I've read…and I weaked you by accident. Sorry dude! 😀

  • that fight was some kind of b…
    I wonder how much did Dana paid Spider to lose the fight
    C'mon that interview after the fight, please respect Chris, blah blah blah

    • blah blah blah, reference my comment above about ego for a reality check. i fukkin love silva, but he did not take the fall, this is not boxing. it is not a pillow fight, and he is not an actor, a bit harder to "take a fall". that **** was real cause his dumb *** lowered his guard and , while it works for the most part, he did not see the second left coming…he almost cried at the announcement end of the fight, and you say he got paid ? !!! just contradicted yourself bro, because in the same sentence you claimed Anderson Silva as your pick, and the real deal, and at the same time claimed him as fake. Take a lesson from Silva, ego is the deception. Keep it real, Weidman won that fight, fair and square, but yes, it was sort of given to him because Silva's ego interfered and caused him to lower his guard, at a moment that it was the dumbest thing one should do.

      • Well Grandslam, dekciw's reply is why Infinite posted what he did above, it was specifically for guys like him.

        • and what r u gonna say about this

          • how about happy 12th birthday, take care

          • my daugter had 'em in 5 years, so hold your horses.

            u can say what u want, but u can't say Chris won that fight because he's better fighter than Silva.
            I have no idea why Spider did what he did, yet he did it in purpose.

  • I just wanna say I missed the fight, but just saw that highlight. Can someone please tell me if Weidman genuinely displayed better striking than Silva ? or did he capitalize on Silva's hands downs etc etc ?

    • In all honesty, I think Weidman's performance was good, may be better. He did what he promised and that was to finish Silva. This fight may have gone pear shaped for Silva but I am still not convinced that Weidman can actually beat SIlva. As Infinite Enigma has rightly pointed out it was Silva's ego that got in the way and completely screwed up the game plan.

      Silva was taking clean shots to the face and trying to pretend that nothing happened. He was trying to taunt Weidman exactly the same way he taunted Maia not realising that Weidman can hit a lot harder. He got hit clean on the jaw, his eyes rolled over and history was made.

      • There was no way to know who was the better fighter from that fight plain and simple. One guy took it seriously and the other didn't. It was ridiculous. And believe me I'm no AS fan. I'm still a little pissed about it. This is not how I want to remember arguably the greatest fighter of all time. He played around one too many times and paid for it. What's sad is he doesn't seem the least bit upset about it. It's perplexing to say the least.

        • And people wonder why Silva has haters Japanegro.

      • @grandslam
        So I assume if Silva did request a rematch you would still have him as the favorite ?

        • Absolutely! I think Chris Wedman is a good fighter but not at the same level as Silva. Much before the fight my view was that the only way Weidman can win against Silva is by an accident. And that's exactly what happened.

    • @mmauk he was good, but not amazing in the striking. silva got caught because of the hands down, that shot would not have done much after being absorbed by a forearm bone. it was like a double left, he threw the left, and and looked like he would follow with the right, then pulled back and threw left again with less power, was not fully cocked. smart move nontheless, but silva was schooling him with hands down and striking until that. chris had a nice TD in rd1 and good sub attempt, then Andy got up and stuffed his next TD attempt. Went to being himself and looking good, but took it too far, being stupid. He literally was trying to coach or train chris at striking, being a smart *** about it, like chris was the kid…it was most likely just for psyco advantage, but he paid for over doing it.

    • Chris's striking was extremely accurate, you can't play with a guy like that. I think those shots Silva ate early on made Silva angry and frustrated.

  • I was rooting for Silva the whole time, but judging from how Weidman did for the short time he had Silva on the ground, he likely would have pulled the win off anyway. Him finishing Silva while standing though….was a HUGE surprise to me. I never imagined Weidman would pull that off.

  • I actually thought he was still faking when he fell hahaha uncle dana did not look happy at all after! hahaha

    • Yeah I kinda thought the same, but when I saw the replay and saw Silvas eyes roll back…..

      • and watching Herb Dean scramble from Silva's takedown lol

  • So much for all you haters going after GSP for guaranteeing Chris getting a finish.. guess he wasn't so stupid after all

    • I am a GSP fan too but trust me he had no idea what he was talking about. GSP wanted Weidman to win so that there is no super fight. I don't think there is anything wrong in it but I would rather have GSP admit openly against a super fight that make these petty excuses.

  • Wiedman had nothing for AS on the groud. After they got back up, Wiedman was GASED!! that's y he just stood there, doing nothing, for the rest of the round. That's y AS was clowning so much. That fight was basically over and AS had the win on his pocket. But… instead of moving his head side to side (as well as backwards), he just moved backwards… so much, that his chin was facing up and he could not see that slow punch coming, which mean he couldnt dodge it or roll with it (like he usually does). With his chin up in the air and Weidmans power, it was pretty much over from there. But make no mistake about it, AS is the better fighter and if he took that fight seriously, like how he behaved against Belfort, that fight would have probably finished in the last minute of round 1. If AS doesnt try to get his belt back (which he most definetly can), make no doubt about it, Weidman wont defend it more than 2 times.