Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman confirmed for UFC 162 main event


The long-rumored, oft-discussed Middleweight title fight between champion Anderson Silva and number one contender Chris Weidman has finally been made official today. Confirmed for the headliner of UFC 152, the fight will quiet many of the critics who called for Silva to defend his 185 lb. title sooner than later. 

However, it will be cause to anger those wanting him to wait for a superfight with Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre. Those two fighters had bouts lined up in April and March, respectively, so The Spider will return to the Octagon on July 6th in Las Vegas. The event was confirmed by Newsday.

For Weidman, it will be an incredibly tough return to the cage as he remains on the mend from shoulder surgery that forced him to withdraw from his UFC 155 bout with Tim Boetsch. But this is the fight that he has campaigned heavily for, so we’ll soon see if his style is truly the one to hand Anderson Silva his first defeat in the UFC. The young contender spoke up:

“Dream come true. Ever since I’ve been fighting, Anderson Silva has been the champion and I’ve been visualizing beating him. Now I have the opportunity. I have to make the most of it.”

I think that this is a great bout, and obviously one that had to happen sooner or later. I also think that Weidman, although undefeated and hugely talented, could have used a tune-up bout to gauge his readiness to face the UFC’s most dominant champion. When July rolls around and he walks into the cage to face Silva, he will have been off for nearly an entire year, last facing Mark Munoz on July 11, 2012. 

That is no small factor to consider when fighting arguably the greatest of all time. It’s probably safe to say that Wediman will open as a substantial underdog, and for obvious good reason. Will he silence the critics this summer?

  • There you go baby. Great fight. Huge match up for a great time of year. So hyped.

    • Good for Weidman he deserves a big pay day after what the hurricane did to his house

    • Finally, I get to see how Weidman look's like….

      BTW, what's the excitement about??

  • easy win for silva

    • We need to create a SUPERWEAK button.

    • @i-train-ufc: Agreed. Weidman is a decent fighter, but he is not as good as some people are making him seem to be.

      • i know he is a good fighter but overrated and silva will prove it !

  • Hopefully weidman gets healthy and stays that way and when and if he gets beat don't blame ring rust…

  • Man I am looking forward to this bout big time. Also hoping Weidman won't have too much ring rust, so we see the best version of him.

  • Anderson Silva is my favourite active fighter and the best fighter of all time… That being said this is the most nervous I have ever been for Anderson Silva.

    The elite wrestling combined with the technical, fearless and active submission game of Weidman is seriously threatening.

    I will never bet against The Spider and I am betting on him getting the second round TKO here but I doubt my heart rhythm won't be normal until the fight is over.

    Let's go Team Silva, a serious danger is here for the gold.

  • Lame fight….very disapointed.

    • You being sarcastic?

      Or were you dead set on seeing a superfight?

  • meh. i think KO for anderson on a counter punch.

  • What is the point to see Anderson win or lose to a virtually unknown fighter and to make matters worse another wrestler….lame…AS vs Jones and there is nothing else…

  • Anderson Silva via – TKO.

  • It just goes to show how important its is for media websites like LOWKICK to continue writing articles and generate responses and feedback from the fans to improve the sport and get the matchups we want to see.

  • Wiedman by a flying knee bar……lol


    • For the stupid and or autistic, yes, this is sarcasm.

    • @ICP: I've come to the conclusion that some of those lowkickers who hate on A.S on a daily basis are either obsessed with him or just in denial.

      • Haters gonna hate. People like to talk **** about things that are nor reachable for them, like the skill level of AS. I see the same thing on car sites. Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren all just came out with amazing new super cars and if you go on right now 9 out of 10 comments are about how much they ****.

  • But Anderson is still ducking him, like he ducks sonnen and whoever else.
    Or who will the haters say hes ducking now?

  • RPM

    I think Weidman has a good chance of making it past the first round.

  • Bruce buffer: and still the middle weight champion of the world A.S.

    But among the challenger Wiedman has the impressive win, hard work and skill pays off, Let's see.

    • Bruce buffer will be doing a 720 if Weidman wins…