Anderson Silva: Steven Seagal Didn’t Teach Me The Front Kick


Former longtime UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva has much to prove when he steps into the Octagon to rematch Chris Weidman in the main event of UFC 168 from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this December.

Since suffering his first UFC loss to Weidman, many have questioned Silva’s motivation to remain a fighter at the top of the game. He spoke up in a video interview with WHOA! TV to discuss his drive leading up to the Weidman bout:

“I have energy for fight. I’m tired because for long time, I stayed to get the belt. I go to UFC, I fight for long time, and sometime you need to stop, because it’s too much energy. The people talk too much. Sometimes it very important you take you time.”

That’s an interesting insight into Silva’s motivation earlier this summer, and it sounds like “The Spider” was a bit worn out. He’s since claimed that he’ll be back to form at UFC 168, but only time will tell.

The conversation switched to Silva’s friend Steven Seagal, who has claimed to have taught Silva the famed front kick that he used to fell Vitor Belfort in early 2011. Silva has a different side of the tale:

“I train the front kick for a long time. I start training martial arts for long time ago. Steven Seagal show me the movement, the little movement, but no teach me this kick, I working hard for this kick for long time. “

Many have thought Seagal to take a bit too much credit for Silva’s epic win at UFC 126. Now we hear Silva’s side of the tale. It sounds like while Seagal may have taught the champ a way to refine the kick, Silva already had the dangerous weapon within his repertoire.

It’s going to take a full arsenal to beat the young and hungry Weidman come December, and Silva’s patented clowning around most likely won’t earn him any new fans or keep his current ones should he lose again. On the other hand, he could right nearly all of the wrongs should he return with a patented knockout performance. Who’s your early pick to emerge with the Middleweight championship at UFC 168?


  • Lies!

  • The tape doesn't go long to see the whole interview but…Chuck Norris taught him the kick.

  • What?! Sensei Seagal was lying to gain popularity and credibility?! Pfft next you'll tell me he didn't teach Lyoto the crane kick that knocked out Randy!

  • I know it's surprising right

  • And then you'll tell me all if his movies WEREN'T based on true events

    • I don't think hollywood has enough tech to match what Seagal can really do in a fight. CGI is not that advanced yet.

  • I am biased but I truly do believe Silva is a better fighter than Chris. Chris stylistically is a bad matchup but I think Silva has what it takes to get the win if he plans for Chris in a different way than what he usually does. Even on the ground Silva has some really awesome skills and I hope he can prove Chris was having a good day against one of his bad days.

  • Ehm… and what was Seagal lying about exactly??? If you listen to Seagal's interviews he clearly said he helped Anderson "PERFECT" the kick. He did not "teach" him the kick. He has said that literally in one of the interviews i've seen. The media just takes sh*t and runs with it putting up headlines that "Bend" the truth, to say the least. So he takes pride in helping the champ perfect a kick he used to kick Vitor into next year, can you blame him? Give the guy a break.

    • True enough. It always gets thrown out of proportion.

  • I don't blame lowkick for using the Seagal getting outed by Anderson as the headline, really who cares about an actor who was a has-been 15 years ago.

    What is interesting to me in the interview was the way Anderson still sounded burnt out. It's not a good sign when someone who has only been fighting about once a year says the need to take more time out.

    I'm starting to think that maybe the Spider should have hung up his gloves after beating Chael the second time.

  • Seagal did not teach you the front kick? Really? No sh*t. It's only like the first move you learn in any kid's martial arts class.

  • No offense to the MM champion BUT i truly believe that Silva is a better fighter. He (Silva) was just complacent and did not respect his opponent skills. Chris deserve to be a champion But I still think that Silva is a better fighter. As for the front Kick… N.F.W Steven did not teach Anderson that.

  • You ungrateful lying little b!tch, take it back!!!