Anderson Silva Searching For The Energy And Will To Keep Winning


Former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva will look to confront the ghosts of his past at UFC 168; namely, the first man to ever knock ‘The Spider’ out, Chris Weidman. UFC 162 was the scene for the biggest upset in MMA history.

Silva has the chance to get back what was taken from him by Weidman; his title. This is surely the biggest motivation for Silva right now, who would do well to go back to his roots. Silva spoke to for his pre fight interview, and he knows exactly what he is fighting for:

‘What is at stake for me is my comeback, me being able to get back something that was lost within me. That’s what I’m searching for right now, what I’m looking for; The title. But more than the title, is my energy and will to keep winning.’

Silva’s loss was a shock to the MMA world, one that I can only liken to the day I saw Fedor Emelianenko’s TKO loss to Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva. Just imagine how ‘The Spider’ felt. Especially given the clowning part of his performance against Weidman, I just hope that Silva is very motivated ahead of 168.

‘My advantage, as everyone knows, is on the feet. I consider myself to be one of the best stand up fighters in the UFC. I’m also a black belt, so I’m ready to go on the ground. I think my advantage this time will be on the feet.’

Anticipation is growing momentously ahead of 168, and I’m so excited to see how Silva responds to his first UFC loss. Check out the full UFC 168 Silva pre fight interview and stay tuned to!

  • Now here he sounds more convincing than in that "I back" announcement.
    I hope for a good show and for a longer fight than the previous one!

    • Silva gives me goosebumps. I think Weidman will get destroyed.

      • Im beginning to think he gives you a hard on, by the way you responded to my "dislike of him.

  • Zip

    Left hand, right hand, backhand, left hook *CRACK*, thump, thump, thump, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness."

    • I see what you did there. That was a very tricky combination that KO'd Spider. Not your normal array of incoming punches at all.

  • Whether Silva wins or Weidman, I'll be taking a lowkick break for a full week after the fight. After the last fight it was a constant train wreck around here.

    • Zip

      Not I lad, that's when the fun begins 🙂

    • Same with UFC 167, maybe it is better to take a break because a lot of the same stuff comes up the week after a fight

    • If Silva wins expect some serious keyboard ****. If Silva loses expect some serious keyboard tears along with he's p4p #1 forever no matter if he loses no one can be better than Silva, I've creamed my pants too many times now to love another.

      • wow, even j/i/zz is banned?

        • add numbers man like j1zz…or h3ll or d1ck

    • looks like you should take a break now instead of after the fight. go home and get some sleep.