Anderson Silva Says He Never Knew About UFC 162 Media Obligations


Anderson Silva received a hefty fine from the UFC for no-showing a UFC 162 media show in Los Angeles yesterday. ‘The Spider’ is set to take on Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6th, where he will look to extend his amazing UFC win streak to 17. As well as ruffling the feathers of his employers, Silva has put Chris Weidman out of three days training-something ‘The All American’ was not best pleased about.

Now Silva has responded claiming that he was never informed of the media show in question, check out Silva’s take on the situation via Sherdog:

“I’ve never missed any commitment to the UFC. I would never have made the trip to Brazil if I knew I had to be in Los Angeles,” said the Middleweight boss. “Everyone knows that I always block my media schedule to devote myself to training, since that’s my main priority. I’m an athlete, and my focus will always be to train and be prepared for the challenges.”

If what Silva says is true then he may be due a refund on his 50k fine, although he could be playing the old ignorance card to make up for a lack of foresight. Whatever the case, when these two square off from the MGM Grand Arena there is going to be fireworks.

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  • Bvllshit you didn't know about it, Silva. Man up and admit you Fvcked up.

  • Silva should make make a deal with the UFC where he doesnt have to do ANY media events, but has to fight at 3 times a year. I could care less about what he has to say anyway, its probably some BS translation from Soares half the time.

  • Yeah, I'm not buying it.

    Surely, given his wealth, importance and varied interests, he is paying people, someone, to take care of his schedule for him and a presser in L.A., is not some small event that would "slip" through the cracks. It's far too large and event and The UFC would have ensured that he had known about it. It would make no logical sense to conclude otherwise. The proof of that is that Weidman and the media showed up. So, Silva's contention is what, that he wasn't informed? That would be flat out BS.

    My reading of his statement leaves me with this understanding, that if Anderson doesn't "think" it's a commitment, then there was no commitment. Hence, he missed nothing. This is nothing more than a politician's answer and given, because he had to say something.

    At best his "no-show" was gamesmanship. At worst it was an overt insult to Chris Weidman, who actually showed up for the event. If so, it subsequently becomes an insult to The UFC who scheduled and paid for the event, the press that showed up for the event, many of whom must have flown and of course, it's an insult to the fans, who would like something to "chew" on in lead-up to the bout. Either way, it demonstrates bad-form and a complete lack of respect for all concerned, on behalf of The Champ.

    One thing I find interesting about his remarks, is that there was no apology…to anyone.

    My guess is Dana will rescind the fine and probably end up apologizing to Silva.

    Personally, I can think of no explanation that I would deem plausible, which could account for Weidman and the press knowing about the event, but not Silva and his management.

    No. He blew it off, because he couldn't be bothered, had better things to do or simply because he could and knowing that by not going to the event, Anderson becomes the story. All of which is probably fine with Anderson. For it should always be about Anderson.

    Thanks to Chris though, for putting in the effort and going to the presser. I know his schedule is not that of Anderson's, but taking 3 days out of his camp to travel to LA for the event, all while he's trying to re-build his house, after having it wiped out in a hurricane and then having to deal with insurance companies and no where to raise your family, all while coming off of surgery…it's been a tough year. It doesn't rank up there with Anderson inking endorsement deals, opening academies, expanding his business empire and become more wealthy, but it is worthy of note. Perhaps even a tip of the cap. Thank you Chris, for going to LA. Thank you for being so professional as to monitor your schedule and maintain your commitments. I tip my cap to you, Sir.

    • I don't buy your presumptions without warrant. You think there will never be a mistake with situations like this? Silva was there earlier for a conference and missed some media stuff after he had booked tickets home. Why didn't he just stuff it all up if that was his attitude for the day? He probably found out after the conference about the extra stuff and had his flight booked already. Oh my goodness, whah, whah, whah, Silva is a monster for ruining everybodies lives. What next, Silva purposely didn't open the door for Chris at the weigh ins? He should be kicked out of the UFC and the belt handed to Weidman who has 17 kids he's trying to feed and 6 orphanages he's building for free.

      • I'm not selling my presumptions. I'm simply stating how I see it. With respect to that, could I not make a counter-claim that you are doing the same…selling your presumptions, as opposed to stating how you view it?

        As there is not requirement for Silva to open the door for Weidman, at any time, I raise no issue of it. As to kicking Silva out of the UFC and handing Chris the belt, I made no call nor claim, for any of it. Regarding Chris's children, I don't believe he has that many and I am unaware of any orphanages he's building. Perhaps you have him confused with another fighter.

        • The difference in my presumptions is that Silva is saying what he did and you are saying that what he says is a lie. Innocent until proven guilty is how I roll. I wasn't saying you were crying for Weidman to have the belt just making an outrageous and exaggerated rant on the guys who don't like Silva wether thats you or not.

          • @ Falcon

            There is no difference between what I state and what you state, as a result of what Anderson has stated. Both are conjecture and neither can be proven, unless we have some investigation to prove it and I'm not advocating one.

            I also never called him a liar, directly. I said I'm not buying it There is a difference. This is not some criminal case, there is no accusation being leveled that could cause a penalty, other than the one which has been imposed by The UFC.

            To that point, the simple fact that he has been fined merits suspicion of the reason, which Anderson gave for his absence. It demonstrative of the fact that Dana himself is uncomfortable with what he was told.

            No, all I said was that he did it for either reason of gamesmanship or slight / insult, to Weidman. As this is a sport, he is well with in his purview to do as he see fit, if he's prepared to suffer the sanction. With that said, I do not expect The Man to be so stupid, as to come out and then tell us that yes, I ditched it to get into Weidman's head or show him disrespect. As Anderson is renowned for not caring what the media thinks, he probably gave them and subsequently the fans, no thought.

            My only point in my comments is to make note of my thoughts on his absence. That is all and you will hear no rants from this MMA fan, making light of The Man's skill and talent. I have some criticisms, but doubt not his Wizardry.

            For the record I am a fan of The Man. I would just like to see him humbled in The Octagon, at this stage. I believe Weidman to be the fighter who can do that, but as Anderson has proven time-and-time again, that he makes fighters and even great fighters look foolish, perhaps I will be proven wrong.

            It's the wonderful thing about our sport, we can always count on the fight and its outcome, to prove whose right.

          • I will leave it at that.

    • Who cares what your'e buying Hate Boy

      • @ Hate People for having an opinion.

        I guess you, because you took the time to post about it.

  • Its amusing to see this website badger Silva, yet when Nick Diaz does the same crap it was "who cares about media stuff…" (not this does not apply to every single one of you). At the end of the day, its part of their job. Do it. No excuses.

    • I was thinking the same thing, everyone loves when Diaz does it but hates on Silva.

      Haters gonna hate

      • I dont really care about Anderson skipping, he has been one of the biggest promoters of the ufc ever. But if Diaz skips a media event it is congruent with his character a part of what makes him interesting. Same cannot be said about Anderson.