Anderson Silva Says Chris Weidman Needs To Work On His Standup


In a pre-fight interview from the UFC, middleweight champion Anderson Silva appears to address his pivotal upcoming bout with number one contender Chris Weidman. There’s not a fight that’s being talked about more at this point, as many believe that Weidman is truly the man to wrest the championship belt from Silva’s hands.

However, Silva believes that Weidman still has some work to do before he can have a run as champion. Indeed, Weidman is a bit young in his career, but he has exhibited a submission game characteristic of a much more experienced fighter to go with his NCAA wrestllng pedigree. 

Silva knows that wrestling is not his strong point, and notes that he will look to capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes. He believes that Weidman needs to work on his standup, obviously the area where he excels. Come July 6th, we should have a great bout on our hands. Will it be time for a changing of the guard?