Anderson Silva’s coach reveals his strategy to defeat Jon Jones


While MMA fans everywhere are quite familiar with Anderson Silva’s constant dancing around the topic of a superfight with 205 lb. champion Jon Jones, Silva’s trainer Josuel Distak may know that the bout is imminent. It is because of this that he has already begun to gameplan for the bout mentally at Silva’s X-Fight gym in Brazil. Speaking to, Distak revealed his thoughts on beating Jones, and they were similar to that of Dan Henderson before a knee injury prevented him from implementing the plan at UFC 151:

“Actually, we have not seen Jon Jones on his back. Vitor Belfort got his arm; he had the opportunity. Actually Jones is unpredictable. To me the strategy to do a fight with him would involve finding out how he fights on his back.”

Jones tends to dictate the pace of his fights, and uses excellent takedown defense and MMA wrestling to make sure he maintains top control. Obviously he has been extremely effective at this strategy, and one would think it will be very tough for Silva to put Jones on his back, especially if Rashad Evans could not. But if anyone would be able to do just that, it would put Jones in an untested land. Jones himself stated that he has work to do on his jiujitsu after Vitor Belfort almost broke his arm from the guard at UFC 152. Distak is no doubt an amazing trainer, working with Anderson Silva, Erick Silva, and “Jacare” de Souza. Can Anderson Silva find a way to drag Jon Jones into largely untested waters? Hopefully the MMA world will soon have the chance to find out.