Anderson Silva opens Muay Thai College in Los Angeles


Anderson Silva has recently stated that he wants to take time off until late 2013, and opening up his own school was one of the main reasons. That took place as recently at his grand opening of the Anderson Silva Muay Thai College in Torrance, CA. 

Our friends at MMA H.E.A.T. were on hand to get all of the ceremony, which featured Anderson Silva awarding his coaches for all of their hard work. The UFC Middleweight champion has made a huge name for himself and parlayed it into his own school.

The opening looked like it turned out to be a success. Will he step back into the Octagon on July 6th to face Chris Weidman?

  • War Anderson Silva!!

  • I just want him to open a round @ 185.

    • Don't worry, he's going to open a can of whoop-buttocks on yo boy Chrissy which will leave you & the other bandwagon riders silent like letter K in the word KNOW.

      • @ Hate

        If he does, then he does. It's not really a question of him winning or losing, it's more a question of the frequency of his fights and the quality of the challenge.

        If Anderson opens a can of whoop-*** on Weidman, than at least he will have done so against a solid opponent and will add a solid name to The Champ's resume.

        That's all anyone is asking for and expecting of Mr. Silva. With that said, I think Chris is going to shock the world with a dominant victory. Indeed a stoppage.

  • Translation to what Soares said: Abderson please don't drop me as your manager,even though Im a greedy leech I do what's best for me not for my clients! 😀

  • So basically this was a party Anderson threw to show off how many friends he has and give them all best friend awards… Touching.

    • @ Bryan

      You're so cynical, but so right. 🙂

  • Is Chris Weidman allowed to join and train there ?

  • Damn, times like this I wish that I was either single or independently wealthy so I could move out there and train under this guy. Anyone else notice AS using a Wing Chun dummy? Is he training Wing Chun now? It would be cool to see him start using trapping and destructions in his striking.

    • Agreed. I, too, wish I could train under the G.O.A.T.

    • @ ICP

      It would certainly be an honor to train with him, but I really wonder how much hands-on, personal interaction there would / will be. My guess is, given his schedule and demands on his time, not much.

      As to the Wing Chun, I've never heard of him training with anyone who is a "Traditional" WC Sifu and I know Segal is not one and to learn anything other than Traditional (as opposed to modified) is a waste of time.

      I don't know if you've ever heard of either Emin Boztepe or Victor Gutierrez, but if you want to see some great practitioners of TWC, then you should definitely check them out on YouTube.

      • Yo Truth; yeah, the only way you'd get his personal attention would be to pay a LOT or be exceptional. I would try my best 😉 As for the Wing Chun, he looked like he knew what he was doing with the dummy but the guy is a genius so he probably just figured out some techniques from a book LOL. Thanks for the info. I've learned some Wing Chun forms and I used to adapt stuff from them while sparring back in my Shotokan days but I've never formally trained it. If I could find a decent Sifu in Ma (and had the time) I'd love to train it. It would be cool to see how the trapping and destruction techniques from JKD had evolved from their Wing Chun origins.

        • Ip Man rules!

          • @ Entity

            Ip does rule. The only question is….what rules did he teach you?

          • @ Entity

            When you're bored and you've got a couple of hours to kill, you might enjoy this…Ip Man 1 & Ip Man 2.


            It's not exactly historical and it's not Traditional Wing Chun, but they're not bad films, either.

          • @Truth, LOL I can fight but I'm nothing special. The forms also have some useful techniques. I have used some of the parries and strikes to add variety to my repetior (although I rarely use them now) and the finger jabs from the third form are great in a street fight (aim for the eyes). I disagree that JKD has "nothing to do with WC though". It definitely goes way beyond being a mere offshoot but a lot of the ideas and techniques Bruce developed never would have entered his mind without his being exposed to WC. To me saying that JKD is unconnected to WC is like saying that MMA has nothing to do with Muay Thai. Thanks for the links, I'll definitely check those out.

          • @ ICP

            Perhaps I should have stated that JKD has nothing to do with TWC. It is related, but only (indirectly) through MWC. Again, there is a world of difference between TWC and MWC and Bruce learned, was taught, MWC.

            Regardless, if you drawn something from it and adapted it and it works for you, that you are confident and comfortable in your application of it, then great for you being able to do so.

            And the jabbing fingers are great, just don't forget to turn the hand (@ the wrist) either up, down or out in either direction, upon contact. It dissipates the impact to your hand and arm.

            Curious – did you ever learn how to make a fist TWC style?

            Yeah, definitely check out the two guys I mentioned and you'll probably enjoy the Ip Mann videos, too. Cheers.

        • @ ICP

          For all we know ICP, you may well be exceptional.

          As to the dummy, I've seen many who have put it on YouTube and some who have put it up on the big screen and made it "look" like they knew what they were doing, when, in reality they did not.

          The TWC-D is (probably) one of the most iconic and ripped off symbols off MMA (soft-art origin) that we could name, but it's root are firmly based and solely planted in and only in,TWC. It comes from no other system. It has but 108 moves. You do not need to be a genius to figure them out, but to perfect them and commit them to a simple neurological response, takes a life-time of commitment. Yet, that is no different than any other system.

          In terms of learning Wing Chun forms, there are only three. Siu Lim Tau, Chum Kiu and Biu Ji. They are not complicated, nor do they require any dexterity or athleticism.

          If you adapt anything from it, then adapt this, it attacks the center line of the body and when it flows, it flows forward and doesn't retreat. It assumes that it's opponent is bigger, stronger and more versatile. It seeks to use it's opponent's energy against itself and to close the distance at all times.

          It is a "soft-art" and was conceived and created, by a woman. Like all Martial Arts, it is best applied whilst devoid of ego. It's first instruction in the prelude to a fight would be to still you.

          While you opponent runs his mouth and tells you all about your momma and how bad he's going to beat you into a coma and all while he hurls the utmost of outlandish insults at you….you say nothing; conserving your wind, all while assessing your opponents height, size, weight and fighting orientation, a grasp of the terrain and anything which you could use as a weapon, should the need arise.

          If you are interested in it, then ensure you seek out a club that teaches "Traditional" Wing Chun and not modified. There is a huge difference.

          If you would care to see some serous practitioners of The Art, then I'd encourage you to YouTube (search) Emin Boztepe or Victor Gutierrez.

          On a recreational note, if you've got nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon, then you should check out the Ip Man ((BS) Modified WC) bio-pics which were made a few years back. You can find them, here:


          In terms of trapping techniques, JKD has nothing on TWC and is, but the result and outcrop of, Bruce having been trained in and subsequently frustrated with, "Modified" Wing Chun.

          It is a truly beautiful art. It is very deceptive in both it's way and it's power.

  • He also opened a free center for kids in rio. And bought all new computers for a couple poor schools near there 2 what a guy…;)