Anderson Silva Offers Support For Injured NBA Star Paul George


Longtime former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva knows about debilitating leg injuries all too well, as the decorated striker saw his UFC 168 rematch with Chris Weidman end anticlimactically after suffering a gruesome broken leg while throwing a low kick.

So when Indiana Pacers star Paul George suffered an eerily similar injury during a Team USA basketball scrimmage this week, “The Spider” was quick to appear on Instagram and offer him some words of encouragement:

A very classy gesture from Silva, who has spent the entirety of 2014 wrapped up in a well-documented and media-dissected series of steps to rehabilitation. He’s apparently getting back to full strength, but he isn’t quite there in terms of kicking.

Silva has a pivotal bout forthcoming when he returns to the Octagon against popular bad boy Nick Diaz in the main event of UFC 183 on January 31, 2015. During a UFC 183 media conference call, Silva offered up the belief that this will be the greatest stand-up war MMA has ever seen.

Will he show George that their injury can be overcome by giving us glimpses of the old  “Spider” that many believe is the greatest fighter of all-time?

  • That's cool. Hate to see George go down like that, hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

  • I remember Shaun Livingston's injury, he isn't the same ever since, just sad to see young athletes go down like that, hope he has some of that motivation Silva has in coming back.