Anderson Silva Nearly Called It Quits Before Joining UFC


The Anderson Silva that we know today is like an action hero from a sci-fi movie, with his other-worldly skill and precision and ability to produce crazy finishes. His knockout win over Vitor Belfort was a perfect example of how ‘The Spider’ operates. All his success may never have happened had it not been for the guidance of long time friends and training pals-The Nogueira bros. Anderson spoke with Karyn Bryant on Fuel TV’sUFC From All Angles’ to reveal the story:

“The Nogueira brothers are part of my family. I love these guys because they help me stay together with my Dream, because one day I talked to Rogerio and Rodrigo and say, ‘No more fight, bro.’ The time Rogerio and Rodrigo talk to me, I no have nothing. My Dream was lost. Rodrigo talked to me and said ‘Hey, come to my house, I will help you. Don’t worry. Come to here, train together.’ “

To think that if the Nogueira Brothers hadn’t convinced Silva to continue fighting, we could be looking at a whole different ball game in MMA right now. Chael Sonnen could be the Champion at MW, Fedor may have joined the UFC because Dana White wouldn’t have the best P4P fighter (pre Jon Jones), Rich Franklin may have reigned a hell of a lot longer and the sport may not have grown as much as it has. Hell, Chael Sonnen may be frickin’ President of the USA in that dimension!

Check out the interview segment below and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Imagine if no Anderson, probably no Jon Jones (Anderson was his inspiration and the style he took from) and GSP would be universally the best fighter on the planet.

    Anyway… thanks for not quitting Spider

    • And Fedor would be unanimously considered the best fighter of all time.

      • I think Fedor would, too. I'm glad the Nogs talked Silva out of retirement, though.

        Great things come to those who wait.

        • The first AS fight ive ever seen was with Chris Leban in which A.S. looked open casket SHARP , & the last fight of his was with Stephan Bonner in which AS looked open casket SHARP.
          The first Fedor fight ive ever seen was with Brett Rodgers in which Fedor looked like an old survivor & the last fight i seen of his was with Dan Henderson which he looked old & washed up.
          But to be fair the A.S. vs Leban fight was the 1st MMA fight i have ever seen PERIOD, never seen any of his old fights, never heard of him or the UFC, i was just trimming some Purple Urkle when my folks who later turned me on to LOWKICK asked me to turn the channel 2 watch it & i been a fan of Silva's ever since.

      • Didn't Fedor come top in the recent poll on here with Silva a close second?

    • Don't really understand how this is news? Thought this was known all along!

  • Wow, that was a great interview by Karyn Bryant.

  • He came in with one of the greatest upsets at the time. Looking back it was obvious Anderson was going to destroy Leban. But back then Leban had ONE loss and fought wars. Many felt he couldnt be ko'd. Then he was DESTROYED!!!

    Anderson literally clean rich Franklins legacy off the history books. I don't think many remember that far back. UFC was the number 2 promotion and UFC had Chuck, Randy and Rich Franklin. Rich was seen as the P4P. But after seeing his face destroyed over and over again in HL reels. People have completely erased his legacy as one of the best MW ever. Most wont even name him along guys like Matt hughes and BJ penn now, which he totally deserves.

    If i was to write an article here, i'd write one on "Rich Franklin syndrome". Fitch and Ken flo are good examples. Guys who can beat anybody in the division easy, but runs into the brick wall when it comes to the champ.

    • Difference is though Rich only had problems against the GOAT, wile Fitch and Kenny lost against the best of the division but not just the champ (although their division champs were the best the divisions have ever had).

      Also I think you are wrong on no one remembering Franklin's legacy, I am only 19 and even I know he is a true hall of famer, one of the worthiest.
      Even though he is losing more than he used to, he's still borderline top 10 MW and when he can avoid the big shot, he will usually get the win.

      Franklin is one of the biggest legends the UFC has had, no doubt about it. His legacy would be more widely known if Anderson wasn't around but I think the people understand that's nothing to be ashamed about.

      • @N.c, I see where you're coming from. When people talk about Welterweight people still always bring up Matt Hughes, and ofcourse GSP. Middleweight you rarely hear anything about Franklin. I also agree with Keith though. I never forget how good Rich truly was and like he said he only had trouble against not only just the champ but the GOAT. I try to remind people his record before running into Silva was something like 22-2? I could be wrong don't quote me but it was something around there. Franklin is easily a Hall of Famer and he deserves a ton of mention in the middleweight conversations. The problem is people don't usually talk about the 2nd best when the 1rst is still demolishing the division he took from you. Thank God Anderson didn't retire 1rst (unless you're Rich Franklin lol) Anderson was the 1rst fighter I seen show me it's truly an art form as well as a sport.

  • This is like Anderson's "LeeRoy Smith" story.