Anderson Silva Is Back On His Feet And Smiling


Former UFC Middleweight champ Anderson Silva begins his journey back to fitness after UFC 168, the embattled ‘Spider’ broke his leg against Chris Weidman and lost his second fight on the trot. This is the first time in Silva’s career that he has experienced back-to-back losses. It leads me to wonder how Silva will bounce back.

‘The Spider’ recently tweeted photos of himself with family, using crutches to stand with his leg casted. Attitude and moral will play a huge part in Silva’s recovery and may be the telling factor when it comes to retiring or not. At 38, Silva’s chances at another title reign are slimming.

It comes as good news to see that Silva is in good spirits, and even more so that he is able to walk, albeit assisted by a crutch. Imagine the feel good story that would emerge should Silva make a successful come back. I really hope it happens, I seem to have become a bigger fan of Silva’s in his defeat. Check out the video of Silva, posted on his son’s Instagram, and stay tuned to LowKick!

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea for USA TODAY Sports

  • Well put Rory. I too would love to see him make a triumphant return. That said he will be, for all intents and purposes, 40 years old when he returns. I hope they give him a few tune up fights before he fights Chris again. He'll need them to get his head straight and make sure he hasn't started the quick aging process of a fighter. My biggest worry with him returning is that when he does Chris will very likely (IMHO) have lost the belt and the UFC will want to cash in on the trilogy right away. Anderson would likely still have the last fight in his head and might hold back. That would be bad. If he returns and is still the same fighter that stepped into the cage with Chris at UFC168 I am picking him to beat Chris via TKO in the second round. If he isn't I hope he just retires.

  • That's nice to see.

    Another week or two and then into the pool for some water training. Whether or not he fights again he is an athlete and I'm sure he'll love to resume exercising.

  • Let the man retire in Peacf man!!!! why do we fans can understand that if he wants to come back fine!! if not let him be..its Normal, da ShEet, he no back!!!

  • Let the man retire in Peace man!!!!
    why do we fans cant understand that
    if he wants to come back, fine!! if not
    let him be..its Normal, da ShEet, he
    no back!!!

  • So Anderson is out for a full year, meanwhile Chris keeps hold of the belt beating three/four top contenders decisively( unlikely, but bear with me )
    Anderson has a difficult recovery but manages to edge bye a top fifteen guy in his ` warm up match `.
    Anderson not happy with his last few performances and wanting to atleast honour some of his ten fight contract wants to finish his career on ` a high `.
    So he decides to fight someone in the top five and manages to win a close decision.
    In amongst talks of Anderson not looking like the same fighter, and having clearly aged after such a career/injury- there are also talks of a potential legitimately earned title shot!

    Anderson at this point holds a real honest grudge at how his last two fights against Weidman have gone. Ideally he would like to retire at this point but recognises his chance for redemption against Weidman, and to partake in what would be the biggest trilogy/grudge match in all of UFC history.

    The UFC hype and promote Anderson/Weidmann 3 as the biggest underdog/grudge match in UFC history.
    Anderson is hyped as the massive underdog and the two hour long countdown show emphasises Andersons unbelievable career and how brutally it was brought down with the shock knockout and even more bizzare leg break.
    Anderson wants revenge but is seen to be past it, and stand no-chance against the dominating Chris Weidman.
    The fight is billed as fight of the century and universally accepted as being just that.
    A five round war ensues followed by a late spectacular knockout!

    So who wins you ask?…… I `ll let you guys decide for yourself.

    • nice piece of fiction.

  • I hope Silva retires. I know he has an army of fans and many want to see him picking apart opponents with his great counter attacking style but look at how Weidman bossed him two times. There are no doubt quite a few fighters that Silva would be heavy favourite against but he has already made his legacy with nothing to prove and he took a hard smashing in one round against Weidman. Who honestly wants to see him taking beatings like that with vicious KOs? At this stage in his career it is a serious possibility and who knows who else will be on the MW landscape a year from now?

    Even if Silva wants to come back I hope he doesn't. There are very few fighters (if any) who carry on into that age and don't get smashed badly. I know it is an awful way to go out if that was his last fight but better that than getting smashed chasing old glories.

    • I agree with everything you wrote EXCEPT the assertion that Wiedman "bossed" him. He won the first round in both fights… just like Hendo and Chael. Silva was doing what ever he wanted in round two of the first fight before he took things into crazy town and the second round never really started in the second fight. Wiedman can talk all the **** he wants about that being intentional but I have trained a LOT on destructions and the one Weidman claims to have been using is so low a percentage technique that even if he really did intend it the result was still a million to one shot. I am yet to see anything that indicates that Chris can beat Silva straight up let alone Boss him. Silva lost. Wiedman still hasn't beaten him.

  • He's not retiring. He's going to comeback and probably reclaim the belt via Weidman or anyone else. Don't count him out. I am amazed people are writing him off and yet saying he's the best ever. Based on his track record alone you have to assume he has an excellent chance of winning the belt back.

    Listen learned when you're champ and face a young guy that's highly touted, you need to dispatch him and send him to work his way back up again.

    • I want to agree with you but the guy is OLD. During the time he takes to heal, Wiedman will get better, Silva will not and he could turn into an old man over night. If he comes back, we will see how he does. I hope that he does what is right for him.

  • The G.O.A.T is going to be all right.

  • I recon this will serve as the break (no pun intended) Anderson needed. The time off will allow him to reflect and get clear on the reasons he fights in the first place. If he chooses to come back it will be for the reasons that motivate him to fight and I expect we will see vintage Silva in the ring if he does. If he no longer has the motivation all the best to him for a stellar career.

  • I read all the prediction comments…… my head hurts and I'm looking for headache medicine.