Anderson Silva Video Shows “The Spider” Already Throwing Leg Kicks


Although it seems like ages ago, it’s only been two-and-a-half months since legendary former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva gruesomely broke his leg throwing a low kick at Chris Weidman at December 28’s UFC 168.

Although the obvious initial reaction was that “The Spider” was done fighting altogether, instead he’s impressed with the speed of his recovery. Apparently eager to return to fighting as soon as possible, Silva has shown amazing videos of him training in grappling and hitting the pads.

Today, however, his progression has reached a new height as UOL Esporte (via MMA-Core) released a video of Silva throwing low kicks on an exercise ball. Although it isn’t the hardest target out there, it’s surprising to see him even attempt the maneuver so shortly removed from the once-thought-to-be devastating surgery.

“The Spider” was ecstatic at the development, comparing the kicks to the birth of his children, of all things:

“I compare those first kicks the joy of the birth of my children. Now is overcome the fear and slowly get there. Much further, but I am confident and happy with the first results”

Silva says he has much further to go, and that may be true, but his progress thus far has to be at least a bit concerning to the now wide-open UFC middleweight division. This is getting very interesting. Even if Silva never regains the belt, there could be some huge bouts for him on the horizon.

Check out the video and see what you think:

  • Very encouraging to see him recover so quickly. Hope to see him in shape and fighting soon.

    • DG1

      There's no question about his physical toughness. This will now all be about psychological toughness, which might be the one thing he has never really proved. If he can mentally overcome and go back to lowkicks at 100% force again, he will forever solidify his GOAT status (at least in my mind) regardless of whether he takes the belt back.

      • Hey DG, is there someone else who uses your lowkick account when you're not around?

  • Fear will definitely be in the back of his head… Hopefully he can overcome that and or change his game for the best.

  • Assuming Silva is healthy and wants to return its going to be difficult to choose a suitable opponent for him…He already lost to weidman twice, he has already fought Vitor who is off the meds now and then there is Machida who he will never fight….I don't know where Silva will slide back into the middleweight division.

    • Bisping Kennedy winner?

  • Time for a LHW run. His declining speed and relexes (declining from otherworldly levels mind you) will be a smaller problem against guys he was so far ahead in terms of speed in the first place.

  • lol. Every time I see one of these articles it looks like someone braggin on their toddler…."Look he said his first words to day"….Look he took his first steps" lol

    More power too you Silva, Im just goofin around.

  • Will I ever be in awe for watching art in the form of MMA violence again??? GOAT!!!!!

  • Never been a fan of AS but man! – that is putting the word "determination" in another level, gotta respect him for that. RESPECT