Anderson Silva: If I Fight Jon Jones, I Don’t Think I’m Going To Win


It looks like arguably the greatest mixed martial artist of all time is already conceding defeat in the bout that would potentially be the biggest fight ever presented in the UFC Octagon. Earlier today, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva spoke at a media luncheon prior to his blockbuster title bout against Chris Weidman, and when the inevitable topic of fighting Jon Jones arose, Silva seemed ready to give Jones the early edge, if the fight ever happens at all:

Jon Jones, in his class, is the best. If I fight Jon Jones, I don’t think I’m going to win. Jon Jones is different. He’s large. He’s young. But, in the fight, I see in Jon Jones, I see myself from a long time ago. He’s very smart. In my opinion, Spider has more experience than Jon Jones, but that’s the only advantage.” – Transcribed by MMA Fighting

Quite the surprising words from the undisputed champion with the record 16-fight winning streak. While many have begun to give a slight edge to Jones after his unmatched run through a murderer’s row at light heavyweight, it is definitely a bit shocking to hear Silva give Jones the edge so easily. It is true that Jones’ excellent wrestling could give even Silva fits, but ‘The Spider’ may be the only man who could even test the young Jones.

 ‘Bones’ has become a popular choice for best pound-for-pound fighter at only 25 years old. Even the great Anderson Silva will readily admit Jones has the advantage in all areas save experience. That’s some incredibly high praise there. The worst part of Silva’s admittance is that it may mean he is not looking for the superfight. Dana White has promised that he will make it happen no matter what, so let’s hope that he can deliver the dream matchup.

Would Anderson Silva face defeat so easily at the hands of Jon Jones?

  • This could all be mind games…If Silva destroys Weidman then his confidence will push him into the fight I imagine.

    • Silva will fight Jon Jones, beat him, retire, and ride of into the sunset, having never lost in the UFC.

  • Not a fan of either of them, but you cannot deny their place as no.1 and no.2 pound for pound fighter in MMA. I would imagine Jon Jones as the betting choice here, but as good as Jon is, I'll have to say Anderson knows he can beat Jon, just some mind games being played. A part of the greatness of Anderson.

    • I can deny it, as well as many others, I rank GSP as # P4P

      • I don't see all those many sharping you. Sure, all the Canadians will fall in line but I don't think many outside Canada think he's the best.

      • I'm a GSP fan, though i would put him at 3rd, and I'm not a Jones nor Silva fan.

      • Apparently I missed out the "2".

        If you thought I was saying I think GSP is #1 P4P, you were right to weak me

  • Bones is the Lebron of the UFC. Silva is Michael Jordan. F**k going out like Fedor, Couture, Penn, Liddel, & the list goes on…but if its a must Silva & Bones should make the UFC pay what Dana bald head weigh. THATS LOTS OF DOE!!!!

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  • But lets not get it twisted, he will beat i mean BEATDOWN GSP

  • I think Anderson would also have an edge in striking & bjj.

  • SIlva is a troll. He is doing his usually trolling of the media. He loves to say crazy stuff to get the media in an uproar. It worked again

    • Yup, I see this as a strategy for a massive payout…which he deserves.

  • Silva is the troll?

  • Experience is his only advantage…?

    Sounds like a ploy to get a young Jones over confident in his own unpredictable and unorthodox striking. Silva would love Jones to throw his trademark spinning elbows and punches so he could use his patient, precision striking to sink him at the first opportunity.

    If he had said, my only advantage is striking he would expect Jones to implement his wrestling from go but instead he lays his subtle bait.

    I think Silva has bigger problems against Weidman, a legitimately tricky match up stylistically. For me could go either way.

    Jones is destined for greatness but IMO his flamboyance and over confidence make an easier route to victory for Silva.

    We'll see…

  • I think if this was strictly a stand-up war, Silva would gradually pick him apart. However, when you add in John's unique ability to destroy people with elbows from inside the guard, I'd give the advantage to Bones on the ground. If Bones could get a few takedowns and have time to work, I think Silva's targeting system and reflexes would be greatly diminished and he'd lose the fight. It would be a great retirment fight for Silva, wouldn't it? Win or lose, he'd go out a living legend!

  • Boo. This is nothing but mind games on Mr. Silva's part.

  • I respect Silva for giving another champion his due, mind games or no.

    And on a certain level, I think MMA fans focus way too much on switching weight class. If you are the best guy ever while fighitng at 185, why would you ever change

    Switching weight classes is guys who are losing fights, not setting records.

  • I finally agree with with this time Mr. Silva!You will lose.

  • FE4

    If Jones loses, I think it will be to a HW. Anderson is an amazing fighter, but the only way I see Jones losing is if he can't take a shot.