Anderson Silva: I’m Not Scared of Jon Jones, I’m Here To Fight


UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva came out on Monday and said that he doesn’t think he can defeat Jon Jones. Whether that’s true or not, Silva was interviewed on last night’s edition of “UFC Tonight,” and he didn’t seem adverse to the idea of a super fight against Jones. His words:

“My opinion is this: I’ll fight Jon Jones, all the guys from my class, all the guys that work in the UFC – all the fighters. I respect all the fighters. I respect Jon Jones. I respect Chris Weidman, but I’m here for working. I’m not scared of Jon Jones, of Chris Weidman or whoever. I’m here to fight. That’s it. It’s simple.”

So regardless of whether he believes he can win or not, he will take the fight because that’s all he wants to do. This interview appears to have quite a contrast to Silva’s words from earlier this week, which many fans deemed as simple mind games by Silva.

And those fans may have a point, because it’s kind of contradictory to come out and say you can’t beat a guy then the next day state that you’re not scared of him and will fight anybody. The details just don’t add up.

Regardless, a Silva vs. Jones super fight is no doubt the holy grail of current MMA, and a fight that Dana White will be absolutely clamoring to make should Silva get by Chris Weidman on Saturday night. While that’s far from a guarantee, it appears Silva is willing to take on the tall task of facing the younger and larger champion in Jones.

Here’s to hoping that the fight is made so all the speculation can come to an end and fans are treated to the biggest fight in the history of the UFC.


  • I think Silva can take Jones even though other fighters have fallen into piles after facing Jones. Silva is the guy that can get past what others can't. Silva even does a better job of dispatching the same opponents that Jones did. Jones has great GNP but Silva if he goes down is super slick and able to shut down attacks to a meaningless rabbit punch scenario and wait for opportunity and when it shows it is usually one and done wether by sub or strike. Would love to see this fight and I actually think that Silva shows Jon the school of hard knocks.

    • Well I agree with the result; however, Jones throws vicious elbows, not Sonnen fierce rabbit punches.

      • Don't get me wrong I don't think Jones throws rabbit punches just saying that Silva is great at slowing down good punches to rabbit punches thats all.

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that Silva already sees the holes in his game and will destroy him. Thus increasing his legacy. A spinning elbow is the perfect opportunity to step in quickly and KO someone. With Silva's timing, I have a feeling Jones will be getting schooled.

      • I have more than a sneaky suspicion that you have no idea what you are talking about.

        • awww dont be mad homie. 8))

      • Well said, Entity.

        By the way, is that really you, Entity? You don't sound like the real Entity, I'm somewhat concerned 🙁

        • lol, it's me 8P
          Like I said before , I'm no Silva hater, the dude has serious skills and a lot of experience. To date, there has been NO-ONE with Silva's timing and accuracy.

    • Silva will fight Jones if he succeeds in dispatching Weidman in a spectacular fashion. In default for an easier superfight with GSP, the Spider will take on the tougher challenger…Win or lose, his legacy is secure. Further, who can stands the tantalizing appeal of 2 or 3 million dollars??

  • Silva changes his opinions and attitude like the wind. I've come to believe absolutely nothing that this man has to say.

    • All I can say is, if you cheered for all of Silva's opponents, you've been pretty disappointed. Jones and Weidman both stand a good chance, but…….
      I'm speaking as if I were betting money, not simply rooting for one guy or another.

    • That's because you don't bother to read the full article. Now if you read what exactly Silva is saying, chances are that you may want to re-consider your 'belief' in Silva.

  • With striking as good as Silva's he has a chance against any man on the planet. However he will struggle to cope with Jones reach and clinch wise and ground wise Jones owns him all day long so Jones will be favourite. Machida landed one good shot on Jones and he made a mistake letting Belfort sink in an arm bar. That aside he has looked untouchable in the octagon. He may not possess the timing in his striking that Silva does but he is more dominant than Silva.

    All this talk of Silva seeing holes in his game is tosh. Silva has way more holes to his game.

  • Guess they just haven't been exposed yet

    • To be fair they've been exposed, but he's so damn he still walks away the winner.

      • did you forget the word "good"?….that was a head scratcher lol

        • I knew there was something missing, I was waiting for the highlight of the sentence.

  • Hey Mike, could you post the video, Chael and Anderson talking to each other seems a little bit weird.

  • Thats all i ever wanted to hear….. I will fight anybody ! its my job !
    So all GSP or jones have to say now is lets fight and its on ! ! !

    Finally put the crap to rest, these guys should want to fight each other, TONS of money
    and lets all find out just who is the best ever…. Silva, GSP or the Young Bones Jones.

  • You guys needs to listen to the interview of Rich Franklin the first time he met Jon. It's understated even now how MASSIVE jones is. He's huge!!! he's a heavyweight squeezing into a LHW division.

    With that being said, I'd want to watch it. A prime spider as a underdog? wow!