Anderson Silva: I Give Chris Back The Knockout


Former longtime UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva has been through a whirlwind couple of months after losing the belt to Chris Weidman at UFC 162 in July. An immediate rematch was booked, and now the hype will begin to build towards a feverish pitch. Silva appeared on “The MMA Hour” today (speaking at times through his manager Ed Soares) to discuss his loss and his chance to reclaim the title:

“No, I am a lot of working. Is normal. My job. Chris is the new champion. People need to respect him. That was Chris Weidman’s moment. I working hard for long time. I have my fans, I respect the people, this for me is the big chance to give back to my fans. I try. Chris is a good fighter, but I training hard for the rematch. The new Anderson’s coming!”

When asked if he was relieved that the he lost the belt, Silva admitted that he was:

“Yeah, little bit, because for long time, I defend my title and I’m working hard for the UFC belt. I no talk too much, because now it’s time to just win. That’s it.”

Helwani then brought up boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, who Silva was recently heard trashing, ‘The Spider’ responded:

“No, I like Mayweather. But Mayweather, sometimes the problem is no respect for the sport.”

The inevitable question of his long-rumored superfight against Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones came next, and Silva came out and said straight up that he doesn’t want the fight:

“I have nine fights in UFC, but my real opinion? No.”

Silva explained that his reasoning behind this were his many friends who fight at 205 in the UFC, including Lyoto Machida (who just moved down to Middleweight), Glover Teixeira, and Rafael Cavalcante. The former champ wants these fighters to get a chance at the LHW belt, but Teixeira is probably the only one who really stands a chance right now.

Silva closed the interview by discussing specifics about his training for his rematch with Weidman:

“So, I train more Jiu-jitsu, Weidman go for the ground. No stand up.”

But Weidman knocked Silva out on the feet at UFC 162 when most people thought he would take Silva down, so ‘The All-American’ is confident standing. He may change his strategy up for the rematch, but it appears ‘The Spider’ is training to combat this.

His last comment was:

“I give Chris back the knockout.”

It may not be the most conventional bit of trash talk, but the point comes across quite clear. Can he regain the belt in dramatic fashion on December 28th?

Outer Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea for USA TODAY Sports

  • It is actually smarter for him to work his BJJ than his striking. His striking is light years ahead of Chris's and always will be. When he wasn't clowning he was out striking Wiedman with ease. Yes Wiedman got a one in a million KO in the last fight (due to AS's clowning, not luck) but he is highly unlikely to try to replicate that. It is much more likely that he will try to GNP or submit Anderson this time. By training his BJJ hard Anderson is giving himself a better shot on the ground and if it does stay standing all he has to do to win is stay serious. Can't wait, WAR ANDY!

    • That sounds about right….

    • Dont worry about what Floyd respects, he still has his belts(plural). Go get yours back doggy.

      • Floyd?

      • Money has nothing on Silva in a fight. Floyd would be more likely to swim to the moon than beat Silva in a fight. What Floyd has accomplished is great but Silva was the man of all men for 7 years. Floyd could hang a million belts around his waist and Silva would make them all futile in an instant.

    • the chances of Silva actually knocking Weidman are higher than Weidman Knocking Silva , but I wouldn't be surprise if weidman gets the TKO by GnP.
      Still even if Silva wins by KO or Submission that proves nothing, Silva's overhype is already exposed , ever since Sonnen manhandle him not ones but twice , then gets KO by a decent fighter who's record is under 11 pro fights.

      Silva would not stand a chance vs guys his size ( LHW) the reason he was Champion for so long is that he fought mostly average fighters on the weakest division ever who are smaller than him.
      If you put GSP vs Lighweights or even Feather I bet GSP finish every fight too.

      Anderson Silva is a fake, a phony and a Fraud – Chael P Sonnen
      those words were remember on July 6 2013

  • yes he can and yes he will… like i said before, i hope Weidman's team gets all his sponsors etc in order before Anderson picks that belt up Dec. 28.

  • Weird felling again…i said in the first one and will say again…..Weidman will win again unfortunately.

    • Zip

      Weidman is always a bad match up for AS. I think our friend Brasil is correct.

  • I think it will be again a knockout in the second round, but this time is Spider that will be with the belt!

  • I must confess it will be interesting to see a hungry and angry Anderson Silva. Not the clown or excessively confident guy but all business. As much as I respect Weidman I'd be a little nervous; the next Anderson is going to be angry.

  • Anderson has skill at an untouched level in the UFC. Jones and Aldo come close behind, but I still think his natural gifts exceed anyone else's.

    Part of his game is his "clowning" around. Hes made a habit of making good fighters look sub par, and does it with the BS he pulls in the ring. Do I like it? No, I cheered my *** off the day Weidman put him down. Do I think he should discontinue "Clowning", absolutely not.

  • If Anderson had of beaten Chris Weidman he would have fought bones….Anderson not wanting to fight bones now has nothing to do with other guys in the division…He knows he will get his a-s-s kicked…He has been taken down by Chael and Weidman and knows Bones is that much stronger and powerful

  • Im not a Silva fan, but you have to admit a focused Silva maybe the best fighter in the world of mma, again not a silva fan, but he's out to prove he's still numero uno on the p4p list, and that is fcuking scary, i did'nt gave Chris a chance in the 1st fight, and again giving him little chance in the 2nd, but what the hell, If Chris wins then its all good, if Silva wins…he'll be up with his old antics again, that's ok too cause I found a more arrogant fighter in Jones nowadys.

  • Silva needs to broden his horizens when it comes to his ground game. Hes got great jiujitsu, great! But, i learn jiujitsu and American Wrestling. Not High school or college anymore. Defesnsive American Wrestling is much more affective at times than jiujitsu. Defesnsive American Wrestling, not Olympic. I mean honestly just look at Randy Couture. Greco Roman Bad mofo. Silva needs to go talk with Randy some.

  • Silva should go train wrestling with Phil Davis. He did wonders for The Mauler.

  • I will not make round predictions. But Silva is Hungry again. He is not Fedor, when Fedor got tapped he just broke down and was never the same. Eventually got knocked out by Dan Henderson. I mean dude was done.. Anderson Silva is not the same, Anderson was a much more dominant undefeated fighter, his execution, precision. Was more effective than Fador's win's ever were. Silva will beat Weidman, mark my words.