Anderson Silva Doesn’t Think Chris Weidman Won At UFC 168


The aftermath of Anderson Silva’s UFC 168 loss was filled with questions about Silva’s health, possible retirement and the manner in which he lost. There were those that felt he was defeated convincingly, but also some fans that feel the fight could have gone Silva’s way.

Middleweight champion Chris Weidman spoke about his extensive focus on leg kicks during training; claiming to have worked hard on checking Silva’s infamous kicks. Silva remained humble in defeat, but has spoken out today to reveal a very different opinion about his loss at 168:

“I believe that, if you pay attention to these technical details, you will see that (checking the kick) was instinct, not something that he trained to do,” Silva said during an interview to Globo. “No, I don’t think (Weidman should consider it a win). It was an accident. And I’m pretty sure I would have won the fight.”

It comes as a surprise to hear Silva say that he feels Weidman got lucky, but you had to expect some sort of comeback from Silva. Weidman, although respectful, seemed a little over zealous in his post fight celebration. Although this could well be attributed to the fact that he feels he trained the technique that won him the fight.

“I can see some technical mistakes I did in the fight,” he said. “To land the perfect kick, I needed to distract him by punching him in the face so he wouldn’t pay attention to the kick. He was protecting the upper part of his body, and the raised leg instinctively. The kick was so strong he lost balance.”

“I saw my mistake, and now I’m only worried about my comeback,” he said. “If the UFC thinks I deserve another opportunity (against Weidman) or if I need to earn it. I just want to do what I do, it doesn’t matter if it’s for the title or not. I want to do what I do well.”

Silva’s illustrious MMA career is filled with incredible knockouts and edge of the seat thrillers, but he should call it quits if he is past his prime. We see too many fighters battling on longer than they should, and I hope that Silva’s comments about Weidman aren’t a sign of his pride taking over.

“(You should stop fighting) when you feel you need to stop, when your body and head says that. I think I still have a lot of things to do. I don’t plan to stop now. I’m getting stronger every day, and I will be back soon.”

Just returning to MMA after such a terrible injury will be a huge achievement for ‘The Spider’; the real question is will it be too late for him to make another title run?

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea for USA TODAY Sports

  • Fan of Silva but I would disagree with his comment about Chris getting lucky with the leg check. If it was instinct, that means Mr. Weidman was extremely well prepared. And that's what happens when one is well trained, muscle memory!

    • perfect statement.

    • Well in that case Patrick Cote never lost to Silva either.

    • It was a freak accident, but Weidman's leg check caused it. He won deservingly. I definitely want to see a third encounter between the two.

    • Silva needs to shut the fukc up.
      Knocked the fukc out the 1st time
      Almost KO'd and laying on the mat with a snapped the fukc off ankle
      But hey look on the bright side, his mouth seems to work just fine.
      Dooshbag. Reaffirms why I hate the fukcer.

  • I'm going to plead the 5th on this one.

  • Ivy

    Now even Anderson believes he can lose only to himself. What a joke. WM outclassed him both fights, end of story. He should retire.

    • Ivy who are you to tell anyone to retire let him fight until he knows hes done. Yes silva lost to weidman twice in 2 of the most unexpected outcomes possible, if silva thinks he can still win why not let him try, everyone might be surprised to see a 39 year old silva dropping weidman unconscious the same as they were when weidman did it to silva the first time, all im saying is the third fight would finally hopefully be a definite conclusion rather than silva breaking his leg in a second round where you saw him trying to explode and land

  • LOL " he should retire " Look – Even if he loses his next fight it does not matter at this point. I think we will see Weidman VS Silva III and rightfully so. Silva looked fine in his last 2 fights as far as reflexes movement and striking. It's not like he was swinging and kicking at air and the 2nd fight was more luck ( not calling Weidman lucky ) but it was a freak incident that took place.

    So if his speed has been up to standards and striking, why should he retire? He's 38. When Hendo lost to rampage at 38 nobody was yelling for him to hang it up. He lost his next fight to SIlva and was 39 then.

    • Ivy

      The first fight everyone wants to consider Anderson losing purely on account of "clowning", and the second was a "fluke". There's ZERO evidence to prove that Anderson was 1. winning either fight, or 2. going to win either fight, therefore 3. he doesn't deserve a III with Weidmann.

      Let's face reality here…Anderson was built up by the UFC hype machine for years bc he could beat mostly tomato can fighters from a thinly talented division. He gets schooled by WM who is another level or two above most of those fighters and everyone wants to blame Anderson himself for the losses and demand he fights again.

      It's not logical.

      • You make valid points. However, ufc did not hype Silva up, the middle weight divions was possibly filled with guys that were taylor made for Silva. You will get a lot of back lash for that argument Btw.

        Still Silva never ducked a mw contender and it's not like he was protected, he fought best guys available.

      • Tomato cans like Vitor?

        • Ivy

          People on here need to learn how to read better. I said "mostly" Tomato cans…Vitor would not among that list.

          • That's not the point. You said Anderson Silva was built up as a 'hype machine'. Look what that 'hype machine' did to Vitor. Seen anyone else do that?

          • Ivy

            Bro, glasses, go down to Pearl Vision and get a pair I heard they're having a sale, I didn't say that Anderson was "a" hype machine, I said his image was built up by the UFC hype machine.

          • Even the tomato cans he was fed. Look what he did to them too. No one else was doing the things the Spider was doing. For you to call him a 'hype machine' now that he's on his decline is silly.

          • Ivy

            Fair enough, but a can is a can.

          • @Ivy I would love to see how you would fair against these "cans" .

          • Ivy

            Irrelevant dummy, but I'd probably do pretty good. I'm an ex-Army Ranger who's been in real combat situations.

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          • Ivy

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          • Ivy

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          • Ivy

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          • I bet you probably got your a$$ handed to you in these "real combat situations"

          • Ty for your service. Makes it possible for some of us clowns to enjoy the luxuries of mma n lowkick.

          • thats why i refrain from sites like this cause it makes me feel immature trying to argue to people who act like they know everything. there are only few people in this site worth reading their comment.

      • You don't need to be "winning" a fight to win a fight.

      • Leben (at his best), Lutter, Franklin twice (at his best), Okami, Leites (at his best), Sonnen twice (at his best whilst nursing a broken rib), James Irvin (LHW), Forrest Griffin (former LHW Champ at LHW), Vitor (standing), Henderson (on the ground against an Olympic level wrestler)….

        You don't need ANY "HYPE" at all with such an amazing record and the level of skill actually displayed is breathtaking. Possibly the weakest and most ill informed comment ever and the fact that you have a total of 23 positive votes against 34 at this moment shows you how twisted the perception of a sizeable portion of MMA fans is and their lack of education on the sport and it's fighters.

        • Ivy

          Anderson is a great fighter, but he has been hyped a lot and some of his victories were ridiculous mismatches from TUF fighters to guys way out of their weight class to guys who shouldn't even fight in the UFC. He did have some great competition as well, but I predicted once he got to the level of a Weidmann he'd be exposed.

  • Let's be real for a moment here. Yes, both fights individually were strange finishes…and I can see how someone would argue either one was somewhat 'lucky'. But the fact is, Weidman did not get 'lucky' twice against the best fighter in a row. He earned both wins. In both fights, Weidman was winning up until the finish, and looked dominant against the most dominant champion in the history of the sport.

    We can all speculate about how the fights would have concluded had they not finished, BUT, Weidman didn't let it go any further! He STOPPED the fight…it doesn't matter if Silva *could* have made a comeback.

    Silva claiming both fights were lucky (he had said the punch in the first fight was lucky as well) is delusion, and is unfortunate. I am glad he is determined, but at his age delusion could be a very dangerous thing. Let's hope that he approaches his comeback intelligently. I also hope that if he does come back, he doesn't get yet another rematch without beating a high-ranked opponent first.

  • Silva lost and Weidman won, no argument from me. I do believe however that Mike Brown also beat Faber twice and no argument over those being wins either. But Faber in my opinion was not proven in either fight to be the lesser fighter although many argued it was set in stone. Fact is Faber was flash KO'd and then broke both hands in the rematch early into the fight. Brown was lucky twice in my opinion. Faber has proven to be the far greater fighter after those 2 unlikely scenarios. Silva in my opinion is in a similar situation here and on two occasions has had unlikely scenarios happen which do not allow for an accurate contemplation of who is the better fighter. Sure I agree Silva was behind on points coming up to the finishes but that is not dissimilar to other fights he has had in the 1st round. Chris deserves the belt, Chris has yet to prove he is truly better than Silva. He can do that by his wins in the octagon defending his title.

    • You make a really interesting comparison – one that I did not realize was out there. I agree…Mike Brown beating Faber twice didn't mean he was the better fighter, but it does put into question, did Mike Brown have Faber's number? It may be that Weidman as well, has Silva's number. Luck aside, two dominant wins has to mean something, whether you think Silva is better than Weidman or not.

      I certainly wouldn't claim that Weidman is now the greatest of all time, or that he has supplanted Silva on the pound for pound list for that matter. It could be though, that Weidman is a good enough fighter who had a little luck on his side, and had the aggression and confidence to capitalize on that luck. In the same situation would other fighters have had the will and skill to capitalize? I think not. Props to Weidman.

      • Let me sharp that for you. I agree with that. Silva is not a god and can and has been beaten but I really want to see another fight. I wish that Chris beat him differently if Silva was never going to win just so that it could be more like the passing of a torch. but this scenario leaves me in limbo about where each fighter stands. Silva is going to be 40 when he steps back in and there is no going back to when he was say 34 and still tip top. I hope Chris beats Vitor though.

        • I would like to see a third match, for the same reason as you said. I would like a more definitive finish to that matchup, and I do think that Silva could win that fight with the right approach. However, I really hope the UFC respects Weidman, and respects the division enough, to not give Silva an immediate title shot upon return.

          Weidman v Belfort is a toss-up in my opinion…I can't seem to pick one over the other. Weidman is well-rounded and has all the confidence (deservedly) he needs to fight the very best, but Vitor has that x-factor, that nasty ridiculous power and accuracy that gives him a chance against absolutely any fighter out there. All I hope for is a good fight, and not a quick finish.

          • Agree fully.

          • Ivy

            A third fight? How does that not disrespect Weidmann? Why should he have to prove himself as VALID again?

          • Not strait away just in the future. It's just something I would like to see, not saying it will happen or that there should be another immediate rematch but if anyone in the history of MMA could get a 3rd fight it should be him first.

  • I still feel Silva will beat Weidman any given day. It is very unfortunate that as a Silva fan, I have nothing to back up my argument with.

    • he got knockout in the first fight and he got knockout in the second fight(1st round, but awaken by wiedmans punch). whats the buzz?

      • Weidman is not the only fighter who knocked Silva. This has happened before and we all have seen Silva taking the victory out of nothing. Not saying that Weidman's victory is not legit. Just that I am not convinced that Weidman is a better fighter.

        • How would you like weidman to do it? Had he ever been in trouble by silva? Give the man some credit its way overdue, too many excuses AS lost. Hes better than silva in any way i see it.

          • We give Weidman all the credit for being the winner but when will you step back and realize it isn't quite sorted yet. He has a lot to prove yet to be considered better than Silva. Not to mention he may only be better than a 40 year old Silva and not a prime Silva. Yet we don't even know that yet for sure. It's already too late for someone to beat the best Silva. That opportunity has come and gone.

          • getting his leg broken was the safest way for silva to go cause weidman was dominating all those rounds.period

  • As a huge Silva fan, I think he lost both fights. He could win a third fight but for sure he lost the other two. I wouldnt mind seeing a third but I would rather see him going up the ladder and earn another go at weidman instead of giving him a rematch straight away when hes apt to fight again. What I dont understand is people wanting him to retire, any MMA fan that doesnt like to watch Silva fight (liking him personally or not) shouldnt call him self that!

    Some times people seem to think this is pro-wrestling and instead of watching the fighters for what they do in the ring, focus on their persona and decide upon a fighter by the way they perceive him/her of the ring. Personally I like Silva for what he does in the ring and no other fight has done what he did. The same with Rousey which is by far the more fun to watch female MMA fighter and now people say they "hate" her (ive seen people on this board writing that) because the way she acted during a silly TV program. To each his own I guess…

    • I agree, can't stand Rousey but love to watch her skills and hope every time now she gets beaten until I dislike someone more or she wins my favor. Nonetheless she is cool to watch.

  • I am a fan of Anderson's, but two times in a row cannot be attributed to luck. I think that over the years he has become surrounded with people who have a vested interest in him winning (or at least – continuing to fight for as long as possible), and these people tend to tell him what he likes hearing. It is very unfortunate that after years of literally destroying his opponents, he got destroyed in a similar, if not more brutal manner, but reality is what reality is. With an awful injury like this one, I would hate to see him get hurt even more.

  • I think he lost but I can understand what Anderson means about the second fight. I think he was losing but he's come back before. I think Anderson should win a few in the division then have # III

  • I felt Anderson. Was on the come back in 2nd until the kick. As for returning, can anybody else see his first fight being with nick Diaz . All for the money and no real threat to Andy I believe

  • I think there is a false dichotomy being argued here, that Weidman was either "lucky" or that he was "well trained" for leg kicks, leading to his victory. Can't it be both?

    I mean, how many leg kicks have been checked in fights that did not lead to a stoppage? The vast majority I would think. The fact that the leg broke was not something Weidman likely knew was going to happen, he was simply employing defense to stop from being smashed in the thigh. But, the leg did break. It was, (sick as it sounds to say about someone's pain) a "lucky" break for Weidman. (Pun intended.)

    But you can't assume AS would have won otherwise. Fact is, we don't know. The fight was still in a dynamic state at that point.

  • Anderson is a knob.

  • Regarding the amount and enthusiasm of reaction to this article I assume EVERY fight fan in the world wants to see a 3. encounter! (me included)

  • And the comparisons to Roy Jones Jr. become even more accurate. One more step to taking fights against also-rans in Poland, and HWs in Russia.

  • The first fight he lost the first round and got knocked out using the same style of fighting he uses in all his other fights and somehow this is a fluke. Which I guess if anyone beat him it would have been a fluke. Then in the second he throws leg kicks which he had some success with in the first fight and it got shut down in a big way by chris checking them. Anderson literally did nothing in the second fight besides throw a few decent elbows from his back as he got smashed in the face. I think Anderson is a great fighter and would love to see him come back and distribute some **** whoopins but he needs to face it..He had two opportunities to beat Chris and he failed both times. Its time to give the new champ some credit and fight some top contenders to get another shot at the belt. It gets very old to hear this kind of talk from a guy who has shown nothing in the past two match ups that show me that he was the better fighter.

    • Again through Andersons history R1 has been a bad round for Silva. It was more than just his same style as well, he went way past what he had done before and someone had to eventually capitalize on it weather it was Chris or Vitor or Bonnar while Silva let himself be hit. He started to get carried away with how good he was and he finally was tagged. Second fight, bad R1 which is typical and then he breaks his leg in a 1 in a 1000000 chance happening. WE give Chris credit but give Silva some credit for crying out loud, he has had some weird stuff happen lately, freakish stuff and dumb stuff.

  • A warm up fight for AS with Michael Bisping… is I believe Michael will get to the title, at least he'll have his day against Silva – that's some achievement just to be able to call yourself an opponent.

    Oh and regards Silva saying he didn't lose to Weidman, he was just acting the goat.

  • If you are here for some time you would know I am a monster fan of the goat….but brother is tripping with this statement….Weidman was trained…he blocked and won the fight fair and square.