Anderson Silva Cries When Confronted With Fight Throwing


This weekend, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva appeared on Brazilian TV show “Ao Vivo” to discuss his UFC 162 loss to Chris Weidman and the upcoming rematch at UFC 168. When the inevitable talk of the fight being fixed was brought up, The Spider got very emotional to the point of tears.

His reply, roughly translated from Portugese:

“I get a little upset because when I go to fight I get to represent my country. Represent all Brazilians outside of Brazil and inside Brazil. This upset me a lot, people think I sold the fight. I always said that this is a title Brazilian independent being with me or another Brazilian. I always say I do not like to fight because Brazil is a world title if another Brazilian to win this title I’ll keep rooting for this title continues in Brazil.”

The crowd immediatley rose to support their countryman and champion, chanting Silva’s name after the host comforted him with a hug.

It would appear that this evidence, coupled with the fact that recent talk has Silva re-motivated to fight for the title, would suggest that Silva is eager to prove his detractors wrong. The whole topic of the bout being fixed is a bit silly and overblown in my eyes, but it’s a heated topic that seems to be sticking around.

What do you make of Silva’s reaction?



  • Thats what you get for showboating, you should know your fans are fricken nuts about you, to the point they think you're invincible and threw the fight. Karma brother, maybe you should quit acting like an azz in the Octagon.

    • Anderson deserves an academy award for his crocodile tears on National TV.

      • I think the tears are genuine, enough. I bet you it's been a rough couple of weeks, man and to the accusation itself, can you imagine how Anderson must feel, having some idiots saying he threw the fight and then even more idiots buying into it or even talking about it?

        He lost a fight, not his honor. He'd probably be more than cool analyzing the fight and saying…"eh, I shouldn't have done this and maybe got carried away with that"…but to put the question of him throwing a fight to him…it's an insult. It's an absolute insult.

        It's cool to question the loss and the manner of it, but not the motive. The motive was Weidman's left on his chin and that's all it was.

        It's hilarious, no one ever challenged Fedor on loosing to Werdum, Liddell loosing to Rampage, GSP loosing to Serra…why, Anderson to Weidman?

        • @Brian….you must admit its become a bit of a circus and we all have to have a laugh at it. The knockout was funny after the stanky leg dance, then came usher going from rockstar to counsellor…Put on your weidman party hat Brian and enjoy this circus.

          • LOL!!!

            That was so funny, man. You made me laugh, dude. That was hilarious.

            Yeah, Usher as counselor was too much.

            Again, you made me laugh.

        • I agree with you but in fairness Fedor vs Werdum had a bunch of controversy after about Fedor making millions betting on his own loss through management.

          • Falcon, I've never heard that before. If true, that's very suspicious.

          • yeah it was all over lowkick to at the time. Apparently someone said Fedor made more than 2 million in the loss through a betting agency.

      • If anyone feels sorry for Anderson Silva right now after he clowned around and acted like a complete doodlemister then please hit that weak button as hard as you can right now….>>>>>>>>>>>>

        Anderson crying is ridiculous, especially after showboating the way he did. Now he wants us all to feel sorry for him as if he is the victim !!

        Anderson you got knocked out because you acted like a fukwit. Crying on tv doesn't change that.

        I would prefer if he came out and admitted that he acted like a knob rather than sell off his love of Brazil and people speech

        • I actually agree.

          How did Maia, Forrest and all the others feel after getting completely embarrassed? What if anderson did all that and did a 360 crane kick to ktfo Weidman? How would he feel?

          Im a spider fan but I have zero sympathy in this regards. He clowned and embarrassed fighters. Now its his turn. MAN THE F*CK UP!!!

          • N.C

            The whole world is suppose to stop and cry with Silva after he led a circus act ???

            Lets cry for the people who lose their jobs and houses. Anderson is acting like a retard. This is the worst feel sorry for me campaign ever !

          • I'd endorse that on behalf of the former middle-class of North America.

            Hats off to the 2 party system and the corporate owned media, that shipped all of our industry to China & India and now stand slack-jawed that Detroit, the once great heart of American industry, has filed for bankruptcy.

            Who would have ever figured that you couldn't ship all your manufacturing and revenue bases out of your nations and not continue to be wealthy countries?

            I know what we shouldn't cry for, the political parties that sold us out and the toothless, spineless, yellow, bought-and-sold media, that never blew the whistle and slept through it all.

          • Our fuked up government are sending every call centre job to the philippines, every manufacturing job to China and India, putting every mother fuker on contracts. No such thing as a full time job anymore. Every company now wants you to be a contractor rather than an employee so you have to pay to run their business with your own fuel, vehicle, uniforms, no sick leave, holiday pay or superannuation, etc. Big companies and government are ****** their citizens. good old days are gone. Even companies are flying in overseas workers in the thousands when local workers are available….Thats why nationalism is a joke….once upon a time it meant something…

          • Come here and give me a big hug, my jingoist friend. Everything you just said is true.

            Enjoy, if you want to watch a fascinating video…go to YT and search "Norman Dodd".

            The video is about an hour long. In it, he tells us what he uncovered back in (I believe) 1953, while working as an investigator for the Reece Committee, otherwise known as, The Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations.

            Riveting stuff, my man. It will explain it all. If you watch it, let me know what you think of it. I think it's the most important interview I've ever seen in my life and I believe every word that he spoke / speaks.

            As the proof is always in the pudding, simply listen to what he has to say and then take a look at the world and particularly the the US and what's transpired since 1953 and tell me he's either a liar, a fool, making it all up or flat out wrong. My guess is you'll tell me that you believe what he has to say.

        • @ Enjoylife, I feel sorry for Chael. Who knew Anderson was beatable? If only Chael was able to hit harder ;-)))

          • @Michael…lol…Chael must be sitting on the sidelines feeling like he got shortchanged.

            maybe its time for Chael to cry on National TV as well?

        • Enjoy, it's my understanding that he's crying over the accusation of throwing the fight, not loosing the fight or how he lost the fight.

          If he's crying over loosing the fight, then yeah…people would be well within their rights to mock, but again, the tears are supposed to be over the accusations of throwing the fight.

          That's my understanding of it, at any rate.

          Either way, he's not helping his case here in NA. He would have been better served by a press conference and simple statement…"I didn't throw the fight. Chris Weidman beat me, fair and square. If the loss was do to anything, it was due to Chris's talent and my over-reaching confidence. Thank you."

          Take no questions and leave. It would be better than this and being in Portuguese, we really have no idea as to what's being asked or said. All we see is Anderson crying.

    • Anderson Silva should be an actor! next Fast Furious villan?

  • Even Blanka's there! 2 Brazilian fighting legends in one place!

  • In preface, we should take into account that his detractors (for the most part) have been his fans and a few MMA idiots over at and not Weidman's fans.

    I think anyone that seriously considered that Silva threw the fight is a whack-job. I think even raising it as a possibility is nuts.

    Further, I think the criticism of how he lost is absurd, because he lost with the same strategy and tactics that he's always used and won with. Again, had he won his fans would be going on-and-on about how great it was and didn't he make Weidman look the fool.

    If anything, his fans should rally to his side and they should also take comfort in the fact that he lost to a great fighter and not a bum.

    I have a lot of respect and admiration for Anderson and he could well be Champion, again. He's the same man in defeat that he was in victory. Any of his fans who question him on this fight, I really have to wonder if they were ever fans to begin with or were they just fans of a guy who won all the time and seemed vincible.

    My reaction to this is that his reaction seems to be one of shock, that he's received as much flack as he has for loosing and that he carries too much weight on his shoulders, for the people of Brazil. The guy needs to be cut some slack, here. I can completely understand him being emotional and it's as if he's being required to explain himself and ask for forgiveness, by his fans.

    Funny, Weidman let Silva up-off the canvas quicker and did less damage to him, than what his fans seem to have managed to do, post fight.

    • I won't argue that he was using the same overall gameplan as previous fights, but I've never yelled so loud at my TV as I did the 1rst time he did the acting like he was hurt stanky leg impression. I knew that was taking it to far. In nooooooo way would I believe he threw the fight. Just can't wait for the rematch!

      • I wasnt saying you were SOTS. It certainly wasnt the Weidman fans saying that.
        Most of them remained objective.

    • How is some one who questions fight fixing a whack job when there are 10's of millions gambled on events? My suggestion to anyone throwing harsh accusations around about the legitimacy of prize fighting should actually go to feeder gym's, amateur events, collegiate, and national specialty events like BJJ, Judo, Boxing, Wrestilng, Sambo, Greco, Sumo,Thai Boxing, Savat, etc and then form such a strong opinion. Fights get fixed all the time at any level, usually for bookies who have silently invested in promotion and gyms. So I don't think These guys wear the cloth or anything. Fights are often thrown in a verity of weighs. Even pro extremely regulated American sports gets fixed. There were entire FBI units tied to baseball. It may not have been fixed but don't be naive. Plenty of MMA has been fixed with or without the promotion knowing.

      • "movescamp" name 3 fights in MMA that were fixed (with or without the promotion knowing it)
        3 is less than plenty so Im giving you a break, and they think Im cynical. 8)))

        • It's not cynical it's reality. You can't name fights if there was no investigative athletic commission to begin with. They use state athletic commissions. If you go to fights on different levels you always see the many Don King like predators, levels of bookies, club/venue owners, etc and see its not the most "legit" business archetype. Collegiate and Greco, Judo, Bjj, Sambo, and Amateur boxing are more likely of being closer to "sport" form.

        • It's possible that some MMA fights are fixed. But I highly doubt this particular fight was.

          The only MMA fight that I recall that comes close to being fixed was Seth Petruzelli vs Kimbo Slice. Kimbo had no ground game so Seth was told to keep the fight standing in exchange for a "bonus" and it turned out Seth had better striking. OK, I can recall more if you count all the Bob Sapp fights.

      • Moves, we weren't discussing fight fixing or fixing of any kind in any sports, MMA or otherwise. The subject of discussion was / is about the Weidman / Silva fight and that's all it was / is about.

        The fight was not fixed. It would make no economic sense for any of the parties involved to throw it. It would certainly be economic folly on Silva's behalf (lost his super-fight bout(s)), flat out foolish for the UFC to risk rigging a fight and Weidman, I have no idea how Chris could throw it, by winning it and by KO. That's not to mention there would be no money on Chris to throw it. There was no value in him losing a fight most thought he'd loose.

        In terms of the age old question "Cui Bono", who benefits, I see none of the 3 parties concerned as benefiting from throwing the fight. I think the accusations are spurious and without grounds or evidence.

  • It's so stupid for people to even think he threw that fight. Anderson was just being stupid himself taking his opponent lightly…

  • tears of guilt

  • First off, I'm a HUGE Anderson Silva fan, but honestly. I'm getting sick and tired of hearing how it's all about Brazil. The guy lives in the US, trains here, his family is here, his home is here, his children are building their lives here, even his damn school where he wants to impart his knowledge, is in the USA. This country gave him the opportunity to be as successful, famous, and rich as he is, but somehow it's still all about Brazil. What about your fans here? Jerk wad.

    This is one area where Chael Sonnen had it right about Anderson Silva. Now, Anderson, keep giving all the hespect and honor to Brazil, because the more I hear it, the more I want to see Chris Weidman steamroll your you and your Brazilian pride, and at the end of the day it's Weidman I want to see holding up a big *** American flag, with a humble smile on his face.

    Sorry had to vent. This Brazil crap he spews is so ridiculous.

    • Satellite, did you just convert and become a Weidman fan?

      • LOL I actually kinda did with that post. You and your articles have a guilty part in this!

        • Let me clarify. I was always a Weidman fan.. What I'm saying is in the rematch, I want to see Weidman open a can of American whoopass on the Spider.

    • I think Satellite has smelt a rat in the building

      • Hey it takes some of us longer to catch on than you witty guys.

    • SatelliteMan, are you kidding me? lol The guy is born and raised in Brazil. This is the country where he became rich and famous… So now he's supposed to **** your American ****? Get over it. Plenty of people from area's not known for prosperity leave all the time and begin a better life for them and their families. Doesn't mean you ever forget where you came from and where clearly made Anderson Silva. Just because this is where he got famous doesn't mean if he grew up here he would have been an anybody. Alot of his interviews he says my fans and my Brazilian fans and such. Hop off this mans stick.

      • Whewwww! Just when I thought no-one would come to Silva's rescue….iiittssss SILVA OF THE STREETS! carry on.

      • Dont worry, I see people from different countries allll the time aving their flags and giving the USA no credit, which is usually a slap in the face to Americans who worked hard, PAID TAXES that the immigrants get for free to "start their new Lives"
        Silva is a different situation hough to an extent. He had money before he got here.

        • Cain not so much, he was born in the USA, his dad snuck in and he continues to wave the flag of Mexico. All I'll say is go to google street view in Mexico and take a good look around.

          • That's what I'm talking about. Ugh

          • FYI I am an immigrant too. Came here when I was 3. But I didn't build my life here, off the backs of the best society on earth, then slap it in the face.

          • hot chicks treat me like a migrant…does that count?

          • How is Silva slapping it in the face since he has many times including after his last fight shown how important his American fans are and the country itself to his success. You must of just been tuned out at those times. Seriously you are talking a load of crap that holds no weight. Anderson will obviously have a stronger fan base and pride for his home nation since he did not only have 3 years of his life in Brazil. The fact you are an immigrant is very lopsided since you came to USA at such a young age and have no real personal memories of anything other than your life in America. Again Silva has many times stated his love of America and what the country has done for him so shut up already and let us know when you find a new wagon to ride.

        • Entity. GET A F'N CLUE. Most of the illegals in this country pay MORE taxes than you and I. They pay payroll taxes that they don't dare get back because they pay them with fake SSI#s.

      • I've been giving him a pass for too long. You're the one who needs to 'hope off his stick'.

        I no longer have a problem with his antics or his Brazil crap, since I'll be looking for Weidman to streamroll some more genuine humility into this guy.

        • Man what about Cain and many other fighters who love their homeland. If I trained in the USA and earned all my money there but was born and raised in Ireland then guess what I'm Irish and my country gets the credit always and the USA is just my GYM and job where I go to work. I love America and have been there many times. By the way Anderson has many times been very grateful for America and the fans there and has been very vocal about how important America has been for him so maybe you have selective hearing. You need to sit back and watch through some post fight interviews and speaches from Anderson and realize you just talked a load of BS.

  • So what about the original Americans? Are they allowed to look at you the same way you look at illegal Mexicans? Are they allowed to ask the question you leave hanging in the air?

    What the **** are you doing on my land?

    • ahhh reaching waaayyyy back, before there was a developed country.
      Mexico present day was theirs then as well. Look at both countries today. Which one was brought to be a first world nation(maybe temporarily I give you that)
      Did Mexico give immigrant status to anyone back hen? Pay for their babies births, food, benefits, housing, business grants? No, they most likely killed you.
      Then there was a war…………..
      Name one country that allows immigrants and gives them help.
      If you havent noticed, Mexican Cartels are murdering Americans and beheading their own dumping bodies in the desert.
      What happens to people who go to other countries?
      White genocide is and has been in full swing.
      Of course we cant blame all of a people for the actions of some.
      Example…The multitude of Germans had no idea what their Govt was doing in the Holocaust, and to this day still feel shame for that action.
      I wont carry on anymore on this topic. But just remember the Americans born today, should not have to carry the burden and pay for every illegal immigrant that comes across. Its just not right.

      • P.S. I have nothing against immigrants, just dont do it illegally.

        • Hey guys,I'm illegally crossing the mexican border tonight. Just wondering if anyone can pick me up once i cross? free dana white t-shirt to the first person who offers me a ride.

          • Word of advise if you're crossing into Mexico, wait until the van unloads, then hop in. I dont think they charge you for a ride back. 8))

          • I texted Cain velasquez to see if he wants to join me, still waiting on reply

          • LOL

      • That country would be Canada.

    • Actually most of those Mexicans are original Americans. That is why they have the facial features they do. A lot of them belong to or are descended from tribes that had territory in this country. @Entity; it isn't reaching far back. It started just a handful of generations ago and is still happening today. The last known forced sterilization of a Native women took place in the 70's. To this day it is illegal for my wife to officially claim her heritage as a Micmac and Abenaki because she can't produce zee papers.

  • I can't believe anyone thinks this fight was thrown. I think it comes from the idea that Silva was invincible. Then, when he lost, it was because he wanted to lose not because the other guy was ready for whatever he'd throw.

    Nobody is invincible. Anderson might have been close for a few years but those years have passed.

  • Anyone who thinks this fight was thrown is a feeb. There is nothing to gain for anyone by throwing this fight. He got caught. It was a one in a million shot due more to Silva than anything else and I am fully confident Chris can't do it again but it was not a fix. That is silly talk. If you claim it was a fix you are a silly person and you need to take a step back, accept that even Silva can get KOd, take a reality capsule and chillax a bit.

    • By the way Choke, most illegals are paid cash for a days work, they never pay taxes, thats the truth. I live decently close to the border, I dont speak without knowledge. The millions that stand by the roads and stores getting picked up, dont pay taxes. Many dont want to be citizens, then they would have to pay taxes.

    • Ill even do you one farther. A Mexican is a mix between an Indian and a Spaniard. Hence the indian facial lines and coarse black hair.