Anderson Silva: Chris Weidman Got Into MMA Because of Me, That’s My Legacy


UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva spoke up to MMA H.E.A.T. during yesterday’s UFC 162 open workouts to address several topics. He noted that Chris Weidman got his start in MMA because he saw Anderson fighting and thought he could do the same. Silva said that is his legacy, to bring the sport of martial arts to new generations.

In terms of his list of achievements, he does not think there is too much left he can accomplish in MMA. He picked Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson, and Carlos Newton as the best fighters he’s ever faced.

Silva also waxes on his training camp for the Weidman bout, describing his opponent as one of the best in the world. Silva points out that Weidman is different from Chael Sonnen. Silva says he feels relaxed heading into the bout. He loves his work, and that is why he fights, not just for the belt.

Silva said he is the “black Dana White” and will talk to the real White about the fight night bonuses.

The Spider had a great open workout with Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante and Erick Silva. Check out the full interview and workout below:

  • The "black Dana White" what? just what?
    Not even close. Silva would have to buy a curse word dictionary to even get up to speed and drink some evil cool-aide lol. Maybe he means he's the richest UFC fighter.

    • I like when the highlights of a video are listed by the writer.
      I just don't like watching videos, guess I'm impatient.

      • I guess you missed Rhonda Rousey's strip tease that was in the video?

  • Silva has 99 problems, but Weidman ain't one.

  • That is truly part of his legacy, he is the favourite fighters for so many other fighters out there and even Jon Jones was inspired by Anderson to give it a try

  • C.W. is gonna finish what Chael "no sub defence" Sonnen started. He is gonna expose an overrated A.Silva (who sure has nice striking but that is all). I´d bet the house if I had one!

  • Bla Bla Bla I know I was gonna be weaked all over ….. just wait till tomorrow….. you all gonna be sh…..g your pants the moment Mr S. is down on the canvas.

    • No honest opinion goes unpunished lmao