Anderson Silva Believes Vitor Belfort Is The Next Title Contender


Former UFC Middleweight champ Anderson Silva hasn’t done much trash talking about his upcoming rematch with Chris Weidman, but this isn’t to say that he’s not paying attention to the state of his division.

The p4p great watched as Vitor Belfort stopped Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 32; extending his knockout and win streak to three and likely setting himself up for a bout against the winner of Silva vs. Weidman II. Silva was available to talk with sportv globo about ‘The Phenom’ and his hot streak:

“I believe he deserves to fight for the title, even because he has been doing his part (to earn a title shot), just like other fighters like Ronaldo Jacare and Lyoto Machida, who just dropped to 185,”

Silva is spot on about Belfort’s achievements since his last title shot, a spectacular KO loss to ‘The Spider’ at UFC 126, and the chances are pretty high that these two will meet again down the line. Even if Silva loses against Weidman at UFC 168; he will still be valid in the top end of the division.

If Silva wins convincingly, there is no real reason that Belfort shouldn’t be next in line. Reason isn’t always the biggest factor in the deciding of title shots nowadays, but the fight would surely sell a lot of PPVs.

“I saw the fight, he fought really well,” the former champion said. “Vitor has been doing great, showing why he was the UFC champion for a long time. He deserves respect. We’ll just have to wait for the next chapters.”

Dan Henderson was quite like a rabbit in the headlights as Belfort ran him over in dominant fashion; proving that the recent hype around Belfort is anything but that, the guy is a beast.

I would love to  see Belfort get the shot at the MW strap, I’ve always been a fan regardless of the testosterone fuelled rages TRT and steroid related news. The question is: Has Belfort improved enough to win a title, or is he destined to be an (almost) unbeatable gatekeeper?

  • Did I miss a news story where Vitor was involved in a testosterone fuelled rage?

    • pretty much every single interview vitor has ever been in?

  • Jesus am I the only one who is soooo tired of even hearing the word testosterone? If Vitor had too much of it in his system he would be almost baldheaded by now! Well doesn't look like it, doesn't it!?

    • If Vitor heard you take the Lord's name in vain he would smash you like the peaceful lamb of God he is.

    • I am, it should have never been involved with MMA. So yes I hope the word and the product disappear.

      • Thats TRT by the way. Obviosly just T is okay.

  • He is not kicking contenders into oblivion left and right because of any additional substance in his system but because of carrier long improved mma skills. Amen.

  • I dontt hear people bitching about TRT when it is Hendo or Chael doing it……cut this **** already…..he is doing it to equalize his levels to normal…..

    • You do have a point Brasil, but none of them have been destroying everyone in their path after a long losing streak. Thats all I can perceive to the matter.
      It was like Reem losing constantly, then instantly destroying everyone(though Reem swelled up like a tick sucking blood)

    • I have b i t c h e d about them all so just look back over my comments over the last 2-3 years. Others have as well, the reason you only hear Vitor all the time is because currently he's the biggest name attached to the stuff.

  • It might be a little hard for Silva to predict the Weidman/Vitor fight though, since he cant remember much from the Weidman fight lol.
    Silva won quickly against Vitor the first time, but I dont see it going that quickly the 2nd time. I still think Vitor will lose against Chris…just my thought. Silva simply had nothing for Chris that first fight. Chris walked away scratch free.

  • gm1

    Kind of bothered about Silvas remark of Vitor that he should be the next challenger for the title. Kind of belittles himself and his confidence in regaining the belt.