Anderson Silva Believes Dana White Owes The Fans Rousey vs. Cyborg


In recent weeks, and particularly since her trashing of Sara McMann at UFC 170 in February, there’s been a great deal of talk as to who Ronda Rousey’s next opponent should be.

Indeed, the debate has become so wide ranging as to include a number of fighters that are not currently fighting in the senior circuit. To the point, UFC President Dana White has added great fuel to the fire by openly discussing fighters like Holly Holm and Gina Carano.

Indeed, in the last few weeks White has engaged in negotiations with Holm’s management – apparently not to any great success – and thrown open the door to Gina Carano, should the fighter wish to return.

However, there is one fighter that White hasn’t pursued and that’s Cristiane Justino Santos.

For whatever reason, be it her former manager Tito Ortiz, Santos’s previous 2011 suspension for using stanozolol, or just her overall appearance, White appears to have no interest in signing “Cyborg.”

Of course, cynics believe that the reason White doesn’t want to sign Santos is because he’s trying to protect one of his biggest stars from facing a possible defeat.

Regardless of reason, the fact of the matter is that “Cyborg” is in no danger of being in the UFC anytime soon.

Sadly, White’s stance on the matter flies in the face of one of his favorite axioms, which is that he shoots to give fans the fights they want to see. On this particular point, it would be a safe bet that most fans would like to see Santos signed to the brand and put in the Octagon with the bantamweight champ.

As it turns out, fans have a champion in this cause and it comes in the person of former middleweight champion and legend, Anderson Silva.

Regarding Santos and a match with Ronda Rousey, “The Spider” is all for it. And by his account Dana White “owes it” to the fans.

In an interview with Combate Silva put it as such:

“I believe this fight needs to happen. The Ronda is a great fighter. But Cris has 90 % chance of winning the round. She trains hard and has all the features and appropriate techniques to win the round. This fight needs to happen, because Dana White owes it to the audience; the UFC.”

On the point, fans are likely to agree with Silva and if for no other reason than if not “Cyborg” then who?

Rousey’s sixty-six second, round one trashing of Olympic wrestler and silver medalist Sarah McMann, left fans with a basic question and that’s this, of all the fighters out there, which one of them might be able to give Rousey a legitimate challenge? The general consensus of appears to Cristiane Santos. As such, “The Spider” not only hits the nail on the head regarding a Rousey vs. Santos match, but also speaks for the throng of fans that would like to see it.

As “The Spider” is a significant player in the franchise, perhaps his words will carry some weight with White and as such, maybe the promotion’s president will do the right thing and put his personal biases aside, sign Santos, and give fans a fight they really want to see. 

  • Hopefully rondas biggest fan will stop making excuses, stop protecting her and make this fight happen.

    • There are no excuses they are legitimate reasons. 1 Cyborg is a huge 145p and would struggle to cut to 135. 2 UFC is skeptical about Cyborg considering she got done for Roids. 3 If they did sign cyborg and made the fight at 145p it would not be for the belt….4 Cyborg was already supposed to be in the UFC but she rejected a contreact and signed with bellator. 5 Cyborg needs to prove she can make weight and not just blow past every other female fighter in the division ranked in the top five.

      • Since when did past roid use stop ufc from signing and keeping ufc mma fighters, barnett was popped for steroids and let back in thats the biggest bogus excuse keeping her out in my opinion, cyborg has already said she will come down to 135, there have been plenty fighters that have turned down contracts and still signed later on, when did she sign with bellator? and when has a champion in another organization had to prove they could make a weight instead of proving they are a #1 contender fighter, never heard that before ("oh she has to prove she can make weight instead of prove herlself as a great fighter") WTF those are nothing but excuses that have never been put on anybody else but cyborg to protect rousey as long as they can, all that beside the fact they rousey said she WILL not go up in weight to fight cyborg but will go up in weight to fight fcking gina carrano? are you serious everybody knows she ducking and ufc is protecting her with all these stipulations keeping cyborg out, i bet they will offer her a shitty contract to keep her out as well!!!

        • Zip

          Barnett's fat ass is not the example I would have used. That being said, Cyborg is a freak, and until she sheds the fake, roid man muscle, and as much as most of you hate Ronda, until Cyborg gets to 135, and things are even, the fight isn't going to happen. Cyborg's days of abusing little skinny asian girls are over. If she wants to fight for the title, make the weight. No more excuses.

        • I said the UFC was SKEPTICAL about her steroid abuse, I never said that should stop her from being in the UFC. I meant Invicta my bad. Cyborg is a big 145 and why would the UFC risk making that fight if she might struggle and maybe even miss weight, thats why Dana and the UFC said they want to see her make 135 safely and successfully before they sign her. How is Cyborg the number 1 contender? She is not ranked in the UFC at all. Hector Lombard was killing people and had a great record with a impressive win streak did the UFC just give him a title shot? You have to fucking earn that shit with at least ONE fight over a 10 ten ranked UFC fighter.

      • He was not sceptical about Sonnen or Belfort was He ? It's clear Dana wants to keep the Rousey cash cow fed and watered .
        Dana knows only too well that if this fight happens Rousey will lose.

    • Why would the UFC give someone a title shot who claims they have no plans to defend the belt or even stay in the organization? It's not an excuse it's just a completely idiotic fight to make from the UFC's perspective. It's not Ronda that is being protected it's the UFC and until Cyborg wants to be a UFC fighter not just fight Rousey I wouldn't give her a title shot either.

  • Goat

    • Yup, Anderson Silva is up there with Ali, Michael Jordan, W. Gretzky, Pele, and Randy Moss.

      • D

        You're really going with Randy Moss for football GOAT?

  • really really really beginning to like this guy

    • beginning? when were your born son?

  • Cyborg is not gonna happen… Cat Zingano should be next

  • The whole Cyborg thing is turning into a Fedor Fiasco (minus the past roids, yet the manager issue is there…..was there). Guess we'll just keep hoping it happens.
    Lets not freak out, it's only 10 more pounds.

    • Zip

      No, not minus the roids issue, that is the issue. You're right, it's ten pounds, lose it.

      • And yet Rousey will go up ten for Carano? I would say the issue is fear.

        • Haven't heard that. And carano isn't that good. Cyborgs only real opponent has been Marlos. She is the most overhyped MMA fighter there is. She also has a terribly narrow skill set. Everyone thinks cyborg is good but can't name any I her technical skills. Cause she has very few.

        • Zip

          Big difference between Carano carrying 10 pounds of water, and Cyborg maintaining her current physique. I don't believe Ronda fears anyone.

  • Baldy will never let Cyborg dismantle his precious Ronda.

  • If cyborg has developed great foot work and can stay out side and box rousey she could win. She prob will think she can clencth with rousey which will quickly become a disaster for her and I doubt she can hang on the ground without being very active with her fists. Definitely possible. But rousey is outstanding on the ground or in the clench. She has shown a lot of tenacity standing but, should prob stick to well timed exit and distraction punches. It would be good but, I wouldn't say the odds are in cyborgs favor in MMA.

  • Cyborg great wrestling she slammed tito on video while ronda got tossed around by a very calm relaxed mousasi and ronda looked like she was using all of her strength.. Ronda is just starting to look like a pro fighter when hitting pads, and just barely at that.. Cyborg throws flawless spinning back kicks in sparring and drops male fighters, her striking is worlds ahead of rousey, and she is just physically on a whole other level. Cyborg was P4P female for along time before Ronda hit the scene, and she still is you gotta knock the king off the thrown to pass him/her Ronda can get fed nobodies in the UFC all she wants, until she beats Cyborg or someone els does she is behind.

    • So ronda rousey just demolished an Olympic wrestler. The sparring videos don't prove anything. Cyborg is strong but rousey is on another level technically everywhere but striking. In terms of striking in MMA which can be just solid game planning with good fundamentals rousey isn't as far behind as you think. Kick boxing is another story but, cyborg just doesn't have good footwork and in terms of not being flung about from the clentch that is just a glaring hole to me. She is used to man handling smaller females with even less technique than her.