Anderson Silva Admits He Took Being Champion For Granted ‘A Little Bit’


Legendary former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has received a ton of criticism in the nearly six months that have eclipsed since his historic UFC 162 loss to Chris Weidman.

Much of it centered on Silva’s nonchalant attitude in the bout. It seemed like he wasn’t taking Weidman seriously, continuously clowning “The All-American.”

He paid the ultimate price for it when he was floored with a second round knockout.

Many thought Silva was simply done being champion at 38-years old, and even “The Spider” first denied a rematch with Weidman. However, Silva was quick to change his tune a few days later. He’ll have his chance at redemption when he squares off with Weidman again in the main event of Saturday’s UFC 168.

Silva has said that he’s “back,” but that remains to be seen. He recently met up with to admit that he may have taken being champion for granted:

“Maybe a little bit. The last fight is in the past,” Silva said. “I’m really looking forward to this next fight, and everything is going to be different. Obviously we made a few changes. When you see a mistake, you’ve got to get back and see what that mistake is and change a few things. But like I said, that’s in the past, and everything is going to be different from now on.”

Those are some humble words from a legend who is sometimes regarded as egotistical and arrogant. The truth is that Silva made an illustrious career off of mugging top-level fighters the same way he did Weidman. “The Spider” is choosing to focus on the present rather than relive his mistakes, and that’s probably the best point of view to take.

Will that translate into success in the blockbuster headlining bout of UFC 168? There haven’t been too many UFC title bouts with so many fans on both sides of the fence. There are millions who think Silva will put aside the antics to regain his belt in triumphant fashion, while many others think that his day in the sun has passed.

Which side are you on?

  • I'm so pumped for this fight

  • Zip

    I can't think of another excuse that can be made for Anderson. It's simple, Chris walked right through him and knocked him out cold. If the Spider can fix that, he'll have a chance.

    • I don't get it, if Chris was lucky or Silva had an off night, then why does Anderson need to make any changes to address a mistake?

      Zip, help me out on this one; I'm confused.

      • Zip

        You and me Brian, we're crazy. Brasil thinks he was break dancing on crack… and to think I couldn't come up with another excuse.

        • As DW said post-fight, if he'd knocked Weidman out, which I was in dyer fear of happening, he would have looked like a superstar and everyone would have been going on about how brilliant he was and how stupid he made Chris look.

          To me, it's all BS. He was doing his same-old-same-old, he looked right on point, he looked great, his kicks were nasty, he was moving great and….boom!

          Sorry, no luck, no bad performance, no nothing…Chis did his job. I tell ya Zip, I think Silva would stand a better chance in the rematch if he dropped all this junk and just said…damn, I didn't know the kid was that good. I got beat, fair and square. I'll have to try and do better next time.

          Be my view of it.

          • Zip

            Crazy talk Brian, crazy talk. On the 28th, the goat will show us to be the crazy fools we are.

  • Yes,chris walked right through him….just like Cain did to JDS…..come on bro…lets be real…the goat was break dancing in front of the guy like a crazy fool on crack…that is what happened.

    • Brasil, sadly what happened was a big left. 🙂

      Can your guy win? Yes. And as a Weidman fan, I'll be on the edge of my seat until Chris wins, because I know Silva can turn out any man's lights, including Chris's. Maybe that's the difference between Silva, Weidman and their respective fans. Chris and his fans give Anderson his due and his respect. Silva and his fans, keep on living in this world of denial, where they think there man lost as a result of a this or that mistake and that next time, they'll just not make that mistake and it'll all be good.

      Silva and his fans just need to accept that Chris is champ and for good reason, and if Silva doesn't respect that stopping power, either on the feet or on the ground, he could easily lose again, my man.

      Weidman fans will not be shocked by either victory or loss, because they know both is possible. Silva fans should buy a ticket for that train, because it just might not go their way.

      Either way Brasil, it's going to be a great (five dollar more expensive) fight and I hope that regardless of its outcome, that you enjoy it. 🙂

      • That's not true. I loveeee Anderson Silva. I'm a HUGEEEEE fan, but I absolutely know that Weidman does have a real chance to win this fight. The kid is for real. Do I believe it more because of the 1rst fight? no. He was performing well throughout the fight even before landing that left hook which showed that Weidman did belong in the fight vs Anderson. The hook I believe was a well placed well timed punch on Chris' part but during a mental lapse and breakdown from Anderson. Either way this is going to be a great fight Weidman is for real. All that said Anderson wins by TKO/K.O

        • Silva, no Weidman fan would accuse you of showing no respect. And if you believe your man will win, then is not that the duty of being a fighter's fan?

          However and on a point SOTS, Chris's victory cannot both be as a result of a well timed punch and a Silva mental lapse. To me it has to be one or the other, and as a CW fan, I'm going to go with a well timed punch.

          IMO, Silva over-reched in both his talents and his lack of respect for the powerful and hungry, young fighter that stood in front of him that night. And should he show up again with the same "I'm better than you attitude" on Saturday night, the SOTS, sadly, I think your man will lose to this humble and fearless young man.

          Bottom line on this one SOTS and as I knew going into the first fight, Weidman is not afraid of, nor intimidated by, Anderson, his size, rep or record. He doesn't care. As far as Chris is concerned, he was convinced he was champ before fight one, and now he has the evidence of that belief. This is a much tougher fight for Anderson second time through and a much easier fight for the champ.

          Again SOTS, as a Weidman fan and a fan of the sport, I"m fine with whatever outcome. I hope Silva fans feel the same way. 🙂

  • Brian…good post..i think you are right and wrong…right in saying that Weidman can win…yes he can and btw i have Weidman by sub…but you are wrong in not admiting that at least in the last figth the goat lost to himself.

    • Brasil, I really don't think Silva beat himself. I think he was doing his usual masterful stuff and was in real danger of starting to make Chris look stupid, but Weidman had prepared for it. Again, if Anderson had pulled it off everyone would have been talking about how brilliant he was.

      Personally, I don't think Silva has anything to hang his head about regarding his fight with Weidman. I think he looked great, just Chris hit him; stuff happens.

      Either way Brasil, it's going to be a great fight and we'll get all the answers on Saturday night.

  • Why is there any debate here? Fight is the fight……that's it. Dont worry Anderson working hard for fight against chris. Anderson give knockout back,……THAT'S IT!