Anderson Silva would rather fight Luke Rockhold than Chris Weidman


After his destruction of tough number one contender Chael Sonnen on July 7th, much speculation has been made as to the identity of Anderson Silva‘s next opponent. When Chris Weidman took out Mark Munoz with authority on July 11th, many began clamoring for the young Weidman to have the next shot at the belt. Former Bellator Middleweight champion Hector Lombard will also make his UFC debut this weekend at UFC 149 after amassing an impressive 31 wins in 34 fights. With the announcement of Brian Stann versus Michael Bisping at UFC 152, the Middleweight division is starting to stack up talent. However, Fuel TV’s “UFC Tonight” recently reported that Anderson Silva is looking somewhere else entirely:

“He (Silva) did mention Luke Rockhold who is the Strikeforce Middleweight champion. Alas, Rockhold is contractually tied to Strikeforce, so that fight’s not happening.”

While the division appears more skilled and unpredictable than ever, Anderson Silva is still undefeated in the UFC and is seemingly looking to handpick his fights further. Silva dislikes the prospect of fighting Lombard, as his team stated:

“One of Anderson Silva‘s managers said that one of the issues with Hector Lombard is he thinks he needs at least three more impressive wins in the UFC. He said that 85 percent of UFC fans don’t even know who Hector Lombard is, who is of course making his Octagon debut on Saturday night.”

They continued on about the surging Weidman with a similar attitude:

“As for Chris Weidman, he said, ‘Well, there’s another great unknown fighter.’ He doesn’t see those match ups as being money making pay-per-view events. We’ll have to wait and see, but right now, the Anderson Silva camp not too excited about the options out there.”

With many directions to head in, Anderson Silva‘s camp appears to not approve of any of them. Perhaps the story will change if Lombard destroys Tim Boetsch on Saturday, making a bout with Silva a big-money bout. Meanwhile, the champion wants to look for only apparently huge matchups as he gets older. Who should Silva fight? Does anyone have a chance? And, should the UFC Middleweight champion look to perform for his many fans regardless of who the UFC puts in front of him?

  • is he picking fights?

  • There you have it….. A true business man… Nice choice.

  • Everyone is going to cry that he dosnt want to fight a wrestler he has fought enough of them, give me an exciting striking match up please

  • Neither of these kids deserve a title shot yet. Bisping is the most interesting matchup I can see for Silva. I imagined that fight ever since Bisping first moved down to 185. Would be a great striking matchup to sell.

  • You hit the nail right on the head, I’m fed up of seeing him fight grapplers all the time. Since his fight with Forrest, he’s only had one fight against a guy with good striking (Vitor). I’d like to see Silva v Belcher or Rockhold.

  • ” A champ does not call out, a champ gets called out”
    -Chael P Sonnen

  • It will be a sad day in the UFC when guys start picking and choosing their fights based off of it being a good PPV sell or not. Then it becomes just like boxing. And if people don’t know who Hector Lombard is then they will after this weekend.

  • **** so this whole article is about, WHAT SOMEBODY SAYED, and not anderson…shit I’ll believe this shit when it’s a video of him in portuguese sayin’ it….

  • Yep you’re right! I think so too. First of all Bisping deserves it more then anybody in the division and secondly he is a striker. Give the fans what they wanna see “a stand up war”

  • I’ve been a Weidman fanboy for a while, but I’ve been in favor of combining the SF and UFC titles for longer.

    Work out a deal with showtime to send the winner of Henderson-Edgar there to fight Melendez, and bring Rockhold over to fight Silva. Or visa versa.

    Then do the same with Cormier and the winner of Cain-JDS (unless its Cain which would cause a good ole teammate vs. teammate mess), and Marquardt with the winner of GSP-Condit (which also carries some teammate implications either way).

  • Bisping dosnt even have a top 10 win in the MW division he just has been in it for a while, and that fight would go horrible for Bisping he lacks KO power, and has a good gas tank similar to Forrest, The fight would end in a brutal knockout of Bisping. What the hell am I saying make this fight happen another Bisping KO would be epic.

  • Its already like that bro

  • Bisping vs. Silva would be a great striking match up? On one side you have one of the most accurate, powerful, quick strikers in MMA history (IMO the best in MMA up to this point), on the other you have a point striker that doesn’t like to get hit and goes into takedown mode whenever he gets hurt (more often than most would believe).

  • Yes. And he is picking fights that cant happen lol

    Silva is out trolling Sonnen

  • That would be awesome. Not gonna happen tho, unfortunately.

  • Gotta be Lombard if he wins saturday by knockout. Who else besides Vitor has the knockout power.

  • Yep, a guy can dream though right?

  • Well said, David

  • You wish 🙁

  • If Cormier, who only has one fight left with StrikForce, wins his next fight, there is a high possibility he will face the winner of Cane vs. JDS

  • Yeah and we know how that ended. Vitor fight was only exciting for the foot fetishists. There was so much excitment in it as in my first time. Boooooom – done. Sure it was amazing – but way to short 😛 He needs to fight wrestlers because he needs to fight people that stand a chance with him … that’s right – I said it 😛

  • Silva has for a longtime picked his fights, he said the same types of things about Chael Sonnen prior to their first fight and that turned out to be one of Silva’s biggest PPV draws. Fact of the matter is Silva doesn’t want to fight wrestlers if he can avoid it, he know’s that is his weakest area and that the only people who have even given him a fight are world class wrestlers

  • As for Gilbert an Rockhold, Showtime gets no financial benefit from letting their fighters fight in the UFC unless they get cut in on the PPV somehow and that’s not going to happen with the UFC. To bad though. Does anyone know how many fights Rockhold has left on his contract?

  • I see Rashad at 185 being a big sale and a fun match-up first which would allow Weidman and Lombard to fight at least once more before getting a title shot.

  • No clue, but I would think he has some type of Champion’s clause.

  • I would also like this.

  • I second that David. That’s what “prize” fighting is. It’s often not about the “sport” of it. The olympics are on soon. That’s as close as your gonna get to people trying to be the “best”.

    Off topically, Olympic Greco, freestyle wrestling, judo,taekwondoe, and boxing are good place to catch some amazing technique clinics and future mma stars. Maybe someone will do an article on prospects to watch the summer. Please.

  • I’ve been researching my Olympic wrestling article for a while already :).

    Remember this name for the games: Jordan Burroughs.

  • Yes he is wanting fights and why not?
    Every time he has to face a guy that is a bad and less exciting style match up for him (Sonnen, Maia, Okami) he ends up beating them anyway and the same goes for anybody he is apparently ducking (lol), he ends up beating them anyway.

    He wants a stand up fight to show off his once-in-a-lifetime striking skills, surely he deserves it for having to fight 4/5 of his last fights against guys that only wanted to grapple.

    Let him have his striking match, trust me you’ll be glad of it.

  • Yes because I’m sure Silva picked to fight Sonnen twice and Okami in the last couple of years, who are basically terrible match ups for him.

  • Don’t forget Henderson. Team Quest Trio

  • Thanks Evan.

  • D

    If he’s only willing to fight big names…let him fight Rashad.

  • I guarantee you that Silva vs Rockhold would not be a striking match lol.

  • @ Mousasi; YES. I would love to see that fight. I am calling Silva via KO 2nd round.

  • yeah after watching that fight I can see why come on…. really what kind of Champ is he did his best not to fight Chael and asking for a easy fight compared to Lombard,Bisping or Wiedman seem pretty chicken chit move….. most Champs want the best granted he is Strikeforces best right now but did you see that fight mannn that sucked

  • he’s totally scared…right people?

  • No no…..his matchups should clearly be against even more olympic level wrestlers doping testosterone…he should have to fight them for the rest of his life.

  • Chicken

  • Nice to hear someone talking sense. Let’s see a stand up fight, wrestlers put me to sleep. Look what he did to Forest and Lebon and Franklin. Now those were entertaining fights and some masterful display of some serious striking abilities.

  • How would Chael know what a champ does???

  • I agree! Further more they should be not allowed to fight him if they tested less then 10:1 on testosterone and they should be 5 of them for each fight, so every round he will get a fresh one. If he knocks out one of them, that counts as a win for this round only, but as a bonus he can rest for the remaining round time and the break. How about that?

  • Most MMA fans know a lot more about Lombard or Weidmann than they do about Rockhold.

    I can understand that Silva or his management say he wants to face fighters that the Champ think will make a good stylistic match up, but I also think it will be the UFC who decides that, not him.

  • of course he would like to face luke rockhold who he would destroy in the first round…
    MW division in the strikeforce is Weak as hell…
    and saying he doesnt want to fight lombard who is to unknown and then wanting to fight luke does seem more ducking than logic…
    lombard and weidman are the MW with biggest chance right now.
    if he wants a BIG fight why not go for a Superfight with jonny jones!!

  • Those waren’t fights, they were beat downs !!

  • Weidman, definitly the most dangerous fighter out there for silva and silva knows it !!
    Weidman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bisping, stann, lombard and rockhold will all get ktfo, silva picking fights makes him look like a pussy imo !

  • Chael was right he is ducking good match ups…. What does he means saying about “unknown fighters”. I am sure weidman is now star number 2 in mw division by beating Maia in 14 days notice

  • He always has picked fights or ” preferred ” one fight over the other and the bouts he has wanted seem to be against easier less proven fighters.. Greatest Ever in a slowly developing weak division.. Lombard / Belcher are the real threats now.. Weidman, rockhold are 2 fights from now..