Anderson Silva will be cageside at UFC 154 to challenge Georges St. Pierre


Let the hype machine begin.

According to MMA Fighting, middleweight champion Anderson Silva will be present at UFC 154 and sitting cage side for the main event showdown between Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit. Could this be the beginning of the super fight that everyone has been waiting for?

Obviously, St-Pierre must take care of business against Condit on November 17. But if he does, Silva’s manager Jorge Guimaraes has hinted that “The Spider” just might be entering the Octagon to formally challenge GSP. Obviously, when news that Silva would be attending the fight in Montreal, it’s only right to think that he’s there to get the wheels turning on the biggest fight in the UFC. Why else would he be there?

A Silva-St. Pierre bout would feature the two longest reigning champions in UFC history. St-Pierre hasn’t lost in four and a half years and nine fights while Silva is unbeaten in his last sixteen fights and six years. The fight reportedly will be at a catchweight and there have been rumors tossed around that Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, TX could be the venue for the showdown.


UFC President Dana White confirmed on UFC 154 Media Call that Anderson Silva will be ringside at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, “to cheer for Georges St. Pierre against Carlos Condit”. GSP’s reaction was that he’s not concerned about Anderson Silva’s presence, citing the fact that his only motivation right now is to defeat Carlos Condit.

Of course, all of this could be derailed by the one and only Carlos Condit.

  • For some reason, I can see Carlos stopping Georges. Georges has never faced anybody like Carlos (and vice versa) – but I just think Carlos is too dynamic and deadly for Georges to be taking on. If Carlos wins this fight, he should be considered in the top five or six p4p at the very least.

  • Funny if Condit actually pulls it off and Silva just sits there with a dumb-ass look on his face, wondering what to do. “Now what, Boss??!”

  • That would be pretty cool BUT it ‘s not happening..
    GSP is going to win the fight .He is too well rounded and a better overall athlete than Condit.
    I give Condit credit, i believe he is a tough *** with DECENT stand up skills but that’s about it(He is not going to submit GSP not in a million years)
    Book your tickets already for ”Silva vs Gsp”

  • I see Carlos stoppin GSP too.. and that’s no disrespect! im a huge GSP fan, i just think Carlos is a horrible matchup for GSP. He’s a true killer… i mean 26 finishes out of his 28 wins.. that by itself tells you how much of a killer Carlos is. I see this fight very similar as Carlos vs Rory, only this time Carlos is a MUCH improved fighter and better prepared for that kind of fight. I see him stop GSP earlier than he did Rory.

  • DG1

    Condit will win. Fast wil avoid GSP shot with knee and run in and out like did for Diaz.

  • Decent stand up?.. just be quiet dude, that’s the most ridiculous statement i’ve read so far. Condit’s stand up is outstanding. Get GSP’s nutsack out of your mouth man, it’s not a good look.

  • Welcome to broadway…..Anderson Silva entering the octagon after GSP wins.

    Drunk fans ringside spilling semen into cups of beers as anderson challenges GSP.

    Anderson is too great to be challenging other fighters. Its fighters that want to challenge him. Get ready for dana’s hype machine.

  • Gsp has beaten every top welterweight for the past few years without having alot of trouble in doing so. Yet according to most Condit will finish Gsp? Condit hasnt beaten or even faced anyone near the caliber of Gsp with Diaz maybe being the only exception, but Condit didnt exactly look like a natural born killer in that fight….So tell me why he his going to beat Gsp?

  • The UFC should have made the ”Super Fight” years ago but continued to feed both fighters guys we all knew they would run through. So considering GSP had an injury that would of ended of a NFL player, the likely outcome is Condit winning a decision or stopping GSP if he breaks mentally.

  • Hope the Silva vs GSP fight never happens….bad matchup for the GOAT…he should go for Jones….much better risk/reward.

  • Why is Anderson lobbying to fight GSP? I find it odd to pick a fight with somebody who’s in a lower weight class.

  • Anderson is pushing this fight because its a fight he knows he can win…why risk it vs jones who has the reach advantage and all that good stuff. And tbh i dont want jones to go to heavyweight until he fights dan henderson

  • …but will he be cage-side for Weidman / Boetsch? Na, probably not.

    I have a simple solution to Anderson’s problem / desire to fight GSP…Drop To 170 LBS….if he wants it that bad. Grow a set Anderson and stop fighting hacks, tin cans, retirees and stop chasing smaller opponents.

    The way I see this….he’ll do anything to avoid a fight with Jones or any serious contender in his own division (Weidman or Belcher, particularly Weidman)

    If Anderson is tired of being The 185 Champ and is reluctant to fight in his own division (anymore) then step aside and let the division fight it out. However, this looking for fights everywhere but in your own division, keeping fighters and fights on hold, is pretty classless and not what the brand or the division need. Reply 0 seconds ago

  • Why is it a MW wins a couple fight in their division and all of a sudden its a new guy that Silva is ducking. I seriously doubt Silva is scared of anyone on a 3 fight win streak at MW

  • I do believe he is ducking fights @ 185 and I used the word “avoid” not scared. I’ve never said Anderson was scared. I’ve also never said Anderson wouldn’t beat Weidman (or Belcher), he very well might or probably would, however, the point is to be contested, not conceded. It’s why we have fights. To prove who is better than who.

    As to Weidman particularly and blow him off as some “new” guy in the division, that new guy is 5 & 0 in the UFC, 9 & 0 professionally, took the #1 contender in the division and served him up on a platter as if Munoz was a rank amateur and was the nail in the coffin of Demian Maia’s career @ 185.

    In terms of Anderson, yes he’s a great fighter, but he’s had few legitimate challengers (IMO) relative to his skill set. Can we really say that Chris Leben, Rich Franklin, Travis Lutter, Pat Cote, Tales Leites, Nate Marquardt, Demian Maia or any of the 205’ers he’s faced, were legitimate threats to him. IMO, The Champ has had few serious challengers face him across the UFC’s Octagon. The one’s listed above were not IMO and if you caught the fights, you’d have to agree they weren’t particularly challenging. Entertaining, yes. Challenging, no.

    Weidman beat Munoz. I don’t understand why he has to fight Boetsch to re-earn, what he has already earned. When you beat the man, you are the man and Weidman beat / owned Munoz. We are told by Anderson’s camp that Weidman shouldn’t get the fight, because he isn’t famous enough. Not enough Twitter followers or some such stupidity. To me, that’s a lame excuse and one easily rectified. At least if Chris is smart. Sonnen smart, that is.

    So, yes, I feel comfortable in saying that Anderson is ducking or avoiding a fight @ 185, his title weight. I am not, however, saying that he is scared, afraid or going to lose that fight. I just think he’s more concerned about risk assessments, his untarnished legacy and big paydays. All I ask is to see him take two fights in his division (Weidman & Belfort, should they win) and put the issue to bed. That is all.

  • shut it facepolm

  • To quote Roy Jones Jr in defense of Silva
    “Anderson Silva didn’t fight nobody’s, He just makes them look no nobody’s, you must of forgot”

  • He can always fight Nick Diaz…

  • No texting please im too oldschool I hope condit shocks the world but I have to see it to belive it I really don’t care for GSP but look at his takedown percentage he sets it up with striking if Condit can stop that hes got a good chance and I really don’t see a submission from either guy in this fight.

  • I hope Condit wins this one, then we can finally see GSP vs Diaz when he gets back!!
    Thats the match i wanna see. (even more then GSP vs Silva, because that will be a easy victory for Silva)

  • diego sanchez: “YES”YES”YES”

    mma needs this fight

  • btw gsp will probably y throw the fight just to avoid silva

  • This superfight shit is Ridiculous, GSP has plenty of competition to beat before a superfight can be considered. He still has this fight and the winner or hendricks and Kampman, plus gsp has fought in well over a year. Anderson is getting greedy he just wants a big payday against the smaller man.

  • I have the Natural Born Killer Via TKO – round 2.

  • Silva should pick on someone his own size. Why not challenge JJ?! I find his intended move (challenging a smaller though by no means beatable GSP) ridiculous!!
    GSP will beat Carlos!

  • I think Silva should fight Jones at a catch weight and leave GSP alone.

  • I must agree

  • Fan dare Silva to do that to bigger guy like Jones

  • Exactly. If he beats GSP, people will say, you’re bigger, you should win. If he beats Jones, as the smaller fighter, he’ll get way more respect.

    Of course, if beats them both, baddest man in the universe.

  • I think a good part of the reason why people think Condit has a good chance to win is because he finished Hardy and GSP didn’t.

    And while he deserves respect for that, MMA math doesn’t work like that. Hardy didn’t take the same risks against GSP.

    Also, if Hardy was standing about two inches off to one side, it could have been Carlos who took a nap.

    He didn’t, so credit where credit is due. I could see Carlos being the biggest challenge to GSP in awhile. And it’s MMA. so of course he could win.

    Condit has beat some very good fighters at 170, but GSP has beat the best. Odds makers have Condit as a 3.5 to 1 underdog, which seems too high.

    But there are 3 fighters that I wouldn’t bet against, and GSP is one of them.

  • Why doesn’t silva want to challenge Jones, ?????????????????????????????????? LOSS that why

  • From a business standpoint it makes total sense for anderson to want to challenge gsp, easy fight in his eyes probably with huge pay off. Jon jones on the other hand might (Imo is) a bigger threat to anderson and doesn’t make sense for his camp to risk it. I would MUCH rather see jones vs anderson but if this goes down ill be excited for it. Can’t wait to see the stare down Between 5’10 gsp and 6’2 silva…

  • what does GSP only get to pick on smaller guys?

  • Condit is 6,2 as well

  • JDS will be cage side to challenge Jose Aldo

  • For some reason i can see you being wrong. GSP is too great of a fighter to be stopped by conduit. conduit barely stopped a young rory who was getting the better of him… theres no way he will stop a veteran gsp, GSP is going to show the world again why hes “rush” no one can stop his boring decisions, thats what we will get to see saturday, if your an MMA fan you should already know the drill dude.

  • not a chance.

  • Me too, homie. Me too….

  • nobody read your post, they just weaked it cause it was too long.

  • You keep quoting…like a sycophant.

    Maybe when Anderson has dispatched GSP he could challenge Henderson, Aldo and Cruz to pad his legacy further.

    And if Anderson’s career makes hay out of the likes of ….Cote, Lutter, Leites, Leben, Marquardt, Franklin,Maia, Irvin, Griffin and the enhanced Bonnar ….all those that are retiring, retired, no longer fighting in the division or The UFC, then good for you. The Emperor truly does have clothes, then.

  • …or so said the ADD crowd.

  • After GSP the Spider will challenge Benson Henderson and Jose Aldo to be the best p4p fighter in the world

  • Jones is fighting someone who lost to Anderson.If Sonnen and Jones want to fight each other let them fight in 2 weeks notice wath is the point of waiting 7 moths UFC is gone out of control

  • First of all try to have some class while posting a comment or when disagreeing with someone.
    Secondly ,in case you live in your own fantasy world, decent stand up is what most MMA fighters have when you compare them with K1 Level strikers or professional boxers
    Is Carlos Condit a K1 Max world champion or a Finalist and i have missed something? (nope)
    Does he possess good stand up skills due to the fact that he is a professional fighter and one of the best MMA fighters in his weight class?? (yes)
    So to summarize, you are CLUELESS and someone cannot call you a class act as well

  • Also, why is Silva challenging GSP, shouldnt it be the other way around?
    Silva is way bigger and is ranked higher then GSP. Silva challenging GSP is like saying Silva is the underdog..

  • How about Silva go challenge someone of Condit or GSP’s ability at his own size. Oh that’s right… homie scared of JBJ.

  • He isn’t the underdog, He’s an underpussy.

  • What Silva needs to realise is that GSP is in such a stacked division he don’t need to go anywhere for superfights, he’s in one with COndit already.

  • @MMA Truth. You just listed the top guys at MW and a recent champion at LHW at the time Anderson fought them. Who else should he have fought? BTW he also finished Hendo and Okami. The list of guys he’s finished is a who’s who of the MW division.

  • go teabag your self.

  • Very possible scenarios. IMO, It will go much the same as BJ Penn fight. Takedowns, side control, knees to the body, 3rd or fourth round stoppage.

  • Agreed. The superfights are just going to ruin the legitimacy of the belts. Welterweight has lots of challenges. Middleweight and Light heavyweight though are pretty much cleaned out.

  • If you noticed, I left Henderson, Okami, Belfort and Sonnen off of the list and give Anderson all the credit he deserves for beating them. The rest of them, not so much.

    And are Cote, Leites, Lutter, Leben, Franklin etc. really the “who’s who” of the MW division? Really? Was Irvin, Griffin, Bonnar the “who’s who” of the LHW division? Not in my books, they aren’t / weren’t.

  • The judges are gonna give it to GSP for a 5 round lay ‘n’ pray.

  • The superfight is about getting it in now before Silva retires not about GSP not having competition. It’s not often that we get a chance to see these kind of fights so when it’s time to make them happen they have to happen. If they don’t set it up the world would miss out. Once he’s done with GSP he then could face Bones.

  • Anderson Silva 6 ‘2″ 77.6 inch reach walking weight 215-220lbs
    GSP 5′ 10″ 76.0 inch reach walking weight 190-195lbs,

    looks fair if they do a 180lb catch weight one thing no one has mentioned is that for an aging Silva it a big weight cut for GSP it is not so he will have potentially more energy to wear Silva down, thoughts bitches lol?

  • I would have to take GSP in this fight against AS. The reason is because GSP is an awesome wrestler and has submission defense as well as bjj himself. He has awesome striking not the the level of AS but seriously who does? I think AS is getting older but the big question is will GSP be the same fighter he was before the injury? There has benn many atheletes that have had that injury and they are never the same. SO who wins????

  • DG1


  • After GSP wins Anderson will have Ed with him to challenge GSP he will whisper in Eds ear for thirty seconds an Ed will say Anderson said Lets do this…

  • but can your pussy do the dog?

  • GSP will reply, ‘I am not impressed’.

  • Condit has a great chance who thought Serra would beat GSP back in the day nobody? Condit needs to push the pace early GSP has been out for a long time.

  • I think this is a dirty move from AS and Dana to try to pressure gsp into taking this so called super fight, I mean what are you to do if someone comes in the cage and challenges you? You must accept or be called a pussy by all the mma fans. Frankly I think the only pussys here are Ed “herpes” soares and AS by picking a super fight wich they have more of a possibility to win against a smaller ring rusted fighter, I mean if he is so ballsy why doesn’t he steps into the cage after jones defeats sonnen. Oh i forgot AS body type is closer to gsp, right Ed?

  • I would love so much for Jones to run in from hiding just when Ed Silva is about to announce the challenge, hit him with a chair, powerbomb Silva and demand a match.