Anderson Silva says Jon Jones superfight "something I never wanted"


The rise of Jon “Bones” Jones has caused many MMA fans across the globe to wonder just what would happen if he stepped into the cage with the current best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, Anderson Silva. Thoughts of a possible megafight between the two have danced into our MMA dreams as we debate just how good Jones is and if he could be the first to hand Silva a loss in six years. 

But according to Silva, that fight will never happen.

Despite Silva’s occasional trek into the land of the 205 pounders, where Jones stands firm as king, Silva has no desire to face Jones to see who the best in the world is. Even if he makes short work of Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153 on October 13 — and with Jones having already cleaned out the division, save for a couple of fighters — Silva simply doesn’t want the fight.

“(The Jon Jones fight) is something I’ve never wanted,” Silva said on a media conference call to discuss his upcoming fight with Bonnar in his backyard of Rio de Janerio, Brazil. “I won’t be pretentious and say that I’d want to move up, especially because there are other guys in the weight class and on our team like Rafael Feijao (Cavalcante) and (Antonio Rogerio) Minotoro Nogueira, guys who could potentially face Jon Jones in the future.

“What got me this far is that I’m grounded; my weight class is 185 and I’m 37 years old. I feel I need to be honest and continue to build what I’ve built and that is to keep defending my belt at 185.”

However, he has entertained a fight with current welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre — should St. Pierre get past Carlos Condit at UFC 154 on November 17. For Silva, that fight is likely more realistic because both GSP and himself are closer in weight than The Spider is with Jones. Jones has stated in the past that he walks around at 220 pounds and it’s unlikely that he’ll remain in the 205 division due to his natural growth as a man. It is conceivable that if the two were ever to step in the cage that Jones would have a tremendous size advantage. Also, with Silva being 37 and Jones just now peaking at 25, the light heavyweight champ would have youth on his side as well.

Nevertheless, it’s a tantalizing dish that we won’t get a chance to taste and will likely have to debate in a fantasy universe.

  • There are weight classes for a reason. He’s a 185 pounder. He’d lose to Jones most likely, but its because they are separate weight classes.

    He’s only fighting Bonnar to help save the card for his fellow Brazilians.

  • Wow, I never thought I would hear you say anything good about Anderson Silva, DLS. I’m not sure he would lose to Jones, though.

  • screw you man, leaving me out like that

  • Was funny. Two thumbs up.

  • What the **** is this bullshit. He’ll move down to pick on GSP, but he won’t move up to fight John “Bones” Jones. What a pussy. I really want to see how good this guy is and now all I hear is excuses. The big guy always picking on the little guy. I believe if Dan would have had that second chance before Dana told him to hit the road we would already have a new champion. I’m not saying Anderson sucks or anything, but that’s flip flopping. If that’s the way he really feels then I hope GSP never fights him. He stays in his weight class and GSP stays in his.

  • I don’t know why everyone is counting Bonnar out, the fact that he has nothing to lose makes him incredibly dangerous……. in my opinion.

  • Superfight with GSP is OK not with Jones wath a Chicken always be 1.I said that milion times he walks over 225 fights 185 and fights can after can gets BOOED nearly every fight.He shuld atliest fight top 10 LHW no balls to do that.Fighters like Shogun and Hendo a smaller than him fighting bigger guys

  • what a coward! what better way to prove yourself the best
    then to fight the biggest star the UFC and MMA in general has

    so picking up on GSP is ok but fighting a bigger fighter is not.
    in that case GSP should also stay grounded and remain at 170
    where he has build his carrer at defend his belt in a division where
    there are legit contenders!

    Facts: natural weights and height
    Jones 220 – 6’4″
    Silva 215 – 6’2″
    GSP 192 – 5’10”

    which fight makes more sense?

  • whats funny is that Silva can be 2 animals at the same time , a spider and a chicken . he is scared of Jones and he should be , that’s ok but then don’t dare to call yourself the best . Silva is a fraud calling out St Pierre but at the same time saying that oh no im on my weight class i won’t go up to fight any Top fighter yet he wants St Pierre to do what he doesn’t who the **** is he to make that call?

    anyways for all you idiots who say that Silva has a chance vs Jones
    go kill yourself , Jones beat Shogun and Machida just imagine what he would do to Silva!

  • Its cool Silva. Even though it would be a great fight to watch I dont like the idea of forcing one of you 2 to lose and I cant argue with your points about difference in age and size. Looking forward to seeing you put on a show against Bonnar.

  • Silva should come out and admit he doesn;t want to be defeated and he is avoiding the fight, rather than hiding behind weight divisions and claiming its all about team mates.

    The fans want the fight, and if Silva is willing to pick off other light heavyweights like bonnar then he should man up and face jones….

    Noone wants to see bonnar bashed.

  • some of you are being naive. dont you understand this is anderson’s ploy. if he destroys bonnar he will want a super fight with jones

  • lets get this straight the only two animals anderson consists of is a spider and a goat

  • he beat hendo in the 2nd rd and would do it again!! he also beat vitor in the 1st were it took jones 4, and why dont jones move up and fight jds? i would love 2 see the jones silva fight, but most p4p rakings got silva at 1 gsp at 2, so we got the 1 vs 2 hopfully!

  • like i said below, hes calling out gsp cause he is #2 on the p4p list so he wants the 1 vs 2 fight! and from what i hear silva tears machida up in camps.

  • he would have fought a higher ranked lhw but everyone else said no!!!!!!

  • height and weight have nothing to do with it since Bonnar is the same height as Jones and actually weighs more, same with Forest. I dont really care though for the super fight though. Neither guy wants it and have duties to defend their current belt.

  • so if jose aldo was second p4p silva would fight him??
    silva vs jones would be a much more fair matchup and a victory against jones would mean a lot more than against GSP.
    but silva doesnt want to test himself and he always wants the overhand..
    thats a fact, otherwise he would have fought in the LHW division a long time ago…

  • separate weight classes but they almost walk around the same weight…
    would be nice to see how silva would handle a reach disatvantage…

  • Activating uber-nerd powers….now! So let’s calculate all the permutations of why Silva and Jones won’t fight…

    1. Silva is “afraid” of fighting Bones. To be any kind of MMA fighter, requires you can deal with your fears. And to be a great one, means you actually master your fears and use them as motivation.

    GSP has said he’s afraid every time he fights, but just of losing, not of his opponent. I have a hard time believing any champion is afraid of another fighter, and Silva is the UFC’s all-time champ. This does not compute.

    2. That Silva and Jones are too good of friends to fight each other. They went on record saying something like this a few days after meeting for the first time. This does not compute.

    3. That both men are so dominant in their weight class, that neither one wants to risk their legacy by fighting an opponent who they don’t have to. Silva is easily the best ever at 185 and Jones is heading in that direction for 205, so the risks out weigh the rewards.

    Example – if they fought and Jones won, some people would say, “well your a 205er, you should have won”. And if Silva won, people could say “you should have won, JJ is a kid who has only been fighting in MMA for 4-5 years”. Theory #3 actually computes…

    WARNING! Flaw in logic detected. Silva says he would be willing to fight GSP. Analysis of GSP and Jones indicate arguments that apply to one should apply to the other.

    Both a dominant champs at the top of the p4p list. The only difference is size. Anderson is willing to fight the champ from the next weight down, but not the next weight class up. Does not compute. Error…

    Do I get to move higher up the nerd list now?

  • Silva-Jones and Silva-GSP will never happen.

    A fight that could and should happen IMO is Silva-Evans. Evans is fighting above his size but is good enough to be pretty successful there. He could easily make 185 and challenge Silva for the belt IMO or Silva could just as easily fight him at 205 with no belt on the line.

    Either way it’s a great match up and a solid opponent for Silva who only has a couple of good fights left at 185 in Weidman or Bisping. Whoever he fights after Bonnar it should be Bisping IMO but I would gladly see Bisping put on the backburner for Evans to get a shot.

  • Oh you mean lose to Jones like you said he’d lose to Sonnen?

  • Respect to Hendo he will fight any one UFC put’s in front of him.If they put JDS he will fight him not like Silva awoiding top fighters.Bonner was cruying after the last loss that Dana gives him some fight to make money i bett this will be set up to make Anderson look good like Forest fight that was setup to and im not shore about Belfort.I wont be suprised if Bonner loses from Flying Scissor Heel Hook

  • That’s what catchweights are for! 195lbs seems fair for both fighters.

  • Well from the videos ive SEEN. He does not tear Machida up.

  • DG1

    where is DG1? *facepolm*

  • But he will fight gsp thats a 170er. if he can fight at 205 and being as good as he is why fight a guy that cant make 205.he wants to fight gsp cause he knows he can win,with jon he’s scared he will lose.

  • so should jones move up in class and face hands of stone jds???

  • @Toxic Jones walks around a lot heavier

  • Yea the best fighter ever is scared of Jones, just like he was scared of Belfort, Okami and Sonnen… Scared of him both times

  • I agree with what you said but as much as being care free makes you dangerous, Bonnar in all honesty has a very decision fighting style.

    Bonnar isn’t lucky enough to be a natural KO puncher and his grappling style is more top heavy position before submission rather than going for a sub. The fact he couldn’t sub Kingsbury (noted for terrible jits) gives me no illusion of him subbing Anderson.

    Combine that with Anderson having the best striking defense in MMA and high level BJJ I can’t see how Bonnar can win unless he tries to use GIS size to sandbag for 3 rounds… Which he wont

  • Although I just gave many reasons for Bonnar having no chance ti finish stylistically, perhaps he will dive on subs, attack from his back and throw haymakers.

    Belfort showed when you have nothing to lose you can catch the heavy favourite off guard by switching up your game

  • they also say he scared! till he beats them!

  • always*

  • Hunter is pointing out that Machida gets the better of Silva in training (which is something Silva has admitted multiple times). If anybody is too dense to get it.

  • nah man people just hate the truth, plus they hate me in general so its no surprising to me when i get weaked… especially when i see the people who post below, its easy to pick out the ones who do it.

  • excuses for not wanting to lose. mma is a lot like boxing now, ducking fights, picking opponents.

  • So true, also, Jones and Silva are both in that 220-230 range. Weight difference is insignificant. So what is Silva is saying? I’ll interpret that as “I don’t wanna **** with his reach and wrestling.” Sorry Silva but your fear is transparent. If GSP had that reach Silva wouldnt want him either. WE SEE YOU SILVA!!!!

  • Keith the contradictor farrell strikes again!

  • If Jones was undefeated for the next four years, and JDS was also the heavyweight champ, people would be saying “step up dude”.

  • I hope GSP does fight Silva because he might not be the favorite, but he has a better chance to win then most of you think.

    So, Silva fans, if the fight happens and GSP does win, I guess he’s the new GOAT?

    Prepare to witness the usual Silva cognitive dissonance.

  • D

    Where do you get your “facts” on weight from?

  • The internet… hahaha

  • no

  • Funny. I said the fight was a toss up on multiple occasions.

  • You got my vote.

  • Jones walks around at LEAST 230lbs

  • Even if he’s scared he won’t lose. I have 5reason to believe he may be a nervous fighter that only sets down once the cage closes.

  • He has fought at a reach disadvantage and will be against Bonnar as well, unlike Jones who can’t fight anyone with a longer reach because they don’t exist. Jones has had a foot on some opponents. GSP and silva are an inch and a half apart and Jones has 7 inches on Silva.

  • When they walk around is not showing a true pic either as some stay very active as I am sure Greg makes them. Jones at 205 looks just as lean as Silva at 185.

  • right he was just willing to step in on short notice and everything at 151. now he has no intention at all ever RIGHT¿

  • What Silva said makes sense in my opinion. When he fights Georges it will be at 180 which is fair.