Amanda Nunes Breaks Silence On UFC 213 Mess

Photo: Mark J. Rebilas for USA TODAY Sports

Although last night’s (Sat., July 8, 2017) UFC 213 from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, delivered a decent night of MMA action for fight fans in Sin City, most of the card’s momentum was obviously lost when women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes was hospitalized and out of her awaited rematch with Valentina Shevchenko for the title.

The scenario got a bit stranger when word arrived detailing the nature of Nunes’ ailment, where she apparently went to the hospital on both Friday and Saturday and was ultimately cleared to fight, but decided not to. This understandably angered Dana White, who explained that “The Lioness” had indeed been medically cleared to participate in the fight in an interview with FOX Sports 1:

Clearly disappointed at the harsh realization her biggest-ever fight was about to be called off for the time being, Shevchenko also expressed her frustration about the champion’s last-minute absence in a statement of her own, apologizing to her fans and vowing to stay ready for the fight, which was rumored by White to be rescheduled for September 9’s UFC 215 from Edmonton.

“The Lioness” then broke her silence on Twitter, apologizing to her ‘true fans’ and affirming she would be ready when the fight was back on:

The apology is nice to be sure, but the fact remains a high-profile UFC pay-per-view main event was ruined at the absolute last minute due to what most believe are complications due to weight cutting, and that only serves to shed a light on the bigger, more overarching problem of extreme cuts in MMA, a nefarious aspect of the fight game that athletic commissions are finally taking seriously by making efforts to curb.

Nunes claimed the incident was not due to failing weight cut, but rather an illness she had the week leading up to the fight.

Nunes and Shevchenko will have their day in the octagon, but regardless of the exact reason why she withdrew from UFC 213, “The Lioness'” stock took a big hit even if she is the most dominant 135-pound female on the Earth.

  • Jeff Harris

    Cruz said it !!

  • Bill Wolf

    “…and that only serves to shed a light on the bigger, more overarching problem of extreme cuts in MMA, a nefarious aspect of the fight game that athletic commissions are finally taking seriously by making efforts to curb.”

    Mike Drahota got it right. Experience has shown that fighters will fixate on the advantage of being much bigger than their prospective opponents, and often they won’t restrain themselves. They will go for the maximum advantage, even at risk to their health and to the show going on. This is something the commissions have to take seriously, because the fighters are not taking the hint.

    You can see in the photo that Amanda Nunes enjoys a size advantage over Valentina Shevchenko, maybe even twenty pounds or more. (Amanda Nunes might fight at 145lbs if it didn’t involve fighting the huge Cris Cyborg, while Valentina Shevchenko is a 135lb fighter only because there is no 125lb belt.) The suspicion is that Amanda Nunes wanted the biggest size advantage available, and de-prioritized feeling good on the day of the fight till it was actually fight day and she wasn’t feeling good.

  • ernesto chavez

    We don’t know why Ms. Nunes went to the hospital or what her claimed illness involved. She was medically cleared to fight which implies nothing was wrong with her. Yet, Nunes declined to fight. Let the speculation begin.

    The bully, girly-man Mr. White got upset because Nunes refused to fight after being medically cleared to do so. This same male impersonator, White, did not allow Mr. Cain Velasquez to fight – with a back injury – even though he was medically cleared to do so.

    What goes on in the mind of this “Rosemary’s Baby?” Google White’s mom’s book to read more about this devil of a man.

    • Allen Eltor


      Although I do understand everyone having this problem with these weight cuts.

      Look. Remember when the earlier UFC existed? People fought because their hearts were in it because they were busy building a legacy of respectable dependability of MMA etc.


      TO THE UFC.

      And the UFC will never EVER be a respectable organization again, because THESE KINDS OF ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESSES ARE BUILT ON STEALING FROM HONEST FIGHTERS


      It’s JUST that fucking SIMPLE and a PUBLIC not ADMITTING IT

      is the very PUBLIC making WRESTLERS be willing to die at 29 from STEROIDS.

      There’s NO defending these huge weight cuts,

      if THEY CAN’T PROVIDE proof they have enough BODY FAT to ENSURE they haven’t been over-cutting.

      They ALSO ought to be FORCED to SHOW they DRANK at LEAST a GALLON or – whatever – of WATER in a certain number of HOURS before they weighed IN.

      This weight cutting endangermment is RIDICULOUS.

      it’s RIDICULOUS and they ought to make EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM PROVE they DRANK a CERTAIN AMOUNT in the DAY before WEIGH IN.

  • Bill Wolf

    The explanation from Amanda Nunes makes sense. She should have given it before.

    However, even if she had explained before, the main event of UFC 213 still vanished on the final day, and a lot of people are going to remember that and not be happy.

  • Bernie Asis

    Amanda “Chicken” Nunes