Alistair Overeem Splits From Blackzilians Ahead Of UFC 169 Frank Mir Fight


Former Strikeforce and K-1 champion Alistair Overeem has had a less than stellar start to his UFC career; ‘The Demolition Man’ is 1-2 for the promotion and currently riding two knockout losses on the bounce. In his last two fights against Travis Browne and Antonio Silva, Overeem had been winning up until the point of the knockouts.

Currently booked to face Frank Mir at UFC 169, ‘The Reem’ could well be fighting for his UFC contract. According to a recent interview on The MMA Hour with Overeem’s manager Glenn Robinson, the former Golden Glory product has now parted ways with The Blackzilians training camp:

“No, Alistair doesn’t train with us, he trains in Thailand. He’s welcome back, but he’s decided to do his camp in Thailand. It was a great camp. I talked to him last night, and it was a great camp and he said he feels fantastic. He’s in really good spirits.”

“He’s welcome — he’s always welcome. It’s always his home if he wants it to be, but right now he’s not looking past the fight he has in a couple of weeks, that’s the most important thing. And we’ll see after that what he wants to do.”

It doesn’t seem like Overeem has left on bad terms as he did with team GG, so maybe this time it will prove a positive decision. Overeem looked like a new fighter before getting front kicked to the chin by ‘Hapa’, and perhaps training in Thailand will sharpen his stand up skills against the grappler in Frank Mir.

His last win, a one sided beat down against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141, showed that Overeem is still as dangerous as any other stand up fighter today. That being said, he looked out of shape against ‘Bigfoot’ and paid the price in the third round of their UFC 156 pairing.

Controversy with steroids, and an alleged assault on a fan meant that Overeem was inactive for 12 months, and the compounding effect of two straight losses truly puts his back against the wall on February 1, at UFC 169. Mir is not doing too well in his recent fighting career either.

Although he is free of any legal/roid related issues, Frank Mir is riding a three fight losing skid in the UFC. His last win was a brutal snapping of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s arm at UFC 140, but he has since lost by decision to Daniel Cormier and been TKO’d by Junior Dos Santos and Josh Barnett. New Jersey will likely play host to a ‘loser leaves town’ match between two MMA legends, question is who do you pick for the win?

  • Article is confusing. Does not mention blackzillons but golden glory and he left on bad terms with gg from what's been reported with lawsuits and wage garnishments.

    • You can comment something else from time to time, not just how the article has been written it is getting weird.

      Overeem decided to have this camp in Thailand, after the fight he will be back to the Blackzzilians.
      Just please do not replay with something like how was the writting style of my comment.

      • Sorry, when I saw that someone is commenting about how the article was I thought is Metatron.

  • Oh sorry. Read it wrong, my mistake

  • Overeem was winning both fights before getting K.Od if he hurts Frank early like either Bigfoot or Travis Browne he will finish Mir. That's the difference here. Overeem should win this.

    • The difference here is Frank's chin is worse than Reem's. Easy win for Reem unless he suks worse than I suspect.

  • This is gonna be a meaningless but very exciting fought to watch!

    • Their job is on the line… so calling "meaningless", sounds a lil off to say the least!

  • Thanks for this update article, Rory.

    • Aw krap, I was gonna thank Rory, but now it seems like "second!" 8))

  • He didn't split from the Blackzilians, he just had a camp in Thailand.

  • There was nothing wrong with him Training with the BlackZilions he just disrespected his opponent in the last two fights and paid the price. It would not matter where Alistair trains if he keeps disrespecting his opponents skill he will continue to lose the fight.

    • Beginning to look like his LHW run doesnt it? You know, back when he didnt use steroids?

    • I didn't see him disrespect Travis at all… he gassed, started dropping his hands because of it and paid for it…. The blackzilian camp is great, just not sure The Reem is getting the right conditioning "for him". He packs a LOT of muscle mass, and it's not even all functional "dense" muscle. I really hopes he gets his cardio in check!

      • It's because of misconceptions throughout amateur and, as i`m bluntly guessing, most of pro mma. I have gotten in so many arguments with amateur mma fighters and shitty sidekick trainers, it is like a retarded fitness cult, how you have to train mma the "right way". Which is Basically non relevant cycle training + 300pound benchpresses and other non functional crap.Looks cool, gets you swollen, but you gas like an old bag pipe. I can't even look at guys with training masks anymore without laughing.

        There is no basic complex lifting, there are no sprints (and variations of cardiovascular training like regular running) and absolutely no stretching. And if you are injured and/or sick, **** regeneration brah, you gotta train, brah, cause you gotta get shredded.

        • Yep… it's sad, 8 out of 10 strength & conditioning trainers are frauds! They don't know wtf they're doing.